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October 2021 Director’s Report

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All hands were on deck during the first week of October as we welcomed patrons into the Lobby for book returns and holds pickup. The Grafton Public Library received a temporary certificate of Occupancy on Tuesday October 12, 2021, enabling us to reopen fully to the public on Wednesday October 13, 2021. The Certificate is temporary and pending final resolution of ADA issues; all code and life/safety issues have been resolved. We continue to work through the punch list and discover new issues daily, such as a backwards door that locks from the inside and an unalarmed door in the Children’s Room. A Ribbon Cutting and Dedication Ceremony is being planned for Friday December 17 2021 at 11am.

Our occupancy load is 384 for the Upton Street (lower) level and 168 for the Common level (upper floor). Hours are Monday-Thursday, 10am-9pm and Friday and Saturday 10am-6pm. Around 100 patrons came through to check out the new space on opening day, and visitors had many positive comments. We had over 1,200 visitors in our first week of opening, and feel gratified by the wonderful reactions of patrons old and new, who have been so complimentary and appreciative. Visits for the month totaled 2,699 people. We held the first programs in the new Community Room, welcoming around 100 guests to four Small Stones Festival of the Arts programs.

In October, I staffed public service desks due to gaps in coverage in the Children’s Room, Teen Room, Circulation Desk and Reference desk, and spent very little time in her office completing Director duties. I fielded questions about meeting space, and corresponded with Bibliotheca on the gates and self-check, with Integra on phones, with Scott Ricker regarding ADA issues, with Sunshine Sign to procure operating hours signage, with amateur photographer David Paist on construction photos, and with the Massachusetts Office on Disabilities regarding a grant application. I met with Olde Bostonian regarding refinishing some furniture that was excluded from their contract, and with a donor regarding placement and style of a clock for the Large Print and New Book room. I attended construction meetings, ran a staff meeting and presented at the Board of Library trustees meeting, and attended Town of Grafton trainings on ClearGov (our new budgeting software), and on Cybersecurity Awareness. I worked on nonfiction book orders for new materials and replacements, put seasonal items on display, posted signage, and renewed the Freegal database ( for FREE streaming and music downloads!).

I submitted a press release of Library updates to media outlets, completed an ad for the GHS fall play, worked on the Seed Library – solicitating donations from local native plant propagators, placed an order for lost and paid for nonfiction, updated the website, weeded in nonfiction, put together non-fiction book displays, worked on policy revisions and Procedures manual updates, and began tracking items for the FY23 budget. I signed off on another year of Freegal, a free-to-the-public music database for streaming music (up to 3 hours a day) and downloading MP3s to keep (up to 3 a week); check it out at
Eileen paid bills, contacted utility companies to shut off St. Andrews accounts, and shredded files more than 10 years old per MA retention laws. We have been working with Town Counsel to resolve the issue of The Boston Globe not updating our delivery address back to 35 Grafton Common and continuing to charge for papers we are not receiving.

Construction Update
• Phones still cannot accept incoming calls. Beth is working with Cindy Ide and Mike MacFarland to reconcile the two systems.
• Faxing is still unavailable – Beth is working with IT, Verizon and MarketSpark to connect and the analog Verizon lines.
• Limited public computers are available with a pen and paper sign up system – four for adults, six for children and three for teens. IT is working to set up software on thirty-two laptops for the public.
• Key cards have been activated for all permanent staff.
• The accessible door opener is now on and working during Library operating hours.
• The new Main Entrance doors have been programmed to our operating hours and now lock/unlock automatically. The Common Doors do not have an automatic lock system but remain closed for the duration of the landscaping project.
• The intrusion alarm has been activated and codes assigned to permanent staff.
• The camera system has been turned over – we have many parking lot cameras and not enough building cameras. Beth was not included in any discussion during set up of the system and will be addressing this at the next Construction Team Meeting
• Panic buttons remain uninstalled. Beth, Evan and William have been collaborating with the Chief of Police and Go2Blu and unsure of why the process is in limbo.
• The security gate at the Common entrance is complete, but we still need a computer to manage the gate and door count. Eventually, new ethernet drops and electrical outlets will need to be installed, as the furniture plan/schematic does not align with the electrical and data drawings.
• Doors for study rooms are shipping the week of December 17.
• Doors for the Maker Space and Community Room are still in the design process with further recommendations from the Director to simplify them to move the process forward.
• The architect has provided the specs and company for the the hanging art system and Beth is working with William Blake to procure.
• The architect has provided the specs and vendor for the office wall shelving and Beth is working with William Blake to procure.
• Bet and Sarah met with Ron from DRA and Cori from Tucker Interior to review Children’s Room shelving needs. Cori is putting together a quote, which Beth will pass on to the capital Campaign,
• We are still waiting for ship dates for the remainder of the shelving or furniture, DLP wand from Bibliotheca, and miscellaneous FF&E. Beth placed an order for office supplies and has requested Capital Campaign cover the mini fridges and hot water kettles requested.

