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New Spring Programs at Grafton Public Library!

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Bark and Browse Book Club

Bark and Browse Book Club: Calling all literary-loving canines! Grab your favorite chew toy and join us for a tail-wagging book club discussion. Each month, we’ll sink our teeth into a new dog-themed book while enjoying treats and ear scratches.

Pooch Pilates

Stretch, flex, and downward dog your way to relaxation at our Pooch Pilates classes! Designed for both humans and their furry companions, these doggy-friendly sessions will leave you feeling zen and refreshed.

Paws and Piano

Get ready to unleash your inner musician and your furry friend’s hidden talent at “Paws and Piano Sing-Along with Dogs”! Join us for a hilarious musical extravaganza where our canine companions will tickle the ivories (and maybe leave a paw print or two) alongside your favorite tunes. From classic melodies to impromptu doggy compositions, it’s a harmonious celebration of music and mischief. Bring your singing voice, your sense of humor, and maybe a towel for any unexpected messes – because when dogs play piano, anything can happen!


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