Grafton Public Library

Trustees Annual Report, 2012

The Board of Public Library Trustees meet on the first Thursday of each month at the Municipal Center, Room B. Mr. Hilding Hedberg, Library Director, completed his 9th year of service to the Library and announced his retirement effective 9/1/2012.

Actions taken this year include:

  1. Interviews and recommendation for new Library Director to start January, 2013.
  2. Review of staff appointments by the Director including Reference Librarian, Children’s Librarian and Circulation Librarian.
  3. Migration of catalog and circulation to Evergreen System.
  4. Participation on the Library Building Committee to address handicapped access to the library.
  5. Participation in the Selectmen’s sponsored Mediation Meetings .
  6. Recommendation that Heidi Fowler, Reference Librarian, be appointed Interim Library Director until a new Director was appointed. Ms. Fowler was qualified to be considered as permanent Library Director but expressed a desire to remain in her position as Reference Librarian.

Ongoing actions:

  1. Operation of the Grafton Public Library
  2. Maintenance of the Library Building
  3. Annual review of Director including exit interview
  4. Updating of Policy Manual
  5. Review of the Long Range Plan
  6. Review of staff appointments by the Director


Board Changes: Charles Villee resigned from the Board in April. Amanda Diurba was appointed to fill the remainder to Mr. Villee term beginning in July. Judy Meichelbeck did not seek re-election.

Board Members at the end of 2012:
Douglas Bowman
Amanda Diurba
Carrie Hogan
Diane Libbey
Henry Poler
Holly Walton
Dana Wilson
Elizabeth Patch, Recording Secretary

Respectfully Submitted,

Diane A Libbey, co-chair
Holly Walton, co-chair