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Weekly Report August 22-27, 2022

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This week we circulated 3,106 items, received 654 items in transit and sent 619 items. We requested 522 items and filled hold 455 requests; registered 32 patrons for library cards, and added 7 new items. The most popular book this week is The Only Woman in the Room by Marie Benedict. We hosted 27 meetings in our conference, study and tutoring rooms for 52 people including Capital Campaign, Friends of the Library, 8th grade planning, as well as private study, tutoring, and training meetings.

Several staff attended Bystander Intervention Training in the Workplace. The session covered behaviors that contribute to an unsafe workplace, ranging from interrupting, gossip, favoritism, bullying, racism, sexism, harassment, and violence; implicit and explicit bias; the 5Ds of bystander intervention methodology to de-escalate and disrupt these behaviors, and a box breathing exercise. Resource:

Beth worked on programming, website updates, and began tallying annual stats for the ARIS report; the collection tool is down, and the deadline has been extended through Sept. 9. She created procedures for monthly and annual trustee tasks. Beth met with the department head team, with various staff members; with Evan; with Karen Ceppetelli, Trustee Chair; with Bob from Willard House to discuss a clock loan and upcoming event, with Jonathan from CMD, and with Library Department Head to discuss upcoming library programming She updated the draft volunteer policy and procedures and shared that and the application form and log with Kara, so we can begin accepting new volunteers this fall. She trained a gardening volunteer in weeding.

Beth corresponded with the Friends, with Capital Campaign, and with Signet regarding a door access issue, which CMD resolved, and with patrons on a number of issues, including the T-Mobile hotspots, lost or damaged books, volunteering, meeting room use, and upcoming programs.

Eileen prepped and paid bills. Debby worked on Trustee items, a Stick Library project, and planning for our October Emotional Wellness Fair. She took inventory of the tablets, iPads, and holders mounted to the walls, and contacted Aaron Vandesteen who helped install parental controls so that the Samsung tablets can be used to book meeting rooms soon.
Jonathan dropped three laptop carts of 30 laptops configured and ready to go and waiting for Deep Freeze — we need to set up a virtual server on the public network to manage the computers (along with the desktops on site). He moved one of the network jacks in the Children’s Room office and cut a hole through the back wall to put a jack on the other side of the wall and then moved the desk and connected to the network, and installed a switch where the jack was, to accommodate the additional devices. Due to a power outage the other day, the doors and keycard access were not working properly because the software/hardware was offline and while investigating found that the hardware was not powered up. He reset the power to the boards and everything fired up and is now working.

Thanks to George who cleaned the Library while Paul was on vacation this week. Carpet cleaning with the Town’s new carpet extractor has been scheduled for Labor Day weekend. American Alarm came out to program in security codes for new staff and trained Heidi in how to do it, to save us from needing a service call in the future. Beth reached out to two different companies for quotes on cupola restoration, as the exterior is deteriorating.

The Construction Team met on Monday. The LEED application is getting submitted this week and we should have a response by the end of this year; Beth sent a lot of photo documentation of outdoor programming to the consultant. The gate for the stairwell is on its way. DRA presented an option for aluminum doors for the presentation area and maker space. CTA committed to a leak test and will address the leak in the Teen Room at the emergency exit, there is an issue with the door’s gasket. ! Beth is contacting Chandler regarding timing for the automatic door opener at the Upton level entrance. Beth worked on allocating funds from the construction project in preparation for a submission to Library Journal and the final report. She took a training webinar on how to use Amplifund for MPLCP grant reporting and fund distribution. Building Committee meets Monday September 12 at 6pm on Zoom. Our restored Steinway piano is almost ready for delivery and we are scheduling its arrival for after Labor Day.

Borrower Services
Staff managed the adult circulation desk, delivery, museum passes, the lobby, room reservations and Automatic Materials Handling equipment. They assisted patrons, placed holds, performed readers’ advisory, and supervised volunteers.

Kara worked with a vendor to order comics for the Halloween trick-or-treat event, processed damaged items, reviewed industry publications for collection development and upcoming purchases, met with Beth about ordering, and scheduled a meeting with stakeholders to review the volunteer application process.

