Grafton Public Library

Behavior Policy

The Grafton Public Library is a place to read, think, study, use the resources available…a community center.  We encourage people to use the Library and its resources and are happy to see people come. These activities can be done without infringing on the rights of others to use the Library. The staff has the responsibility to protect patrons’ rights. Anyone exhibiting inappropriate behavior will be warned once then asked to leave if the behavior continues.

Inappropriate Behavior

Inappropriate behavior includes but is not limited to:

  • running in the library;
  • disrespect for the staff and other patrons;
  • destroying library property;
  • interfering with the use of library resources by others;
  • excessive socializing;
  • and eating, drinking or smoking in the library.

For Parents:

Because we are concerned for the safety of your child but do not have the time to monitor their whereabouts, we ask that children be accompanied by a responsible adult. Our Children’s Room is staffed only at certain times of the week. Unattended children can cause problems which are difficult for staff to monitor.

Any child or adolescent exhibiting inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave the premises.  Parents of repeat offenders will be notified of behavior problems.

We encourage children to use toys and puzzles but would remind children and parents to put them away. The staff has other duties that require their time. Use of staff time to put away toys and puzzles may eventually result in these items being withdrawn from the Children’s Room permanently.

This simple request will result in the best use of the library by both patrons and staff.




Compiled and voted by Board of Library Trustees


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