Children’s Services
Since we opened up to the public in the month of October, we have seen so many of our old storytime friends and familiar faces back at the Library. It has been a shock to see how much everyone has grown in our time apart.

Patrons have been so kind and complementary about the new Children’s Room space and patient as we get back into our old routine and learn innovative technology. Sarah reports she will never grow tired of seeing patron’s reactions to the toadstools and log benches in the children’s room – they are just delighted by them! Unfortunately, we have had to discourage leapfrogging and jumping on/off the mushroom stools.

Sarah set up the two AWE early literacy computers, which have a variety of STEAM themed games. Children are enjoying these unique workstations, in part funded by a donation from the loved ones of Peter J. Cornetta. Sarah worked on our Grafton Celebrates the Holidays Frosty Stop listing and scheduled NGES and SGES virtual school visits. The Children’s Room hosted a Break in Bag program, compiled kits and hosted a Kitty in a Pumpkin painting program on a half day of school, lesson-planned for Preschool Storytime and Toddler Time programming, communicated with local schools regarding virtual school visits for preschool, planned and pulled items for next week’s Trick or Treat at the library, collected animals and took posed photos for the teddy bear sleep over (check out the adorable photos on Facebook!), planned Summer Reading for 2022 (training webinar and t-shirt orders happen in the fall) covered the Teen/Tween desk, and communicated with Quite Fetching for a program partnership/outreach opportunity. The outdoor Mr. Kim program was a success!

Jen has been lesson planning for Library Babies, hosted a Music and Movement program with Miss Kayla from Apple Tree Arts, stuffed break in bags, created tags for the Teddy Bear Sleepover, updated and added programs to EventKeeper, and scheduled social media posts. Kristin planned and prepared for her upcoming book discussions. We offered our first in person Mr. Kim program as well as two additional in person music and movement classes from Apple Tree Arts. We are looking forward to adding more programs to our calendar.

Staffing in the Children’s Room has been short this month and we have really felt the strain. We were down one position and had a staff member out, so we are looking forward to operating with additional staff next month. Due to the high number of returns, much of the staff’s time has been devoted to reshelving the materials that are being returned by the public. We have put in an FY23 budget request for a Library page to help with the volume.

Teen Services
Allison finished shelving YA and storing program materials. She continued to work on Winter Reading Program and finished designing art for buttons, completed Raffle Baskets for Octoberfest, staffed the Teen Desk, and helped train our new staff members.
We had nine active readers on BeanStack in October. They completed 42 activities, earned 83 badges, and read 70 books in 8,451 minutes!
We welcomed Brianna Hansen from Bibliotemps, who is covering the Teen Service Desk on Monday and Tuesday evenings and every other Sat, as well as Erin McGrady, who is covering every other Friday. We have been allowing all ages to come through for tours, with a plan to crack down and enforce the new Unaccompanied Adult policy in January 2022. It took the teens about two weeks to realize we were opening, and have faced afterschool behavior issues of noncompliance with the Town masking mandate, food and drink, wrestling and roughhousing, clean feminine hygiene products flushed down new toilets to clog them, and empty nips in the restrooms.

Crescent Manor BookWagon had fourteen participants. There were twenty-eight items checked out, three requests, and one new registration. We delivered sixteen items to Home Delivery patrons.

Beth Gallaway opened the Library for restroom access and Halloween goodies on Sunday October 31 from 4-8 pm, after distributing donated bags of candy on South Street in the afternoon – we had enough to give every participating household two small or one large bag of treats, thank you to everyone who donated! The Library participated in the Teal Pumpkin Project again and only gave out non-allergen treats to 80 people. Thanks to Karen Ceppetelli for staffing this event.

