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Weekly Report, October 25-30, 2021

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This is our second full week of being open, and we have all really enjoyed seeing patrons return. The reactions have been very positive!

Beth covered in the Children’s Room, Teen Room, Circulation Desk and Reference desk, and spent very little time in her office completing Director duties. She fielded questions about meeting space, and corresponded with Bibliotheca on the gates and self-check, with Integra on phones, with Scott Ricker regarding ADA issues, with Sunshine Sign to procure operating hours signage, with amateur photographer David Paist on construction photos, and with the Massachusetts Office on Disabilities regarding a grant application. She met with Olde Bostonian regarding refinishing some furniture that was excluded from their contract, and with a donor regarding placement and style of a clock for the Large Print and New Book room. She attended a construction meeting, ran a staff meeting and presented at the Board of Library trustees meeting, and Town of Grafton trainings on ClearGov (our new budgeting software), and on Cybersecurity Awareness. She worked on nonfiction book orders for new materials and replacements, put seasonal items on display, posted signage, and renewed the Freegal database ( for FREE streaming and music downloads!).

Heidi covered the reference desk, worked on bulletin boards (we encourage local businesses to drop off 5-10 cards for us to post!) and led book group. She dressed in creative costume daily, but wasn’t’ the only one – most staff began celebrating Halloween on Monday.

Borrower Services staff have been busy managing the Lobby and covering the Circulation Desk. We’ve been troubleshooting tech issues with printer set up, sorting errors with the AMH system, and the self-check machines. We are really looking forward to the day when the technology in the building behaves!

In addition, Sandhya has reorganized all of the forms we use, and sorted the masters in a new file so we can easily find them. Sandhya also updated some of our handouts, updated the Museum pass information, and handled all the CLIO and ComCat loans. Ranjita and Jane have each spent a lot of time in the lobby and on the Circulation Desk, along with updating the New York Times Bestseller list, processing new material, printing and collating brochure packets and keeping the Circulation desk supplied with new cards, brochures, handouts, etc. Allie continues to handle our issues with printer connections, along with covering the Circulation desk, and the lobby. When she has off desk time, she has been finishing up the November newsletter, creating a seed packet template, adding Screen Reader to describe photos and graphics in the newsletter, and finalizing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

Susan has been overseeing all of the above, as well as delivering material to Homebound patrons, ordering supplies, ordering new material, working on the schedule and interfacing with Bibliotheca for tech support.

This week in the Children’s Room Jen, Cyndi, Kristin, Mare, and Sarah handed out break out bags for tweens, hosted a painting program on the half day, collected animals and took posed photos for the teddy bear sleep over (pics on Facebook!), assisted patrons, shelved, placed holds, and fielded questions from patrons.

Sarah covered in the teen room, was manager on duty for an evening shift, hosted a tween seasonal painting program and a teen needle felting program, reviewed the schedule and coordinated with Beth, and will participate in the Quite Fetching community program on the Common this Saturday. She also worked on collection maintenance and development, and coordinated with staff on various projects. Jen began preparing for Library Babies and posted the Children’s Room November newsletter, while Mare worked on volunteer correspondence.

Allison created a survey for teens in regards to Dungeons & Dragons scheduling and content, to help plan future programs. Additionally we held a Felted Fall Scene program for teens this week. She contacted summer reading winners and emailed digital gift cards. Cyndi will be collecting the remaining physical cards to give out next week.

The Library will be open for trick or treaters on South Street on Halloween, Sunday 10/31/2021, from 5-8pm.

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Director’s Report: September 2021

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The Select Board proclaimed September to be National Library Card Signup Month in Grafton MA! Although we were not open to distribute cards, the online registration form allows patrons to get a card number and then come in and pick up their card. We gave out ten cards to local residents and seven Grafton residents got cards at other local libraries.

Grafton Public Library was open 0 hours in September, but hosted multiple tours, virtual programs, and continued to provide remote reference and reader’s advisory. Staff placed holds for patrons to pick up at other CW MARS libraries.

The Director attended construction meetings and Building Committee Meetings and continued to get pulled for impromptu conversations around issues related to IT, the AMH, security, alarms, phones, policy, procedure, and logistics. We continue to have outstanding furniture and shelving, with no ship date.

