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Unfortunately, the Children’s Room has been closed since last August due to a summer storm that flooded and damaged portions of the Children’s Room, Children’s Workroom (where the staff offices are located) and the entirety of the Children’s Program Room. In addition, the community meeting room was flooded, too.

Construction was completed to repair the damaged sections of walls and flooring of the Children’s Room and the Community Room. The Community Room has been reopened and repurposed as a play space for children. The Friends of the Library section is being used by the Children’s Room department as well.

The Children’s Room carpet was not installed properly and safely. This has resulted with the necessity of the complete replacement of the carpet. The Board of Library Trustees voted to replace the carpet to ensure the safety of the public and longevity of the flooring.

At first, it was thought that a partial replacement of the carpet might work out but due to the poor installation, this is not a safe option. The carpet tiles do not adhere to the floor correctly and pop out of place causing the adhesive solution to disperse. They are not reusable. This is the reason why the decision was made to replace the entire floor.

The Town Administrator’s office estimates that the replacement work may not be completed until the end of the summer.

We apologize for the delay which has caused a lot of discomfort to library patrons especially the youngest ones. We are sincerely sorry that the remediation, construction and replacement of the carpet has taken so long.

Children’s activities will continue throughout the summer months with the staff using the Community Room, Children’s Program Room, and the Friends of the Library’s space right off the lobby. A variety of programs will be offered off-site at local parks and the Willard House & Clock Museum as well.

Please address any questions or concerns to the Town Administrator’s office or the Board of Library Trustees at

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