Borrower Services
We registered 162 new borrowers in October, and corrected nine accounts for Grafton patrons after running the “Patrons with wrong home library” report, which we are now running monthly.

6,374 physical items and 2,938 digital items circulated in October – we were closed to the public for a third of the month. There were twenty-eight museum pass reservations; twenty-six were picked up and there were two “No Shows”

Five volunteers put in 10 hours of service; thank you to Beth Patch for taking care of indoor plants. Our gnat infestation is nearly gone!

Borrower Services staff covered their two service points, helped patrons find material, checked material in and out, answered questions, etc. They continue troubleshooting the AMH, which has some quirks. We are now working with Bibliotheca tech support on three different problems we have with the AMH and the self-check machines. It’s been difficult to find the time for the phone calls we need for the support; we can’t manage these issues via email.

Borrower Services is also working closing with IT on patron and staff computing and printing issues. Some problems have gotten fixed, but the fixes don’t seem to stick. IT tried to connect the public computers to the Xerox machine, but the technician was unable to. Staff Allie worked on the November newsletter, Readers Advisory material and continues to be our in-house tech support; Sandhya continued updating the museum pass program as needed, and took responsibility for updating Library flyers and handouts and oversaw requests for materials from outside of the local library network. Jane and Ranjita managed the New York Times Bestseller list and made purchase recommendations for audiobooks and adult fiction & nonfiction. Ranjita completed the monthly AED checks, and Susan supervised staff projects, organized Home Delivery, purchased supplies, trained volunteers, trained new staff members on Evergreen (our circulation software), and prepared the monthly Crescent Manor BookWagon.

As staff have been covering service desks pretty much full time, very little time is available for off-desk work. On the other hand, we have enjoyed seeing the patrons back, and the response is overwhelmingly positive!

Reference Services
Heidi answered various reference questions regarding collections, meeting rooms, and donations. She created new library accounts and updated existing ones. She managed details to do with the Senior Book Club and facilitated library book groups. She managed requests for things to be posted to our bulletin boards, planned upcoming programs, worked on the Reference monthly report and helped train the temporary Reference Assistant. Heidi worked with youth services staff on a local cultural council grant application and took the lead on phone installation.

Technical Services
501 items were added in October. Donna completed original cataloging on new Library of Things items, re-packaged several Library of Things board games and kits that had broken boxes, requested records for new items that were not in the CWMARS system, covered gaps in the lobby and YA.

Staff Update
Stacie Herbert accepted our offer to fill the Children’s Room vacancy and states Monday Nov 1, 2021. Kate Kaslauskas accepted our offer to temporarily staff the Reference Desk and starts Wednesday November 3.

Staff attended training on Mystery Reader’s Advisory on Thursday October 3, 2021.