We continued to be closed to the public for the month of September due to the construction project and lack of:

  • Phones
    Fax lines run from the electrical room to the fax/copier/printers
    Public computers
    Key cards
    A working alarm system
    Panic buttons
    Security gate at the Common entrance and the 2 hard wired laptops to manage the gates and door count
    Additional ethernet drops at the place where computers were indicated on the drawings
    Additional electric outlets at the place where computers were indicated on the drawings
    Doors for study rooms, maker space and Community Room, the hanging art system (with a display ready to go up)
    The remainder of the shelving or furniture, the 2 additional self-checks and DLP wand, and miscellaneous FF&E
    A phone tree of who to call (for each system) when issues come up with lighting, alarms, HVAC etc.

Beth attended a Capital Planning Summit; Library needs in the next 5-10 years are:

  1. A generator to protect the assets of the new building ~$200,000-$300,000.
  2. Cupola repair and restoration, estimated at ~$80,000
  3. Refinishing of the clock and additional furniture (chairs, stool, book cart, card catalog, chairs) in the Historic Reading Room.
  4. Additional gates for the Children’s and YA exits and a self-check for the teen/tween space.

Beth worked on reopening logistics, the Small Stones Festival of the Arts programming, FF&E procurement, policy revisions, and submitted a MOD ADA grant for nearly 60,000 worth of software and equipment with assistance from Disability Commission, especially Kristie Proctor.

Children’s Services
September was a month filled with highs and lows. We are all so excited to be in our new space and eager to have everything set up and ready for when we welcome visitors back to the library. Another nod to getting back to business as usual was the scheduling of NGES and SGES virtual school visits. We are so happy to be able to support the schools in whatever way we can.

We spent the month moving furniture and maximizing the space for comfort and visibility. Sarah met with Cori from Tucker Interiors to finalize manipulative placements and get the final order for the approved items. We are eagerly awaiting their arrival and when we can see them set up in our new space.

Suspicions that the amount of shelving in the Children’s Room wouldn’t be enough for the collection began in late July/early August when we originally began to move into the new space.

As more and more shelving began to trickle in throughout the month, it became clear that there was inadequate space for Media, Nonfiction and Graphic Novels and Easy Readers. The oddly sized picture book bins are too narrow to fit many items in the collection. Beth began the process of procuring additional shelving due to this oversight.

Teen Services
We did not host any teen programs in September. Allison is working with Spandana Vagwala, who is a high school student and girl scout who is working on her gold award, to put together a multi-week program called Let’s Talk About Race. It will start in October and finish in December.

Summer Reading Program winners have been chosen and will be contacted soon. Cyndi is assisting with collecting gift cards from around town. Allison put together photos that we received this summer of patrons completing various activities they received from the library.

Allison also worked on the Disney-inspired winter reading program and getting the teen room ready for patrons.

Adult Services
The month of September was devoted to opening preparation. Shifting material, organizing workstations, figuring out workflow, filling the shelves, practicing with the new automated materials handling system, processing holds, creating signage, looking for places to store items not in use, ordering office supplies and setting up storage for supplies, and much, much more!

Crescent Manor BookWagon had 14 participants. There were 31 items checked out, and 11 requests.

We had 2 volunteers who put in 6 hours. We received two new volunteer applications, bringing the total to 31, not counting the folks we know are returning (at least 7 so far). We will review the new applications soon and begin the process of bringing them onboard.

We offered the following virtual programs:

  • The “Not Just for Young Adults” Book Discussion Group met on Slack to discuss The Mermaid, the Witch and the Sea by Maggie Tokuda-Hall;
  • The Daytimers Book Group met on Slack to discuss The Lions of Fifth Avenue by Fiona Davis;
  • The GPL Mystery Book Group met on Slack to discuss Nine Lessons by Nicola Upson;
  • The “Reads Well with Others” Adult Book Discussion Group met on Slack to discuss The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood;
  • The “Inspirational Book Club” met on Slack to discuss A Walk in the Wood: meditations on mindfulness with a bear named Pooh by Joseph & Nancy Parent

Other Adult Programs:
No Grafton residents attended our partnership program with MBLC Watch Party: a Conversation with Isabel Wilkerson, author of Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents.

Virtual Class:
Get started with eBooks and Libby – the one tap reading app

Technical Services
200 items were added in September. Donna did repairs and re-cats as needed, and original cataloging and processing of items for the Library of Things.