Sandhya managed out of network requests for materials, worked on interlibrary loans, cleared expired holds from the hold shelf, ordered items for the home delivery service and Crescent Manor, and updated museum pass information, including contacting the Mass Police Museum about resuming patron access. Her patron service interactions included ordering classic films for a patron and problem-solving Hotspot connection issues.

Jane corrected patron records, prepared the display for the Dewey Decimal Number of the Week for the 800s (American literature, literature from other countries, plays, poetry), attended a webinar on Bystander Intervention and Conflict De-escalation, posted the New York Times best seller list for fiction, and recommended titles for purchase.

Allie added content to the September newsletter, updated the newsletter’s patron contact list, planned September’s endcap display for Healthy Aging Month, and created a poster. Her patron service interactions included helping a patron edit the hold history on their account and troubleshooting issues with patrons receiving hold notifications to Charter email accounts, including submitting a ticket to CW Mars; she received a warm thank you from the patron for her assistance.

Ranjita processed out of network requests for materials, performed a routine check of the Library of Things, posted the New York Times best seller list for Nonfiction and recommended titles for purchase. Her patron service interactions included a busy week of room reservations.

Children’s Services
This week CR staff spent time assisting patrons, shelving books, managing volunteers, and performing general circulation functions. We are seeing a large number of book returns as families prepare to head into the back-to-school season.

Sarah met with Jen to finalize the September calendar, discussed program dates with YFCP and STEM Beginnings, tentatively scheduled Oct-May Apple Tree Arts visits, worked on collection management and development, submitted the final reimbursement form for the Grafton Cultural Council, booked the Tumble Bus and Goats and Giggles October programs, reached out to Absolute Yoga about fall programming opportunities, reached out to Lauren Scheuer about offering art programs to children, attended a Book Reconsideration Subcommittee meeting, attended a Bystander Training webinar, and began lesson planning for upcoming fall programs.

Jen met with Sarah to finalize the September calendar, created signs and PR materials, worked on CR social media, updated and entered programs in EventKeeper, continued to work on the September CR newsletter, and began lesson planning for upcoming fall programs.

Cyndi managed the CR Library of Things, coordinated with volunteers, and began lesson planning for upcoming fall programs.

Mare worked on coordinating teen volunteer schedules for the fall, worked on volunteer schedules for the next two weeks (including alerting volunteers to the weekend we are closed), and reviewed applicants for fall volunteering.

Kristin coordinated with local schools, began planning for upcoming book clubs, began lesson planning for upcoming comic creators club, and updated the CR bulletin board for Fall.

Stacie has begun to transform the CR into a celebration of all things back to school.

Teen Services
This week Sarah S. and Allison put up two new displays, one with each of our favorite teen staff picks. We also worked on adding new manga titles to our future book order.

Sarah S. had both Manga Club and Anime Club this week.

Allison attended the Bystander Intervention + Conflict De-escalation in the Workplace training, Library Department Head meeting and book challenge meeting.

Reference Services
Heidi and Eric answered reference, circulation, computer and printer questions, created library cards for people, worked on program planning with Sarah S., and worked on statistics. She gave a progress report to Beth and Debby about where things on our list of phone issues so Debby can work with our phone company to resolve them.

Eric gathered information on our Freegal contract to prepare for a meeting with the vendor next week. He followed up with Filmocracy regarding licensing and community events and organized pricing information for Filmocracy and Kanopy. He also continued to make progress on weeding the non-fiction collection — moving on from the 600’s to the 700’s. Some discarded items have been made available for free to patrons.

Don’t forget: Friends of the Grafton Public Library will be holding their Children’s Book Sale on Saturday, August 27 from 10am-4pm, and Grafton Ukulele Musicians will be celebrating International Play Music on the Porch Day from 10-11am on the Library’s Community Room Patio.

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Storytime returns in September at the Grafton Public Library

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View our September newsletter or sign up to receive our newsletter in your email monthly. 

Storytime programs resume in September at the Grafton Public Library!

Join us for unique programs for three different age groups starting the week of September 17th.