Yes Log
10/30 – Yes, we have paper masks so all your family members can come in.
10/30 Yes, If you do not have your library card I can look you up with your license.
10/30 Yes, you can book study rooms starting Nov 1st, that’s when the booking goes live– please check back on Monday. -SS
10/30 Yes, you can check out your books along with your kid’s books downstairs. -SS
10/30 Yes, the computers are working. -SL
10/30 Yes, you can see the “old part.” -SL
10/30 Yes, I can check that in for you if it doesn’t fit in the return slot -SL
10/30 Yes, you can return video games and DVDs in the returns slot; the board games you should take to a circ desk.
10/30 Yes, you can take your books and check them out upstairs or in the lobby if you prefer. -JB
10/30 Yes you can get video games for kids in the CR. You can also get a library card there at the circulation desk.
10/30 Yes, you can get a library card upstairs at one of the circ desks
10/30 Yes, we know some of the returns do not show up on the returns screen – they will be taken care of in the sorting room by a staff member and the items should be off your account by the end of the day.
10/30 Yes, we are open for browsing and checking out books and a staff member at the circulation desk can register you for a library card
10/28 Yes, I can check out your holds to you if you forgot your library card -SS
10/27 Yes, we have a GoPro Hero -AP
10/27 Yes, you can use your Millbury library card here.
10/27 Yes, we can still order books from other networks for you. -SS
10/26 Yes, you can return your Westboro material here. -JB
10/24 Yes, you can get a library card though you go to school in RI and your license reflects that you are a Canadian citizen – Beth gave permission to register this patron – SS
10/25 Yes, you can get a new library card.
10/23 Yes, you can use your new library card on Libby for audio books -JB
10/23 Yes, we still have the books for sale, and they are planning a big book sale in 2 weeks -JB
10/23 Yes, you have to wear your mask even if you are in a room by yourself -JB
10/22 Yes, computers and printers are available. -SL
10/22 Yes, you need to wear a mask covering your nose and mouth all the time – or you can’t be here. -BG
10/22 Yes, there is a place you can work and charge your laptop -SL
10/22 Yes, we have masks you can use. -SS
10/22 The books for sale are awesome. Especially for teachers. This is a steal -SS
10/22 Yes, there is a quiet place where you can sit and study/read? – SS
10/21 Yes, you have to put on a mask – even to come in for a moment to look for someone. (AP) -BG
10/21 Yes, I can print you out a list of local preschools -JM
10/20 Yes, our card application is online -SS
10/19 Yes, we have a quiet place you can go for a Zoom meeting? -SL (yes, no rooms yet, but directed her to quiet areas)
10/19 Yes, your books that didn’t show up on the return screen will be checked in. SL
10/18 Yes, storytime starts up again in November! You do have to register for it, and there will be a reduced number of participants allowed but it is coming back. -JM (Again 10/19)
10/18 Can I bring my baby to the children’s room? Even if she’s crying and loud? Yes, we all know that babies will cry sometimes! JM
10/18 Yes, your books that didn’t show up on the return screen will be checked in. -SL
10/18 Yes, the Library is open, except public computers and meeting rooms. -SL (Many times)
10/18- Yes, there are places to plug in your laptop all throughout the library.
10/18 Yes, we have a handout with the Library hours? -SS
10/18 Yes, your quilting group can apply to reserve a room when they open in November -SL
10/18 Yes, I get you more information about reserving a space for your Cub Scout troop to meet. -KP
10/16 Yes, your books that didn’t show up on the return screen will be checked in. -SL
10/16 Yes, storytimes will begin again in November
10/14 Yes, you can browse! over and over -JB
10/13 Yes, storytimes will begin again in November
10/13 Yes, your books that didn’t show up on the return screen will be checked in. (People are confused because “exception” titles don’t show up on the screen). SL

NO Log
10/30 No, the Wi-Fi is not currently working, we’re working on it. -SL
10/30 No, I’m sorry, you cannot come in, because don’t open until 10am -JB (x2)
10/30 No, I’m sorry, you cannot come in, because don’t open until 10am -SB
10/29 No, we don’t have faxing services yet. -AP (Beth continues to follow up on this issue)
10/27 No, a babysitter’s email cannot be added to kids accounts when registering them for a library card, the email has to be that of a parent (and a parent’s card needs to be connected to the children’s accounts) – SS
10/27 No, you cannot get a library card without a parent if you are 11 years old
10/27 No, we do not have building maps so you can show my grandkids around?-RH (printed and made available at all service desks and posted large copy at the elevator on each floor -BG)
10/24 No, you can’t get a library card without a license or other state ID -SS
10/24 No, the study rooms are not open yet. -SS (Opened Nov 1! -BG)
10/23 No, we don’t have an accessible OPAC in the Children’s Room yet – in the meantime, you can use a public access computer to look up items. -JM (thanks Jen for setting up!)
10/22 No, phones are not ready to receive phone calls yet, but feel free to leave us a message and we will get back it via email. -SS
10/20 No we don’t own The Little Book of Pride: The History, the People, the Parades-by Lewis Laney. It’s not in CW Mars either. Order? -JM (Ordered! -BG)
10/19 No, you may not take the most recent edition of a magazine out?” (You may be able to read it on Overdrive or through a database! – BG)
10/18 No, we do not own The Last Flight by Julie Clark -HF
10/18 No, you can’t hold your Cub Scouts meetings here on Sundays with no fee. KP (they can, once we have a gate and elevator lock! -BG)
10/18- No, you can’t check out Ms. Sarah’s puppets. They are for storytime only. -JM
10/18-No, we don’t have any toys available right now. We’re hoping to reintroduce them to the room soon. -JM (also on 10/19 and 10/20)
10/16 No, your 11-year-old cannot volunteer with you -SL
10/16 No, we don’t have any VOX books at this time -SB
10/15 No, we are not offering adult puzzles at this time. No, only children’s puzzles -JB (We can buy some – there is a Grafton group on FB to swap! -BG (I mentioned that but they weren’t on Facebook -JB I purchased some 11/10. -BG)
10/15 No, meeting rooms are not available yet. Not even the empty one? NO. -BG
10/15 Is the Wi-Fi Working? No, but you can borrow a hotspot! (this was great solution! -BG)
10/4-10/5 No, the Library is not yet fully open? No, you cannot go upstairs and take a look around yet. (Multiple patrons)
10/3 No, you cannot use a cart to bring all of your returned items into the Library.
10/3 No, you cannot just leave items, they need to be checked in one at a time.