Staff Update
Staff enjoyed lunch from the Grafton Inn provided by the Friends of the Library on September 9. We were very grateful!

  • Beth worked with Bibliotemps to procure temp staff. Staff attended webinars on:
  • AMP UP EVSE onboarding training
  • A/V Training on Community Room technology
  • Soft Skills: The Tools Every Librarian Should Have -DBT, -CZ
  • An Introduction to Pronouns and Gender Diversity -DBT
  • She Blinded Me with Science: Women Writing STEM Presented by School Library Journal with Alyssa Mito Pusey moderator; and authors Carolyn DeCrist, Kristen Nordstrom, Heather Montgomery and Pamela Turner. -CZ

Patron Comments
9/30 “They took the two hydrangeas down from in front of the library!!!???? I am so pissed. If they were going to take them down I would’ve dug them up and put them in my yard!! That was ridiculous because they were gorgeous and in great condition.” -CZ Note: one was in great condition, the other was half dead from root disruption -BG
9/27 “We are looking forward to visiting the library again, we have missed it!” -HF
9/27 “… please tell me for the open the actual library landscaping will be done. The addition is fine and all but that front looks almost abused and in need of some love.” -HF We are under construction – it’s in process.
9/20 “So excited for the new library and hope you are all doing well!” -HF
9/20 “Can’t wait to see the new Library and all of you ladies again.” -HF
9/15 “We are looking forward to the library reopening.” -HF
9/13 “I can’t wait to see the new library!” -HF
9/13 “I am looking forward to the opening. I have missed the library so much.” -HF
9/13 “Do you know when the library is opening? I’ve been trying to get this passed since I moved to town in 1988. My kids were in kindergarten then. Now they are adults with kids of their own. They really enjoyed Mrs. Granger’s storytime and she really encouraged a love of reading in them. We can’t wait to see the new building. I drive by every couple of days to see if the sign is down.” -HF
9/6 “Oh thank you Sarah! We are really having a lot of fun with library programs and activities!!” In response to email assistance regarding SLP and activity codes. -SB

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Gallaway

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Weekly Report – October 18-23

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We continued to provide direct services to the public, including copying, Friends book sale, and internet access. Wi-Fi was intermittent and CMD was on site to troubleshoot. We have four public access computers up and running, printing via Princh, and will make our Early Literacy Workstations available for Children next week. Most meeting rooms are unavailable while we continue to store items in them. The Meeting Room Reservation software will go LIVE November 1.

Beth met with the construction team, furniture and shelving vendor, signage salesperson, IT, and the Capital Campaign and sent a delegate to the Friends meeting. She gave several impromptu tours and welcomed former trustees and former staff who were awed by the building. Beth worked on the Seed Library, policy revisions, the Procedures manual, and Trustee documents for next week’s meeting. She initiated passport training so we can recertificate as a Passport Acceptance Facility – we are hoping to resume this service by December 1, 2021. She worked on the website, weeded in nonfiction, put together non-fiction book displays, covered youth services desks, and was on site for Small Stones Festival of the Arts events last weekend and will be this weekend as well. Beth also began training new staff; we welcomed two tempos this week who will be covering the desk in the Tween/Teen Room: Brianna began last Saturday and Erin began Friday. The Trustees are covered the cost of Bibliotemps through State Aid.

We are finding ourselves stretched thin for desk coverage—especially nights and Saturday — with multiple staff out of leave. We have filled one of our four vacancies: please join us in welcoming Stacie Herbert to the GPL team! Her appointment was approved by the Select Board on Tuesday night and her start date is Nov 1.

We have over 1,200 visitors in our first week of opening, and feel gratified by the wonderful reactions of patrons old and new, who are so complimentary and appreciative! We are acclimating to the new workflow, schedule and AMH (Automated Materials Handling System). It’s been a challenge to coordinate services in the lobby, sorting room, and circulation desk with the staff hours available, but we keep working on it. Jane and Ranjita have spent most of their time covering the lobby, checking on the sorting room, and helping patrons, Sandhya has updated numerous forms for output welcome packets with our new hours and address, as well as updating and organizing a new master file of the forms and handouts we create, Allie has taken a lead on managing the numerous IT issues we’ve had, and conferring with Bibliotheca on the screen design for the return stations. Susan, Allie and Sandhya spent several hours on the phone over a few sessions with customer support to work out various kinks in the sorting program of the AMH. Taylor has developed a routine for his workload, and has been finding items on the pull list, shelving the previous day’s returns, and gathering new returns from the sorting room. Somehow he manages to get it all done! Susan delivered materials to three Home bound recipients, organized the file of volunteer applications, set up google docs for IT issues and supply/equipment needs, and adjusted workflow as we went through the paces for the first time.

