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Weekly Report January 3-8, 2022

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The Library Director is closely monitoring staffing levels, and if we cannot meet minimum staffing due to COVID, we will close to the public and revert back to curbside pickup of materials and remote reference and reader’s advisory. We made the difficult decision to halt in-person programming and meeting room use, along with all other local and surrounding libraries. We had additionally made computers unavailable in the Children’s Room.

We are also monitoring Friday’s storm and anticipate reduced hours due to weather conditions and availability of maintenance staff to clear.

Cauzway was back on site at the end of last week to work on the Go2Blu panic button installation. This week, Beth completed a Library Staff and Diversity survey for the Public Library Association, an Accessibility survey for Institute of Museums and Libraries/Bookshare, attended the Library Planning and Building Committee Meeting, a Construction Meeting, attended a Department Head budget Meeting. She worked on final reports for the MA Board of Library Commissioners for the MPLCP grant, updating the Library calendar and staff scheduling. She took unscheduled leave time. Beth cancelled the Apple Tree Arts Ukulele program, scheduled to begin January 5, due to COVID. Beth responded to a patron complain about the reduction of in-person programming and public meeting room use, communicated with Willard House about a potential donation of a Willard Clock. The Library’s Grand Reopening was featured in the Community Advocate and had a very nice letter from a patron commending her on her Library Leadership.

Internet was intermittent for staff and patron networks last week and our faxing has not been working since; Beth is working to resolve. Guest Wi-Fi is not working as of Wednesday and an IT request has been submitted. We have not had IT on site for the last two weeks.

Due to scheduled and unanticipated leave time, both youth services departments are short staffed and it was necessary for to close the room at 7pm on Tuesday. We have only closed departments or the building a half-dozen times since re-opening, at the cost of personnel taking meals late or early, covering outside of their departments, or staying late to cover desks. Now that several staff members are out due to COVID, we can’t maintain this practice and anticipate further closures in the future.
Sarah created a book order, set up the CR refrigerator, managed staff, assisted patrons, wrote the monthly narrative and compiled CR stats, brainstormed ways to transition our in-person programming to a virtual format, communicated with Apple Tree Arts and Stem Beginnings regarding programming, worked her way through emails that were received during her vacation, assisted volunteers, and planned for the January school outreach virtual storytime visits. Jen worked on transitioning Library Babies to a virtual format, began updating the website so we can add virtual program prompts and PDF based activities to families, began the February CR newsletter, and assisted patrons. Cyndi worked on shelving, assisting patrons, and her Paralibrarian III application. Stacie assisted patrons and came up with contact-free and socially-distanced passive programming for the CR. Kristin assisted patrons and continued her outreach work with the schools.

Allison reached out to Bibliotheca for training/installation on our collection development wand. She updated displays, ordered new books, and worked on a comprehensive inventory of the YA collection.

In addition to our usual Circulation functions, this week Borrower Services staff prepared three new monthly displays: “BIG BOOKS Might last longer than New Year’s Resolutions,” which has a selection of books with over 500 pages; “Can’t Sleep?” which has a selection of audiobooks; and “Beat the Winter Blues,” an assortment of books with blue covers. Jane spent a lot of time over the past few weeks checking and correcting database links on the website; Sandhya provided notary service to a patron and marked all the Museum Passes for 2022; Ranjita fixed two receipt printers that had stopped working; Susan completed monthly statistics, inventoried bookstands, interfaced with Bibliotheca, delivered nine items to four Homebound patrons, delivered an assortment of materials to Crescent Manor (rather than doing the usual in-person monthly BookWagon program) and updated the list of requests from other libraries and have not been met or received.

Heidi answered reference questions, created library cards for people, worked on post-holiday library displays and prepared for upcoming book groups. Kate created printing instruction table tents to assist patrons on personal devices with connecting to our Xerox.

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