Library Babies, featuring songs, bounces, and interactive board books, runs on Tuesdays at 9:15am.

Toddler Time, an active program for walkers through age three, is held on Wednesdays at 9:15am. Join Ms. Sarah to share stories, sing songs and recite rhymes and finger plays.

Storytime for preschoolers is held on Thursdays at 9:15am. This 45-minute program includes stories, felt board fun, and movement activities. Registration is required for Preschool Storytime. The other two programs are drop-in.

Because these programs take place before the library opens to the public, please enter through the children’s program room door on the right side of the library. There will be directional signage posted outside the library on storytime days. Please arrive on time for these programs. Due to their short run time, we cannot allow any latecomers to enter. Storytime programs will run for six weeks this fall, ending the week of October 24th.


On Wednesday, September 14th at 3:30pm, join us at the Willard House & Clock Museum for a special storytime and a tour of the museum’s beautiful grounds. This program is for preschoolers ages three through five and registration is required.


Comic Creator Club meets on Monday, September 12th at 5:30pm. Learn about the characteristics of comics/graphic novels and then try drawing or writing some of your own! This workshop is for children in grades two through five. Registration is required.

Register now!

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Library Weekly Report August 8-13, 2022

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This week we circulated 3,344 items, received 687 items in transit and sent 606 items. We requested 540 items and filled 437 hold requests; registered 17 patrons for library cards, and added 19 new items. The most popular book this week is The Only Woman in the Room by Marie Benedict. We hosted 18 meetings in our conference, study and tutoring rooms for 47 people, including private studying, tutoring, and a meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Graton and Upton.

We are extremely short staffed with vacancies and staff leave and have had over 170 instances of shortages in the last 10 months. The library closed at 5pm on Tuesday due to an unanticipated staffing shortage and the Children’s closed on Thursday evening at 5pm due to unanticipated staffing shortage. We do not have enough employees to adequately staff our service desks and provide the level of service and programming the public, Board, and MBLC expects.

 As Director, Beth managed patron feedback and incidents, ordered a rug for her office, scheduled fire extinguisher inspection, submitted the Library’s Food permit application. She dealt with an elevator issue which is still being resolved on Friday morning. The policy committee met to review the draft 3D printing policy and had a conversation around what would be allowed to be printed, how the requests to print would be managed, and other logistics. The most current draft may not reflect the increase in filament costs. The cost to run the machines would be recouped in the printing fee. It was suggested we add a 3D printer on the upper level for patrons of all ages to use. At this time, there is no 3D printing available until the policy is approved and staff are trained.

Eileen paid bills, ordered office supplies, and finalized FY22 encumbrances.

Debby worked on meeting minutes and correspondence.

We have multiple people on leave in multiple departments. Our new Head of Borrower Services began on Wednesday. We have extended an offer for the Technical Services Librarian position, which was accepted. Cynthia O’Neil will start Tuesday September 6.

As defacto clerk of the works, Beth provided FF&E invoices upon request and began categorizing expenses into eligible and ineligible costs, requested additional shelving purchases from the Capital Campaign, purchased a rug from her office, spoke with Colliers about HVAC commissioning.

 Borrower Services
As Acting Head of Borrower Services, Beth helped manage the department and provided some training to Kara, and scheduled training for Museum Passes and Evergreen, our circulation system. Kara received training on EventKeeper, our calendar, museum pass reservation, and meeting room reservation software, as well as general orientation.
Borrower Services staff served patrons at the Lobby and Circulation desks and triaged the sorting room. Sandhya managed out of network requests for materials, worked on Home Delivery requests (emails & calls to patrons, ordering books, emailing volunteer for pick up), made Closure signs for staff development and posted to the website and social media, cleared expired holds from hold shelf, emailed patrons with active holds to see if they picked their holds without checking them out, made a list of museum renewal forms, and managed Facebook correspondence.