Patron Comments
10/30 – “just glancing at this psychedelic room. Wow…” said in regards to the Children’s Room and with an unimpressed tone -SB
10/30 Where can I return my books? x2 -SB
10/30 Where are the movies/DVDs? Video games? -JB (Signage and maps are coming! -BG)
10/30 (Muttering noises about forgetting the mask and going back to the car in the rain to get it) I couldn’t catch her fast enough to give her one! She was not upset about the mask, but not happy with herself! JB
10/30 Not all of the books I checked in show up on the screen. -SL
10/30 Can I see what happens to my book in the book return? I can’t see inside! (Showed him the video on the website, which made him happy) -JB
10/30 How does the self-check out do that? How many books can it all scan at the same time? This is awesome. SS
10/30 This is beautiful! This is very nice. Wow, look at this. (First time visitors) -JB
10/30 -I work at the Princeton Library, so I am here to check out
10/30 The Children’s room DVDs seem disorganized. I guess we just have to look thru all of them -JB
10/30 I am looking for the books on sale. -SS
10/30 Stuffed Animal Sleepover patron so thrilled to pick up his stuffie (Clifford) and to get a photo of the antics. -JB
10/30 “Thank you for showing me the self-check and the book return” -JB
10/30 “Just here to gush over the children’s space. My kids love it.” (patron showing her dad(?) around the new library spaces) -JB
10/29 What is the maker space? What exactly is going in there? CNC machines? Will we have to register to use it? My son is interested in CAD and is so excited at the thought of the maker space. (I wasn’t sure of the specifics. Told them great things were in process and the details are still being worked out. Does anyone more familiar with the plans want to talk to the family about it?) -JM
10/29 I’m so proud of you guys for getting this done -former TA walking through the Children’s Room. -JM
10/29 I am worried about the patrons that are older and cannot bend low enough to view the new books (in LP room). -AP
10/29 I’m so afraid that the library will lose touch with its patrons because of all the automation. Will you lose staff members?” – AP (No – the point of the automation is to free up staff from repetitive clerical tasks -BG)
10/29 Why does the gate alarm keep going off?
10/29“It’s gorgeous!” HF
10/29 We use to live here now moved to Shrewsbury, it’s beautiful, love it- RH
10/29 We are from out of town ,visiting our grandkids and just touring the area and happen to stop by to see library and we just love this place, you guys did an awesome job -RH
10/29 Wow everything is automated ! So you guys may lose your job?(Patron sarcastically smiling) -RH
10/29 “Wow it actually looks bigger inside than it looks outside.” -HF
10/29 I love the Historic Reading Room! So beautiful! -AP
10/29 I love Libby! I have my favorite narrators! -AP
10/28 “I returned 4 items in the automated book return but only 2 showed up on the screen.” (They were in the exception bin. One of them had multiple disks and wanted it to be checked for those? I checked them in manually to ease the patron’s mind.) -JB
10/28 It seems like you have technical difficulties after all that money spent… -SL
10/28 The automated book return is fun! -JB
10/28 Thank you so much for the Break-in Bags. I love solving puzzles and riddles. (Parent-it’s nice to have something that motivates them to think!) -JM
10/28 How does the self-check out do that? How does it check multiple books out at the same time? The RFID is pretty cool. -SS
10/28 Why do you have a washer and dryer? To wash all the soft toys after they get slobbered on. Now we don’t have to lug them all home! -JM
10/28 Look, I’m doing your job for you, HA HA!(Checking out)
10/28 This library is the best Christmas gift to us this year. -SS
10/28 The library is beautiful; it doesn’t feel like I am in Grafton. I loved it. -SS
10/28 I am very impressed with the new library. I can’t wait to see the rest of it and bring my grandkids to the CR -SS
10/28 I have to use the book returns? I can’t just dump these books somewhere? No you cannot, but let me show you how easy it is to use the book return. After using the book return patron was “oh, this is not so bad. That was easy.” -SS
10/28 “Can we have coffee throughout the building? I can see being in here (historic reading room) with a coffee, and snow lightly falling outside, surrounded by books.” -HF
10/28 “It’s amazing!” (the building). -HF
