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Weekly Report May 15-20, 2023

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This week we circulated 2,497 items, received 425 items in transit and sent 544 items. We requested 372 items and filled 337 hold requests; registered 10 patrons for library cards, and added added 127 new items. The most popular book this week continues to be Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus. We hosted 30 meetings in our conference, study, and tutoring rooms for 155 people including MetroWest Building Officials Association, Small Stones planning, Town of Grafton Zoning Board of Appeals, and Grafton 4H Club, as well as private -work, study, homeschool, and tutoring sessions.

Beth was on vacation this week. The EV charging station was repaired correcting damage sustained when it was hit by a vehicle months ago.

Eileen maintained the collection of periodicals, took care of incoming mail, prepared bills, and sent out late notices. Debby compiled the Weekly Report, worked on social media content, collaborated with North Street Elementary to plan a 6th grade orientation to the Teen Room, and completed payroll, scheduling, and Board of Library Trustees’ tasks.

Borrower Services
Staff managed service desks, delivery, museum passes, the lobby, room reservations and Automatic Materials Handling equipment. They assisted patrons, placed holds, performed readers’ advisory, and supervised volunteers.

Kara reviewed expiring Overdrive titles, added requested e-book and e-audio titles to carts for future orders, began working on data gathering and evaluation of the print vendor standing order program options, worked with staff and reviewed information on current standing order titles, investigated large print title options, reviewed industry newsletters to add upcoming titles to purchase lists, prepared carts for future DVD orders, checked CWMars top titles against the collection, corresponded with volunteer applicants and staff coordinators, and worked with other staff to coordinate filling shortages in the schedule. Jane posted the New York Times Best Seller List for print and audio fiction and recommended titles for purchase, corrected patron records with the wrong home library, processed pending patron applications, collected items with alerts from invalid RFID tags, continued weeding adult fiction, began weeding DVDs to make room for new titles, and helped Ranjita with a report for the Library of Things. Ranjita posted the New York Times Best Seller List for print and audio nonfiction and recommended titles for purchase, processed ComCat requests, processed pending library card applications, performed a routine check of the Library of Things and processed new items, and performed a weekly check of the Seed Library. Sandhya finished up tasks and arranged coverage for home delivery, interlibrary loan, take-and-make crafts for May adult programming, the Seed Library, and other tasks in advance of the start of her time off. We miss her already! Allison P updated website with May’s general audience newsletter, printed May newsletter out for reference view in Historic Reading Room, updated Top 10 List-event graphics for June general newsletter, created new signage for Nonfiction Gardening section, added new contacts to newsletter, set up accounts for Niche Academy and Ethics/Conflict of Interest, ran report for removing New to Collection stickers and Item Alerts, attended the Borrower Services meeting for Standing Orders authors, and pulled March New Fiction books to allow more room for face-out display.

Children’s Services
The Children’s Room has been busy this week and we have been down a few staff members due to illness. We have spent a lot of our time assisting patrons, shelving books and keeping up with class visits and other school events. Sarah, Jen, and Stacie hosted six first-grade classes for visits. Sarah and Jen staffed a table at North Grafton School’s Fun Fair.

Sarah ran two sessions of Toddler Time, ran a session of Preschool Storytime, and worked on book and replacement orders. Jen ran a session of Library Babies and created Summer Reading signs. Stacie ran two sessions of Drop-in Arts & Crafts and staffed a table at a school Family Night at Grafton High School. Mare continues to work with setting up schedules for new and existing volunteers, has reached out to a couple of new volunteer applicants, assisted patrons, shelved, and tidied up the room. Kristin delivered books to NGES & SGES.

Teen Services
Thank you to staff who continue to fill in coverage gaps in the Teen Room in Allison’s absence. Sarah S. updated the manga inventory spreadsheet with new volumes in process, shifted nonfiction and biography to make room for the new manga, shelved books, and performed reader advisory.

Reference Services
No report was received.

Technical Services
Cynthia unpacked items as they arrived; cataloged new children’s books, young adult nonfiction, and CDs; worked on fixing problem items; sent in requests for records to the CatCenter and worked on going through the lists of cancelled items from Ingram that will need to be reordered.

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