Grafton Public Library

Annual Report of the Grafton Public Library, 2012

Programs and Services
In 2012, Grafton Public Library continued to expand its service to the Grafton community. Collections are growing, traffic has increased, attendance at programs for children, adults and young adults increased; more borrowers were registered and circulation continued to increase from year to year.

The library was open 273 days out of 366, and served 56,513 people who walked through the door. The computers served 4,836 users and staff answered 1,843 reference questions.

Use of library books, periodicals, CDs, DVDs, playaways and MP3 discs, and museum passes decreased slightly from 106,765 to 103,254, a 3% decrease. Grafton patrons also used C/W MARS to download 925 audiobooks, 21 videos and 2793 eBooks, totaling 3,739 items, an increase of 119%. 8,012 items were added to collections in 2012; at the end of the year the collection size stood at 43,708 items.

The Grafton Public Library held 213 programs—a 33% increase from 2011–at which total attendance was 2,765, an increase of 10%. A library tea-time instituted for adults was very popular, and the book discussion group had a regular following; 11 programs for adults drew 99 attendees. Teens participated in movies, crafts, and technology workshops; 9 programs for young adults drew 178 participants. Children attended story time, writing workshops, concerts, crafts, and 163 programs for children drew 1,959 participants. Summer reading participation was 275. The “PAWSing to READ” continues to be popular, with 22 sessions for 130 children.

The number of registered borrowers decreased from 8,772 in 2011 to 7,519 in 2012. The decrease is most likely the result of the purging of inactive borrowers that occurred in February 2012 prior to the migration to Evergreen. 592 new borrowers were issued Grafton Public Library cards at the Grafton Public Library in 2012, and 36 were issued Grafton cards at other locations; 9,352 borrowers selected Grafton as their “home” library, even though they may not be Grafton residents/cardholders (i.e. teachers, students).

There were six resignations in 2012: Children’s Librarian Amanda Diurba, Elinor Tildman, and Patricia English, and in August, director Hilding Hedberg retired after nine years of service. Recruitment of their replacements led to four hires: Jennifer Mentzer joined the library as the Children’s Librarian in July 2012; Reference Librarian Heidi Fowler and Sarah Clements-Boyer began in March 2012, Alison Cusher, Janice Parise and Jennifer McNeil filled vacancies from 2011. New director Beth Gallaway was appointed December 18, 2012.

In 2012, 18 volunteers gave 660 hours of community service. Ten National Honor Society students donated 180.75 hours of shelving, shelf reading, moving materials, clearing storage areas, assembling brochures, shredding, labeling, and assisting with YA Programs. Our high school students are a great group of kids who show up weekly, except during mid-terms and finals periods–they are always told to “put school first.” Some enjoy physical tasks such as moving materials or carrying out piles of recycling, some enjoy more clerical type work, and one has a passion for shelving non-fiction.

One senior citizen, who worked through the tax incentive program from 2008-2011 returned in 2012 as a volunteer, and donated 105.5 hours of clerical services. We were very sad to say goodbye this year to our dedicated senior citizen who had become a regular fixture here every Wednesday afternoon for 4 years. We are happy to be able to see her now at least a couple of times a week as a patron.

We’ve been fortunate for several years to have a dedicated group of 4 women who faithfully arrive weekly in all kinds of weather to bring books to our homebound patrons, donating 48 hours total. These patrons so appreciate their efforts, and enjoy the company as well. One in particular enjoys sharing a cup of tea with the volunteers.

The Friends of the Library coordinated 5 adults and 2 teens, who volunteered 325 hours of service screening and organizing book donations for use in the collection or for sale in the book store. Someone was here nearly every day to take care of the large volume of book donations we get on a daily basis. They have done a great job getting the shelves organized into “browse-able” sections. The book store is very popular in the community, and for good reason. Their service enables the Friends to support programming for children and adults as well as purchase the museum passes circulated to Grafton residents at Grafton Public Library. The Friends have 125 members.

Grafton Public Library was the recipient of grants amounting to $3000.00 in 2012. The Mass. Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) awarded $15,577.52 to Grafton Public Library through MBLC’s state aid to public libraries programs in 2012. Citizen’s Bank donated $250.00 Beginning Years Family Network gave $250.00 for early literacy programming for ages 0-3 and $2,500 was received from UniBank to purchase of eReaders and of eBooks to download into them.

Plans progressed for an accessibility renovation that will bring the building up to code. A wheelchair lift, handicapped accessible restroom, and upgrades to the alarm system should commence in February 2013.

Expenditures of more than $ 1000.00 were made to the following vendors:
Baker & Taylor $ 29,587.26
C/W MARS $ 11,083.00
Charter Communications $ 2,047.02
EBSCO Subscriptions Services $ 3,799.10
Gale $ 2,119.03
Guardian Information $ ,932.00
Info USA Marketing Inc $ 2,500.00
Ingram $ 12,040.26
Industrial Cleaning Products $ 1,038.95
MX Consulting Services $ 2,392.75
National Grid $ 7,911.62
Nstar $ 3,024.17
Office Depot $ 1,674.62
Recorded Books $ 7,555.64
Renaud HVAC & Controls $ 1,140.40
Scholastic Library Publishing $ 2,291.00
The Penworthy Co. $ 4584.62
Tucker Library Interiors $ 2,260.14
Verizon $ 1,320.42
World Book $ 2,112.40

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Gallaway, Library Director

February 1, 2013