10/28 “It’s wonderful. You must love coming to work every day!” -HF
10-27 Patron was hesitant to use the book return. When she tried it she said “That
was fun! I’m going to take out more books just so I can do that again!”
10/27 “Are those cake pans? Wow! You just bring them back? And musical instruments?!” -HF
10/27 Patron entered the library before 10am. -JM
10-27 Former Select Board member said the top part of the metal banister on the stairs is shaky and should be put on the punch list. -EL
10/27 “Wow this is beautiful! I love the bricks [blue] and the furniture and the carpets and the color!” -HF
10-27 Parent (father) came in with his three kids and complained because his kids were not allowed in the library without an adult. He said they were in the library a couple of days ago and were given the handout on the unattended child policy. He claimed they had been coming in unattended for a couple of years without any problems. The oldest was 12 or 13 years old. -EL (Kids were fairly well behaved, revisit Unattended Child Policy? -BG)
10/27 I did not know the library was open. I am not on any social media (press releases were also sent to the local papers and it was discussed on multiple public access meetings, and in the Library newsletter and website… -BG)
10/27 How do you like the new library? There is so much light and space.
10/27 We love the new library. It’s beautiful.
10/27 “Thank you. You have already been very helpful. You found me just what I was looking for.” -HF
10/27 “It came out great! I love the sky light. It’s neat that the old part is still here. You did a great job.” -HF
10/27 “Do you have a donation area? I have all these books and with no Annie’s Book Stop, I have nowhere to bring them.” -HF (Bin in the Friend’s Corner, Book Drop being cemented into place soon… -BG)
10/27 “The returns machine is something else isn’t it? I wasn’t sure how it would work. It was so quiet!”
10/26 My girls loved these! (breakout bags) -JM
10/26 When is the ribbon cutting/ grand celebration? -RH (December 17! -BG)
10/26 That was really something with the COVID shut down and all you did during that time so we could get books. Thank you. -JB
10/26 Upstairs is so amazing. -JB
10/21 This place is beautiful and spacious. I will spend more time here now. -RH
10/26 “Oh this is so cool”–comment by a group of teen/tweens on their first visit -JB
10/26 When will the children’s room open? (Tomorrow–it’s closed now because of staff shortage.) -JB
10/26 My girls are so excited about the stuffed animal sleepover! -JB
10/26 Do you still have newspapers? Where are they? -JB
10/26 What happens to my books in the book return? -JB
10/26 Why the mask mandate? To control the spread or because of the case numbers? -AP (both, by Town mandate -BG)
10/26 It’s wonderful! Beautiful! This library is great! (many patrons) -AP
10/25 It’s just beautiful -RH
10/25 Can my daughter Volunteer here? -RH (yes, if she is over 14! -BG)
10/25 “Is this always what it will be like? Get your own holds and check out the books yourself? I paid all these taxes to do everything myself?” -AP
10/25 “It’s smaller on the inside than I expected. It looks so big from the outside. *smile* I like the short shelves.” -HF
10/25 “I haven’t been here yet. The library looks so good! It’s beautiful!”-HF
10/23 Interested in Volunteering -AP
10/23 Are you Hiring? -AP (Direct to ToG website. -BG)
10/23 “The carpet is great.” -HF
10/23 “What a great program!” (Lecture: Dr. Daniel Mahoney on Orwell on Truth, Tyranny and Human Nature) -HF
10/23 “The speaker was awesome!” (Lecture: Dr. Daniel Mahoney on Orwell on Truth, Tyranny and Human Nature). -HF
10/23 I love how they’ve reused the old marble in the floor of the lobby -JB
10/23 “I’ve been here every day this week”–tween age girl– JB
10/23 Group from the Westboro library on a field trip since they will be doing a building project soon “We heard you did great things here, so we needed to come see.” JB
10/23 This is my first time. I am so excited to be here.–many people -JB
10/23 “Sitting in the large print/new book room, it is disconcerting to have the lights go out while I am reading. I can’t wave my arms to turn it back on unless I get up.” -JB
10/23 Patron who is a music teacher wants to be able to have recitals here when we get a piano. “This is a very good space for it (peeking into community room A/B)”. He will be in later next week to check. -JB
