Grafton Public Library


Policy is set by the Board of Library Trustees with staff and public input through the Policy Subcommittee, which convenes in Open Meeting to reviews Library policies.

A patron who is dissatisfied with a staff member’s policy interpretation or the outcome of a policy may follow the Appeals Process.

A list of approved policies follow.

Appeals Process 10/26/2022

Art Exhibit and Display Policy 8/30/2023

Bulletin Board Policy 10/27/2021

Code of Conduct 11/16/2022

Exam Proctoring Policy 08/25/2021

Facility Rental Policy 9/29/2021

Food, Beverage and Kitchen Use Policy 8/30/2023

Group Visits Policy 4/27/2022

Historical Collections Policy  8/26/2020

Inclement Weather Policy 3/22/2023

Internet Use Policy 6/23/2021

Materials Selection Policy  6/23/2021

Meeting Room Use Policy 9/29/2021

Minimum Staffing Policy  7/25/2022

Naming Rights Policy 8/28/2019

Notary Service Policy 8/25/2021

Epidemic and Pandemic Policy 8/26/2020

Pandemic Fine Free Library Policy 9/23/2020

Parking Policy 3/22/2023

Piano Policy 10/26/22

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy 11/16/2022

Reciprocal Borrowing Policy  1/22/2020

Security Camera Policy 3/22/2023

Service to People with Disabilities Policy 1/22/2020

Tutoring Policy 8/25/2021

Unaccompanied Adults Policy 8/31/2022

Unattended Child Policy 6/23/2021

Library Policies
Circulation Policy rev. 2/6/2018

Program Policy rev. 7/18/18

Response to Accident Policy 03/02/2016

Town Policies

Social Media Use Policy (09/21/2021)