Grafton Public Library

Services: Notary, Passport, Test Proctoring, Faxing


Free Test proctoring is available by appointment Monday-Thursday, 11am-8pm and Friday and Saturday 11am-4pm.


Free help with eBook readers, smart phones and tablets, library databases, and applications such as Microsoft office is available by appointment Monday-Thursday, 11am-8pm and Friday and Saturday 11am-4pm.


A public notary is available by appointment Monday 9-5, Tuesday 1-9 and Wed 5-9; please call 508-839-4649 x1103 and ask for Cyndi.

A public notary is also available at the Municipal Center, 30 Providence Road from 8:30-4:30 Mon-Friday in the Clerks Office and Town Administrator’s Office, with extended hours Tuesday until 7pm in the Clerk’s office.


Passport review for new applications and renewals for kids, teens and adults is available Monday-Thursday, 11am-8pm and Friday and Saturday 11am-4pm by appointment; please call 508-839-4649 x1101 or email
Fee: $35 + cost of first time application: FIRST TIME:  Youth: $15 (card), $80 (book), $95(both); Adult $30 (card), $140 (book), $170 (both) RENEWAL (no processing fee): $30 (card), $110 (book) $140 (both). There are additional fees to expedite the application (optional) for both renewal and first time passports.

Please review guidelines and requirements at At this time, we do not offer photos.

Passport service is also available at the South Grafton Post Office, by appointment, Mon-Fri 8:45-4:15 & Sat 9-5 at 17 Ferry Street, South Grafton MA.


Please see a staff member for assistance. No fee is charged for applications to MA Health, TANF, SNAP Benefits, reduced heating applications, free lunch applications, etc.
Fee: $2/1st page to send, $1 for each additional; $1/page to receive. A cover sheet is FREE. We do not offer a discount for providing your own paper.


Please sign up at the service desk on either floor to use a computer. The Library offers 6 public access Internet computers for adults, and 2 for children.


Print or copy at the Library! Single or double-sided, for 8 1/2″ x 11″ (letter), 11″x14″ (legal), and 11″x17″ (tabloid).
Fee: $.20 / b&w, $.50 / color


Free scanning to email or thumb drive is available from the Xerox copier/printer/fax/scanner.


Free DIY shredding is available; shredder is located in the Main Reading Room next to the Xerox copier/printer/fax/scanner.


Please see a staff member for assistance. An 8 1/2″ cold laminator is available. Please see a staff member for assistance.
Fee: $1/page up to 8 1/2″ x 11″

Free through, 2-9pm daily for K-12 students.

One on One English Language Learning/Literacy/Citizenship
ESL and other language learning through Pronunciator database.
Free through 1:1 volunteer match program; please call 508-839-4649 x1108 to sign up or email

Delivery to Homebound Patrons
Free through volunteer program; please call 508-839-4649 x1108 to sign up or email