10/23 Suggestion from a dad- “Can the videos be moved back? Having them right when you walk in is very tempting, especially when we’re trying to get our kids interested in books.” -JM
10/23 Little girl pooped (for the first time!) in the family room. Her mom said she must have been waiting for a kid-sized potty to use. We celebrated this accomplishment with fanfare and many, many stickers. -JM
10/23 Mom! Wait ‘til you see the playroom! (Pulling mom toward the CR where she’d been with dad) -JB
10/23 I’m going to tell all the kids in school to come here! -JM
10/23 How do we return books? (many times–people see the self-check and think it is for returns) -JB
10/23 “I am very excited to get back to the library!” -HF
10/23 Where does the old part of the library start? -JB
10/23 Wow. This room is really big. I don’t think the flooring is too busy. (Adult level floor) -JB
10/23 “The room hasn’t changed much. It’s where all the old-fashioned stuff is. The rest of the building is modern.” (a child talking about the Historic Reading Room). -HF
10/23 Those mushroom chairs are adorable!
10/22 I’m sorry, but the library doesn’t open until 10am -SB (x2)
10/22 I love how my kids can walk to the library after school -SB
10/22 Where are your new books? -SL
10/22 What is the front room used for? -SL
10/22 “Oh my!” -SL
10/22 It’s nice but not cozy as old library building -RH
10/22 The child sized toilet is so appreciated! -SB
10/22 The older building was so much easier to go around, this building is huge -SS
10/22 Where is the book return? X2 -SB (Under the Return Items Here sign… -BG)
10/21 I’m sorry, but the library doesn’t open until 10am -SB
10/21 When can we drop of book donations? I have six boxes -SL
10/21 “Are you going to have the puzzle swap again. I really enjoyed that.” -HF
10/21 Everything I try to check out doesn’t work! -SL
10/21 If we did self-check out then why does it beeps, what’s the point? -RH
10-21 We are so glad you are open! -JB
10-21 Wow. This is great. (going into children’s room) -JB
10-21 The carpets are perfect for people with issues walking -SL
10-21 I wish there were more shelves of books in the Friends corner. There are plenty of places to sit, could the corner table be replaced with shelves? -SL
10-21 I’m so glad my parents voted for the library. -EL
10/20 Where is the book return? (x3) -JM
10/20 Where is the old part? -SL
10/20 “I love seeing teens in the library!” -SL
10/20/ You didn’t post sign outside, that you give mask if we forgot- RH
10/20 When will we start storytime? -RH
10/20 “I will certainly come back here and read a book in there. What a wonderful room.” (Historic Reading Room). -HF
10/19 A patron approached me to ask if someone is filming in the building. It’s DP. She wanted to know who he is and if we know him. Her daughter thinks she is in some of his shots and she DOES NOT want to be. Mom says she’s had online photo issues and is upset. Mom talked to him and he said he hadn’t taken any pictures with people that would be closeups. She seemed ok with that. He left shortly afterward. -SL
10/19 “I like the blue.” (bricks going into the Historic Reading Room) -HF
10/19 “So many ukuleles. I love ukuleles.” -HF
10/19 “I’m happy because now I have my books again.” -HF
10/19 “I’m so glad I voted for it.” (the new building). -HF
10/19 “It’s so beautiful.” -HF
10/19 “I love the new space. So spacious. The parking lot is great too! It’s enormous.” -HF
10/19 “The building is really excellent. So much space.” HF
10/18 “Are you going to put up the wonderful Halloween display like you’ve done in past years (once the work in the front is done?)” -HF
10/18 “This is really beautiful.” -HF
10/18 “How nice, a modern library. It’s stunning. I love how you kept the old part. Pretty good for little Grafton.” -HF
10/18 “..long but delightful message.” (someone liked the phone message). -HF
10/18-I think the group most excited for the new space has been tween/teens (12-15) Every group that has come in has done nothing but gush about the space. They love everything. All the Manga! The seating! The game room! Even the self-check! Kids this age have been desperate for a space of their own for so long-there was nothing in town for them. They’ve been coming in small groups since we opened. I think we’ve made several die-hard fans this week. -JM
10/18 What is the process to rent a room? (check the website for the Meeting Room policy – bookings begin 11/1 -BG)
10/18 Can my quilting group use a room? -BG, -SL
10/18 Where are your new books? -SS
10/18 can I check out a hotspot? -SS