Jane worked on locating items with alerts that need to be sent to cataloging, the New York Times best seller list for fiction and recommending titles that we do not own,  and preparing the Dewey Decimal Number of the Week display for the 600s (inventions, medicine, astronauts, cooking, homesteading, farm animals, dogs/cats, building/remodeling). Allie’s patron service interactions including assisting a patron with printing document via phone then adjusting her certificate’s brightness for proper printing,  Libby and fax assistance, reference and reader’s advisory; researching Tech Services computer Evergreen issues delivering blank screen, troubleshooting Star receipt printer issues in sorting room, resetting the connectGate via electrical room after a weekend power outage, processing delivery and holds shelf, emptying book boxes in Tech Services, creating IT tickets and updating our IT issues sheet. Allie’s tip of the week: do not make copies of master bookmarks with a stickie note attached!

Children’s Services
This week the CR was down 2 staff members. Due to coverage issues, we closed the room early on Tuesday and Thursday night and canceled our Wednesday evening Campfire Ghost Stories program. We are seeing an increase in returns as families prepare to head back to schools and begin to return materials that were heavily used over summer vacation. The heat continued in the early part of the week bringing many families in to cool off, but a much-needed drop in temperatures arrived in time for the end of the week and three of our outdoor programs.

Programs offered this week include the continuation of our Pet Food Drive, Summer DIY Chalk, Summer Movie & Craft featuring Disney-Pixar’s Onward, three sessions of Bookworms Book Club, two sessions of  Summer Tie Dye, a special appearance with books and sensory table at the Grafton Farmers Market, DIY Chalk Pick up & Drawing, Once Upon a Storytime at Willard House & Clock Museum, LEGO Brickbuilders, our final session of Summer Songs in the Park with Apple Tree Arts. and Color Me Calm.

Teen Services
Allison and Sarah managed the teen space, ran multiple programs, and worked on materials orders. Allison reviewed the draft 3D printer policy.

Reference Services
Heidi worked on telephone system maintenance (we are having several issues with ring groups and voicemail), and ran book discussion groups. Eric assisted patrons with tech, reference questions, and check-out; worked on Collection Maintenance, deleting obsolete/old materials from database and preparing withdrawn materials for sale or the free shelf, and utilized a free trial of Filmocracy, a niche film festival database.

 Technical Services
As Acting Head of Technical Services, Beth continued to manage out of system catalog records, conversions on the fly for items on hold for patrons, and Allie assisted with cataloging tasks.

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Weekly Report: August 1-6, 2022

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The Library will have a one-hour delay, opening 11am on Friday August 12 due to scheduled  staff development. ComCat (the integrated catalog for all nine MA library networks) will be down for an upgrade on Wed Aug 10 for about 15 minutes beginning at 10pm, and our CWMARS network will be experiencing some down time for a hardware upgrade from Wednesday August 10 at 11pm until Wednesday August 11 at 2am.

This week we circulated 3,488 items, received 612 items in transit and sent 501 items. We requested 389 items and filled hold 373 requests; registered 32 patrons for library cards, and added 24 new items. The most popular book this week is The Hotel Nantucket by Elin Hilderbrand. We circulated 15 museum passes and hosted 11 meetings in our conference, study and tutoring rooms for 19 people.

As Director, Beth completed payroll, worked on scheduling, submitted six Capital Requests, worked on key codes and alarm codes for new staff, and staffed the Library’s table at National Night Out with Heidi and members from the Board of Library Trustees and Friends, where she was interviewed on GCTV by Mr. Gallagher. She alerted raffle basket winners of their prize, available for pickup on Sat. Beth met with Evan, Karen (trustee chair) and multiple staff members, and provided updated job descriptions to grade 1, 4 & 5 staff. She corresponded with MBLC, the Friends, the Capital Campaign, Boy Scouts, DRA architects, and various vendors and program providers. She worked on an upcoming grant project, fall programming, and the Library’s Food Permit application. She worked on staff development day scheduling, approved meeting room requests, wrote August press releases, and updated the Library’s calendar and website. began planning an election worker recruitment event the Town Clerk, and responded to requests for information about the Library of Things from the Asst. Town Administrator, and to Accounting and HR on personnel and hiring details.