This week in the Children’s Room, all staff worked the desk, assisted patrons with finding materials, placed holds, issued new and replacement library cards, and fielded questions regarding library programs and services.

Sarah met with Cori and Ron to discuss additional shelving in the Children’s Room, prepped for our upcoming Break in Bag program, compiled kits for our upcoming Kitty in a Pumpkin painting program, lesson-planned for Preschool Storytime and Toddler Time programming, communicated with local schools regarding virtual school visits for preschool, planned and pulled items for next week’s Trick or Treat at the library, prepped for our upcoming Teddy Bear Sleepover, planned Summer Reading for 2022 (training webinar and t-shirt orders happen in the fall) covered the Teen/Tween desk, and communicated with Quite Fetching for a program partnership/outreach opportunity.

Jen has been lesson planning for Library Babies, hosted a Music and Movement program with Miss Kayla from Apple Tree Arts, stuffed break in bags, created tags for the Teddy Bear Sleepover, updated and added programs to EventKeeper, and scheduled social media posts. Kristin planned and prepared for her upcoming book discussions.

Allison Cusher attended the Friends meeting (held in the 10-seat conference room as a hybrid in-person/Zoom meeting!) to discuss and answer questions in relation to LEGO fundraisers and Grafton Celebrates the Holidays. Allison continued to work on the Winter Reading Program and staff the teen desk.

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Storytimes are back!

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We’re excited to resume live and virtual programming at the Grafton Public Library. Please be aware:

  • Dates and times for all programs are subject to change due to ongoing construction.
  • Please check our website or Facebook page for up-to-date program information.
  • Some programs may take place outside at our new children’s pavilion.
  • Programs may be cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19 conditions.
  • Programs may have restricted or limited attendance.
  • Per town policy, all attendees over the age of two are required to wear a mask.

Click here for our October calendar of children’s programs

Click here for our November calendar of children’s programs

Register for all programs on our Events calendar

The Grafton Public Library provides a variety of storytime sessions. Attendance is drop-in unless otherwise noted. Promptness is appreciated. We expect the little ones to wiggle! Don’t feel you have to sit through the entirety of each session – it’s fine to excuse yourself and come back later or the following week. If school is cancelled, storytime is cancelled as well. If there is a half-day of school, morning storytimes are cancelled.

Research shows that the strongest predictor of school success is caregivers who read with their children at home. Don’t forget to browse for materials to take home before or after the program!



Preschool Storytime is program for children ages 3.5-5.  Join us as we share stories, songs, felt board fun, and movement activities.


Toddler Time is a 30-minute program for children who are walking-age 3 years.  We will share stories, sing songs, enjoy movement activities, and recite rhymes and finger plays together.


Library Babies is  for our very youngest patrons, ages birth-walking.

Storytime Programs in hiatus:

Pajama Storytime

Once Upon a Story at Willard House & Clock Museum

Storytime at the Grafton Historical Society


Weekly Report October 11-15, 2021

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The Grafton Public Library received a temporary certificate of Occupancy on Tuesday October 12, 2021, enabling us to reopen fully to the public on Wednesday October 13, 2021. The Certificate is temporary and pending final resolution of ADA issues; all code and life/safety issues have been resolved. We continue to work through the punch list and discover new issues daily, such as a backwards door that locks from the inside and an unalarmed door in the Children’s Room. Our occupancy load is 384 for the Upton Street (lower) level and 168 for the Common level (upper floor). Hours are Monday-Thursday, 10am-9pm and Friday and Saturday 10am-6pm. Around 100 patrons came through to check out the new space on opening day, and visitors had many positive comments.