10/18 Where is your catalog computer? -SL (using public computers for now, OPAC placed in stacks in early November. Kids immediately played the piano app on it -BG)
10/13 How do I return a book? (probably 10 times a day!) -SL
10/18 I love the furniture! -SL
10/18 I like the (children’s) carpet colors. -JM
10/18- “I can’t believe this is real. It’s like a dream. We waited for so long.”-Longtime library supporter’s first time in the new building. -JM
10/18 I heard there would be a photo exhibit of the Small Stones Festival here -SL (?)
10/18 This place is beautiful! (numerous times, all last week too)
10/18 You must be so excited!(numerous times, all last week too)
10/17 Disappointed patron—it is beautiful but it doesn’t have that library feel from when I came as a child. I had hoped the old reading room would keep that feel. (However, she did get something she wanted and got her library card renewed, so she wasn’t completely disappointed!) -JB
10/16 Many comments on Ms. Sarah’s puppet collection. We let them know the library has a collection of puppets and stuffed animals that we hope to bring out in the future. -SB,
10/16 Could you make a section for “cozy books”?-SL (No – but we can make a book list of cozy or clean reads! -BG)
10/16 Where are the new books? (several times) -SS (Patron recommendation: keep them with their collections -BG)
10/16 Do you have rooms for studying? -SS (Soon! -BG)
10/12-10/15 – Many comments on Sarah’s personal puppet collection. -BG
10/15 People are loving returning their own things and learning what happens when their items disappear into the return. -JB
10/15 We need a map of where things are! This is great! JB (it’s coming… I can print some -BG)
10/15 “They did a beautiful job. It’s amazing how much space there is!” -HF
10/15 “This is one of the nicest libraries in the area.” -HF
10/15 This is awesome!
10/15 The Mushrooms! – every kid who walked into the Children’s Room -BG
10/15 You need a globe of the moon for the Children’s Room -BG
10/15 “The used book section at the library is the closest thing to a bookstore in the immediate area. And the new lib is chock full of sitting areas. I’d suggest removing the seating in the Friends area and add two more bookshelves. The old used book Friends area had that classic library used book feel. More book sales isn’t the same as routine weekly visits.” -HF Nice idea! It’s not the role of the public library to provide a bookstore for the Town of Grafton. -BG
10/15 Why do we charge for the electronic car charging? This is the only place I’ve seen that charges for electricity in the 7-8 years that I’ve had an electric car. All over the country. Places seem to feel it is an important civic thing to provide. (two people mentioned this today) -JB – it’s provided for free by businesses that make money – we have to pay our electric bill from a municipal budget. We can revisit after we have more understanding about the costs incurred. -BG
10/14 In the adult section, it would be helpful to have signs on both ends of the shelves to show what type of material is in that section. In the fiction and non-fiction sections. -JB (signage is coming)
10/13 Sally Bridges asked if we could get a wheelchair to assist patrons with mobility issues. The elevator is appreciated, she said, but there is still quite a bit of walking. Is this possible? Could we get a grant or maybe have someone donate one? -JM (I can ask the Senior Center -BG)
10/8 Patron at Mr. Kim program grumbled about having to wear a mask for the program. She said it was silly since they were outside and spaced apart. She also claimed Sutton Library doesn’t require masks for their indoor toddler music programs. Patron was told of municipal policy and did comply, however looking at pictures, she took her mask off sometime during the program. -JM (If it continues at indoor programs, she cannot attend. -BG)
10/07 “Thank you very much Heidi! I always feel like I can count on you for our Library requests and needs!” -HF
10/6 Why can’t I print something here? A cranky patron wanted to know. I (CZ) took the pages she wanted copied and did it for her (She paid for the copies). She appreciated the assistance.
10/6 Thank you! We are excited for Friday(Mr. Kim) but unfortunately the 1 pm time falls during nap so we can’t make that one right now.-Patron on Facebook regarding the ATA Monday program. -JM

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Gallaway

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