As de facto Clerk of the Works, Beth attended the shortest construction meeting to date – 15 minutes! Final HVAC commissioning is scheduled for Friday. Worcester Elevator was on site for a pre-inspection and we discovered our fire extinguishers are due for annual inspection; Beth scheduled an inspection with Impact. The building department repaired a piece of woodwork that fell off the wall. We reported continued leaking due to torrential rain in the teen room at the Emergency Exit door to the construction team (we added piece of hardware to divert the water last month). She submitted help tickets to American Alarm and to Signet for assistance with a security issue. Thank you to Mary Lauria, Town Accountant, for providing the complete set of building project invoices so we can allocate the funding for reporting purposes, and to respond to Library Journal’s survey of new construction for an upcoming issue, and to Jared for his assistance with Vadar.

As Acting Head of Borrower Services, Beth communicated with multiple patrons about returns of damaged books and met with various staff. She covered the Borrower Services desk and worked on scheduling, sent out updates from the C/W MARS network, and updated the Bibliotheca ticket for the AMH printing, display and email issues. The AMH jammed several times because patrons continue to stack books or place them into the machine pages first, which makes the book stick in the conveyer belt.

As Acting Head of Technical Services, Beth provided access to a not-yet-cataloged CD player to meet a patron request – Heidi did a conversion on the fly to allow for checkout.

As Volunteer Coordinator, Beth responded to requests for service hours. We are unable to place any new volunteers at this time but there is still opportunity to get service hours in our August wedding programs on Wednesday August 10 and 24.

Eileen processed museum renewals and prepared the warrant for payment, learning how to distribute funding on invoices associated with Purchase Orders. She also covered the Borrower Services desk and collected, sorted and processed all the mail from last week because we forgot to pick it up when she was on vacation!

Borrower Services
Staff covered the lobby desk, circ desk and sorting room, while down two positions – one vacancy, one person on vacation. Sandhya coordinated with Susan about Crescent Manor, and then visited Crescent Manner. She handled out of system requests, cleared Hold Shelf, sent Museum Pass Renewals to Eileen, worked on home delivery, calling patrons and placing holds for materials. Sandhya made bookmarks for Holds shelf directing people to checkout holds before leaving with them, and created a display. Jane worked on material with item alerts, New York Times audio fiction best seller list, and recommendations for an audio book order. Ranjita worked on her August display (friendship themed books), performed a monthly check of the AED and first aid boxes in each department, reviewed the NYT bestseller non-fiction book and CD audio book, and processed few out-of-network requests

Children’s Services
Patrons continue to make use of our cool, air-conditioned space to gather together to play, read, and meet with friends as the hot and humid weather continues. CR staff continue to assist patrons with their summer reading needs, run programs, and have begun to block out programming time frames for the upcoming school year. We have been fortunate enough to have a group of dedicated CR volunteers, but the volume of books has been high, so staff have been spending time shelving to keep up with returns.

Programs offered  this week include Summer Movie & Craft, Comic Creators Club, Summer Preschool Storytime, Summer LEGO Brickbuilders, Summer Songs in the Park (moved indoors due to the heat advisory), Nature is a Box of Colors,  and our third session of Summer Sewing Camp. Due to an unanticipated staff shortage, we had to cancel two of our programs this week.

 Teen Services
Allison and Sarah S. worked on programming, scheduling, and hosted teen movie night. The Teen Room was closed for 6 hours this week due to lack of staffing.

Reference Services
Heidi and Eric answered reference questions, helped with check-ins, tech and the like. Heidi created library cards for people, and worked on program planning, and statistics. Eric recorded July data for his assigned databases and met with Filmocracy to discuss pricing and subscription options. Both Heidi and Eric helped cover gaps at the Borrower Services Desk.

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Weekly Report: Week of July 11-15, 2022

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This week we circulated 3,518 items, received 617 items in transit and sent 591 items. We requested 636 items and filled hold 535 requests; registered 32 patrons for library cards and added 7 new items. The most popular book this week is The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter by Hazel Gaynor. We hosted 14 meetings in our conference, study and tutoring rooms for 18 people, for private work, study, and tutoring sessions.

