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Library Service Update: COVID Reminders

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The Grafton Public Library will remain open for browsing so long as we can meet minimum staffing requirements. We are making every effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19, including distancing, masking, and sanitizing; eliminating in-person programming; and suspending meeting room use and children’s computer use.

Please help us preserve our ability to staff the building by treating our Library as an errand, not a destination, during this Omicron surge.

Please do not come to the Library if you have a single COVID symptom or if you are in isolation or quarantine.

When you do visit, please wear a mask that completely covers your mouth and nose, sanitize your hands, and respect staff time and space.

We ask that all visitors follow CDC guidelines for quarantining and isolating. The latest guidelines are available at

We are happy to make the following reasonable accommodations for anyone who needs to stay away from public places. These options are available to anyone for any reason at any time, on a temporary or long-term basis. Upon request, we can:

  • Extend pickup deadlines for materials until the end of your quarantine or isolation period.
  • Put your checked-out holds or a curated collection of items in a brown paper bag outside for no-contact pickup.
  • Provide no-contact home delivery of holds or assortment of materials.

Use our Library Select Book Concierge form to request an assortment of materials at, or call 508-839-4649, or email

As a reminder, the Library has 24/7 access to many digital resources for reading, viewing, listening and streaming at Don’t have a card yet? We can issue one remotely! Details are online at

Thank you for your care and consideration for our staff and each other, and for your cooperation. With your help, we will see case numbers reduce and be able to offer all the amenities of our new building soon.

For more information, please contact Beth Gallaway, or 508-839-4649 x 1836.

2 responses to “Library Service Update: COVID Reminders”

  1. Kate Kozub says:

    My family made a artwork on a canvas for a quilt that was supposed to be displayed at the library. When will that be displayed? My children have been waiting to see their artwork.

    • bethg says:

      The art was displayed for two weeks as part of our ribbon cutting and dedication Dec 17; we will reinstall when we purchase art rail and hangers.

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