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Hoopla, Freegal Discontinued

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We continually evaluate the content, usage, and cost of the Library’s databases, and have discontinued Hoopla and Freegal.

Please visit for a complete list of alternative resources for digital media.

You can still access Hoopla with a Boston Public Library eCard! Sign up at and access at

CW MARS digital collection contains eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines, and eVideo. Access through the web interface or the Libby app.

7 responses to “Hoopla, Freegal Discontinued”

  1. Amy Randell says:

    This is very disappointing. We use Hoopla daily in our house!!

    • bethg says:

      You can still use Hoopla, Amy – sign up for a free BPL ecard – and you can access Hoopla, Kanopy and other databases that way. Download the app, update your credentials with the ecard, and you’ll be all set!

      • Karen Lagunowich says:

        I thought that would be a good workaround too, but not completely. (I’ve been using my PBL card for a while now to get books quicker through Libby). We used Hoopla mostly for the audiobooks, and it seems as though the BPL subscription does not include audiobooks, only ebooks, movies, & tv. I wish you had asked your patrons before dropping it all together. Losing Hoopla has left a very big gap in our homeschool studies as it was our main source of books for both our history and literature courses. The instant borrows made planning so much easier. I would have much preferred a smaller “check out” number over eliminating it completely.

      • Amy Randell says:

        We are finding that BPL does not offer audio books which is what we most used for Hoopla for. Please reconsider this decision.

  2. Lisa Nelson says:

    The discontinuation of Hoopla is very disappointing to my family member with dyslexia who frequently uses Hoopla to access audio books. Access is critically important for individuals with print based disabilities. Please bring back Hoopla so that individuals with and without disabilities have access to library materials.

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