Grafton Ukulele Musicians met at Apple Tree Arts to sing and strum. They will meet at ATA in August as well, and also plan to participate in Play Music on the Porch Day as a group on  Saturday August 27, location TBA. Beth and Dana Wilson from the Library Board of Trustees hosted the first Library Gardening program where seven volunteers donated eight hours of service pulling weeds from the library grounds. We saw a goldfinch and a hummingbird, moths and butterflies, and bees and bunnies while working. Pizza and salad were donated by
Pepperoni Express. The next event is Wed July 27 from 4-6 – RSVP at

Eileen and Beth attended VADAR training for the new accounting software, and managed to submit bills for warrant #3! Beth attended the Grafton Anti-Racist Book Club’s inaugural meeting; we will be providing support with space and assisting members get copies of the titles they will be discussing. She also gave Debby introductory training in scheduling and payroll.

Beth met with Evan, with Library department heads, with the Board of Trustees Chair, and corresponded with capital Campaign. She conducted final interviews for the Technical Services Librarian position and hired a new head of Borrower Service to start in August; a name will be released when the hiring memo is complete. She registered staff for an upcoming CPR training which will enable us to complete our Food Permit.

Willard House and Clock Museum will be donating a clock this fall, to be on temporary long-term loan for the Historic Reading Room. We are planning an event in November with a horology lecture and wine and appetizer reception. Beth also worked on dates for hosting some of the events for the Small Stones Festival of the Arts in October.

As acting head of Borrower Services, Beth corresponded with patrons about damaged and donated books. She also purchased eBooks and eAudio from OverDrive.

Beth met with the construction team, building committee, and our construction specialist from MBLC. Paul from CTA construction delivered all the operational manuals and plans for the new library building and was on site on Wed for a final review. HVAC work continued with Advantage and LG. The green roof was fertilized. GCTV worked with IT and we can now go LIVE with events, meetings and programs from our Community Room, a project ten years in the making. CAVT Solutions came out on Friday to address some A/V issues.

We received a recommendation to remove an item from the collection that negatively portrays Native Americans and will go through our request for reconsideration process for the item.

Sandhya Shenoy accepted a promotion to Senior Library Associate for the additional duties taken on with Susan Leto’s retirement. She has been employed with the Library since May 2016 with increased responsibilities over the last 4 years.

Borrower Services staff assisted patrons at the circulation desk and in the lobby. Sandhya  processed, ordered, requested and returned CLIO/COMCAT materials. She updated and renewed museum passes, added new seed packets to the Seed Library, handled issues with AMH systems, ordered books for August displays, and processed ILL emails. Sandhya and Ranjita processed home deliveries. Jane reviewed the NYT best seller fiction list while Ranjita reviewed the non-fiction list purchase suggestions were made. Jane also put together the Dewey Decimal Number of the Week display for 200-299 (religion, mythology, theology), and continues searching for complete large print Amish series.

The Children’s Room is in full swing with summer programming and the staff have been busy with children and caregivers reading, making use of public computers, attending programs, and cooling off in the air-conditioned space. Children’s Room staff have been hard at work assisting patrons, running various programs, and prepping for upcoming programming. Programs offered this week include Teddy Bear Camp-In, Summer Movie & Craft, Comic
Creators Club, Summer Stories for Babies and Toddlers, two sessions of Summer Tie Dye, Summer Preschool Storytime, Campfire Ghost Stories, Summer LEGO Brick Builders, Graphic Novel Design Class, Summer Songs in the Park, Summer HexBugs, Summer Gaming, and Color Me Calm.

Teen Services has spent most of their time this week on programming. This week’s programs included Tie Dye (a second session will be in August), Turning Red movie night, and Anime Club. We hosted two outside presenters this week: New York Times bestselling author Michael Tougias to talk about his book The Finest Hours and comic artist and author Cathy Johnson who will be teaching a zine making workshop on Saturday.

Heidi and Eric answered reference questions. Eric got a very nice compliment from a patron for his patience and helpfulness in assisting a patron with computer needs. Heidi created library cards for patrons and worked on statistics. She also shepherded the showing of the movie The Finest Hours on Tuesday, July 12th worked on event planning.  Eric met with Gale database representatives and is researching various options for rehoming weeded items.

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