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New Teen Room Rules and Procedure

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Teen Room Rules

  • Earbuds or headphones must be used. No sound coming from electronic devices.
  • Respectful language only. No profanity, disrespectful, or unsafe language.
  • Remain in the Teen Room. No in and out.
  • Noise must be kept at a conversational level.
  • Clean up your area before leaving, throwing trash away.

Three Strikes

  1. Verbal warning/strike
  2. Repeated warning — may be non-verbal
  3. You will be asked to leave library property within 2 minutes*

*Groups may be asked to leave if individual members of the group are not following the rules.

When You Can Return

If you are asked to leave for a minor violation, you may return the next day with a clean slate.

Repeated violations may result in a longer suspension from the library.

Immediate Removal

You will be asked to leave IMMEDIATELY if any of the following occurs:

  • Picking up, hitting, kicking, chasing another person or taking another person’s property
  • Entering a staff area, cabinets, or drawers without permission; misuse of supplies
  • Unsafe or destructive behaviors such as vandalism or damage to equipment, furniture, walls, or other library property
  • Disrespect to library staff

When You Can Return

If you are asked to leave immediately for unsafe or disrespectful behavior, you may return:

  • 1st removal — the next day
  • 2nd removal — one week
  • 3rd removal — one month

A meeting with the Library Director or manager, and/or a parent meeting may be required to return.

If you return and are on Library property, the Grafton Police Department will be notified and you will be served with a No Trespass Order.

Teen Room Behavior Contract

Beginning 10/11/22, all teens requesting use of the teen room will be asked to sign the Teen Room Behavior Contract, which outlines the rules of the Teen Room and consequences for not following them. This will only need to be completed once and a note will be added on your library card account.

Teen Room Sign In Procedure (updated Friday October 14)

In order to ensure a safe, positive and inclusive space for all tween and teens we are limiting the number of patrons visiting the Teen Room to 22 people. Rooms further are limited by number of chairs (no more than 16 in the gaming room, 16 in the maker space, or 19 in perimeter seating at any one time). There is no congregating in ways that block doors or emergency exits, access to stacks, or life/safety equipment.

Visitors ages 13-17 must sign into the Teen Room to use the space, including the Gaming Room, Maker Space and open seating and browsing. Tutoring Rooms may be reserved on EK Rooms.

Name, grades, address, and phone/email are required to sign in.

Unattended Child Policy

Please note that all tweens and teens must also comply with the Library’s Unattended Child Policy:

  • 0-7 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times;
  • 8-12 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian remaining in the Library;
  • 13+ may be unaccompanied, provided child is able to use Library independently and follow the Library’s Code of Conduct.
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Library Lovers Month

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Here in Massachusetts, we LOVE our Libraries. Massachusetts Libraries play a vital role in ensuring all residents have equal access to information. Libraries are meeting places, community centers, and resources for everyone. During our busy everyday lives, we don’t always get a chance to let our libraries know how much we care about them. And we rarely take the time to share that with our state legislators.

What do you love about the Grafton Public Library ? What critical service does it provide to you or your family? Let us know by uploading a photo or video valentine and we’ll share it with the library community and with the state and local officials.

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Spring Bingo

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Looking for something to do while you’re staying at home? Try our Stay-at-Home Bingo! Whether you complete a few activities, get a bingo, or go for them all – use these activities to help pass the time. Our pink bingo board is for teens and adults and our yellow board is for kids and families.

Links to additional resources to help you complete prompts are after the bingo boards.

Spring Bingo Resources for Adults

Spring Bingo Resources for Kids

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Library Newsletters

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New Database: Driving Tests

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driving test database logoPractice Exams: Driving Tests

Prepare for your driver’s license exam, or give yourself a refresher with Driving Tests! Customized for Massachusetts, Driving Tests contains 14 car practice tests, 9 motorcycle practice tests, 27 CDL (commercial driver’s license) practice tests, 3 online driver’s manuals (car, motorcycle, CDL) and an FAQ section with detailed answers to over 100 questions.

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Community Read 2019!

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The Friends of the Grafton Public Library announce the titles for Community Read 2019!

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ADULT Title:  TransAtlantic by Colum McCann

Description: A tale spanning 150 years and two continents re-imagines the peace efforts of democracy champion Frederick Douglass, Senator George Mitchell and World War I airmen John Alcock and Teddy Brown through the experiences of four generations of women from a matriarchal clan.

The Book Discussion will be held at the Grafton Historical Society located at 71 Main Street, South Grafton on Tuesday, March 12th. Join us for refreshments at 7:00 pm and the book discussion will begin at 7:30 pm. Please register for this program. Copies of the book are available at the library.

Can’t make it to the March 12 discussion? Join us for one of these alternate discussion times of TransAtlantic:

Daytimer’s Book Group  Tuesday, March 19  1:30 pm

Reads Well with Others Book Group  Monday, March 25  7:30 pm


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TEEN Title:   Elijah of Buxton  by Christopher Paul Curtis

Description: In  1859, eleven-year-old Elijah Freeman, the first free-born child in Buxton,  Canada, which is a haven for slaves fleeing the American South, uses his wits and skills to try to bring justice the lying preacher who has stolen money that was to be used to buy a family’s freedom.

The Book Discussion will be on Monday, March 11 7:30 pm and will be held at the Grafton Public Library.


CHILDREN”S Title: Two friends: Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass by Dean Robbins

Description: This story imagines what it was like when Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass got together for a cup of tea and discussed their struggle for civil rights.

Join us March 21  6:30 pm for a special storytime featuring 2019’s Community Read kid’s book, followed by a quick discussion. What historical figure would YOU like to have tea with? This brief program best suited for our older elementary school  friends.


SAVE THE DATE – Upcoming related programs

We know you’ll want to also mark your calendar for April 28th’s program on Frederick Douglass, June 2nd’s program on the women in Frederick Douglass’ life, and July 5th’s Reading Frederick Douglass Together.  The Grafton Historical Society, Grafton Public Library, and the Unitarian Universalist Soceity of Grafton and Upton are proud to bring you these amazing programs.

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Ukulele 101 – Free Class for Beginners ages 13+

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The Grafton Public Library is offering a 4-week class session titled “Ukulele 101.” This class will be taught by Jan Barlow, Music Education Director, of Apple Tree Arts and is for beginners ages 13 and up – teens and adults. The classes will be held from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Wednesday March 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th, and will meet at One Grafton Common, Grafton, MA. Participants must commit to attending all 4 classes. This free class is limited to 10 participants. Participants need to bring a ukulele to the class; the Library has 3 ukuleles available to check out for the course of the session.

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