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Thanks to the Aldrich Astronomical Society, and the generosity of Wyman-Gordon and Homefield Credit Union (formerly, Grafton Suburban Credit Union), the Grafton Public Library now has tabletop telescope for members to borrow. The telescope can be checked out for one week just like a magazine or DVD, so you can use it at home to look at the stars, moon and planets. It is small but powerful, and easy to tote home in a plastic tub, but strong enough provide views of craters on the moon or the rings of Saturn.

Patrons must be 18 or older to check one out, and a picture ID is also required. The telescope comes with an operation manual, a starguide, and a headlamp. Reserve the telescope through the C/W MARS catalog.

We are so pleased to be part of the Library Telescope Program, and hope our members enjoy explore the night sky with this wonderful addition to the Library’s collection! Please contact Beth Gallaway, Library Director, for more information, at 508-839-4649 x1105.

This is an Orion Starblast 4.5″ reflecting telescope that works using two mirrors to reflect an image through the eyepiece.

To balance the telescope, tighten the large silver screw on top of the tube. Then, turn the black knob on the side. The telescope should move freely but slowly. Be careful not to over tighten either the screw or the knob.
NOTE: Do NOT completely unscrew the silver screw or the telescope will FALL OUT of the holder and serious damage will occur.

The focus adjustment is on the eyepiece. Turn the silver and black knobs back and forth until the image you want to see comes into focus.

The eyepiece has several strengths of magnification from 8mm to 24mm. The higher the power, the smaller the piece of sky you will be able to see.

The blue and gray foam ring is to place in the eyepiece for those unused to looking through a telescope. It will help your eye look straight down and make viewing easier.

Using the EZ-FINDER II (behind the eyepiece), turn the black knob on the side and look through the finder until you see a red laser dot. For ease of focusing on what you want to look at in the sky, aim the dot at what you wish to see first, and then look through the eyepiece. You can aim the dot by turning the knob on the side of the finder and looking through its scope until you see it.

Dark area – no street lights or house lights. If you are reading the sky charts or manual for the telescope outside in the dark, use the red headlamp setting, not the bright white setting.

If you wish to look at the moon, leave the large lens cap on and just pull the small gray plug out. This will block much of the moon’s brightness and help you see it more clearly.


In the Sky This Month

Sky & Telescope: Observing

Astronomy Magazine: Observing

Aldrich Astronomical Society


• Teal tube
• Black holder with silver screw
• EZ Finder II
• Eyepiece
• Eyepiece ring
• Eyepiece lens cap
• Large lens cap
• Small gray lens cap for moon viewing.
• Yellow bag
o Star guidebook
o Laminated Instruction Manual
o Headlamp

• Eighteen years of age or older? [ ] yes [ ] no
• Valid picture ID? [ ] yes [ ] no
• Grafton Public Library Card in good standing? [ ] yes [ ] no
• Contact information correct in Evergreen? [ ] yes [ ] no
o Home address
o Telephone number
o Valid email (if patron has one)

BORROWER AGREEMENT (Write borrower name on line below, have borrower initial the conditions.)

I, _____________________________________ take full responsibility for the telescope and its accessories. I understand that should the telescope and/or any of its accessories be damaged, broken, stolen, returned in unusable condition, or lost while in my possession I will be responsible for a replacement fee of up to $300.00.

______I agree that the telescope is in working order and has all parts and accessories at time of checkout.

_____ I understand that the telescope will be checked out to me for seven (7) days with NO renewals. If the device is more 7 days overdue, the Library will contact me for its immediate return. If it is not returned within 3 days of the notification, I will be held responsible for the full replacement costs (up to $300.00).

_____I understand that the telescope must be returned directly to a staff member inside the CHELMSFORD Main library or the MacKay branch, at the main desk only. The telescope may not be placed in the book drop or left outside the door of either the MacKay Branch or Main library.

Borrower signature


Staff signature

Checkout date:______________

Due Date:___________________

Type of ID Shown:__________________________ Library Card #:_________________________

Function & Parts Check

___Teal tube is in black holder, silver screw attached.

___Eyepiece and cap attached; eyepiece is not scratched, covered with food or fingerprints

___Foam eyepiece viewer is attached and undamaged (no pieces missing, not sticky, etc.)

___EZ Finder II attached with scope

___Batteries operational in Finder (patron not responsible for battery replacement, flag if they are dead; turn knob on and hold your hand in front of the scope.
___Open the tube and make sure both mirrors are not cracked or covered in any substance.

___Open the yellow back and ensure it contains star guide, operation manual, and headlamp.

____Check that headlamp works both in red light and white light settings. (patron is not responsible for replacement of batteries, flag if the lamp is not working).

Date returned______________

_____I agree that the above function and parts check is accurate. (borrower)

_____Initials of staff who received telescope