Beth updated Facebook and social media, addressed issues regarding phones, elevators, IT, and the Small Stones programming scheduled on site this week and next. We made an offer to a candidate for the Children’s Room vacancy and have extended an offer to two temps to cover desks so we can proceed with interviews for other vacancies. IT was on site Wednesday to continue working through issues. All four self-checks are up and running but hey are not desensitizing materials.

All adult circ staff spent last week preparing for opening. Adult Circ staff are rotate between managing the circulation desk on the upper level, covering the lobby and managing the AMH on the lower level. When we have off-desk time, Sandhya handles the Museum Pass Program and ILL.  Allie manages signage and the newsletter, and also does a lot of troubleshooting with printers and receipt printers. Ranjita and Jane share the New York Times bestseller list task including making recommendations for purchase, as well as keeping forms and brochures stocked. Susan manages four staff, the monthly BookWagon outreach program, the Home Delivery Program, the Volunteer Program, supply inventory and ordering;  purchasing adult fiction, adult fiction and non-fiction DVDs and audiobooks, and all Overdrive content. Susan is also responsible for overseeing the AMH sorting machine and self-check machines. All Circulation staff manage delivery, Readers Advisory, and assist patrons with checking in and out material.

Heidi answered reference questions and operational questions, delivered books to the Senior Center for the Senior Center Book Club’s November discussion, updated library accounts an registered new borrowers. Last week she facilitated the Not Just For Young Adults Book Group to discuss Nobody’s Princess by Esther Friesner. She worked with youth services staff on a local cultural council grant application. Heidi took the lead on phone installation.

Sarah and her staff worked to make the Children’s Room as welcoming as possible, and addressed space concerns with Beth and Ron – we will be meeting with Cori from Tucker next week. She worked on our Grafton Celebrates the Holidays Frosty Stop listing and scheduled NGES and SGES virtual school visits. The outdoor Mr. Kim program was a success!

Allison finished shelving YA and storing program materials. She continued to work on Winter Reading Program and finished designing art for buttons, completed Raffle Baskets for Octoberfest, and staffed the Teen Desk.

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Weekly Report – Library October 4-9, 2021

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The Library opened with Lobby access only for patrons returning materials and picking up requested items.

Beth Gallaway met with Library Planning and Building Committee and had phone meetings with Victor from Bibliotheca; Aaron Vandesteen, Trustee chair; Mary Fritz, Building Committee Chair; Ron Paolillo, DRA; MBLC, and Evan. She met with staff in small groups and individually; with CMD to go over outstanding IT needs for patron computers, and with Joe from Bibliotheca about the security gates. She corresponded with Kathy from Small Stones Festival of the Arts, American Alarm, and Darcy from APA HVAC;  interviewed three Bibliotemp candidates; put together a non-fiction book order; worked with Mike from Integra on phone installation; and reviewed policies for Group Visits, Inclement Weather, Informational Display (bulletin boards) and Privacy and Confidentiality. She worked with Kristie Proctor and Roger Trahan from the Disability Commission to draft a grant application for $57K for accessibility software and hardware for patrons with low vision. She completed the annual Financial Report to meet State Aid eligibility requirements – Grafton will be compliant and certified for FY2022.

All hands were on deck this week as we welcomed patrons into the lobby for book returns and holds pickup. Staff attended training on Mystery Reader’s Advisory on Thursday.  Allison worked on getting ready for the Library opening to the public, primarily shelving returns from the delivery so that we have room in the sorting room for when items are returned. In order to do this she had to completely shelf-read the YA NF area as huge chunks were shelved incorrectly by the moving crew. Additionally, she had to shift the entire YA Fic collection by three bays because there was not enough room to shelve when they put the collection on the shelving unit. Allison also compiled September stats.

This week in the Children’s Room, Sarah, Jen, Cyndi, and Kristin worked on creative problem solving to figure out where to put the majority of the children’s nonfiction collection since we do not have enough shelving to house the collection. Some overflow has been placed in the CR tutoring room and we removed display shelving and borrowed flat shelving from Adult Services to allow us to move where the biographies and video games are shelved.  Sarah set up two AWE early literacy computers, looked at desk coverage and made a preliminary schedule, coordinated with onsite IT about where additional printers should be set up, and helped Allison C. go through and sort some remaining boxes in the teen area. Sarah, Jen, and Cyndi spent a large amount of time in the lobby welcoming patrons and answering questions. Jen worked on EventKeeper and Social Media to push this Friday’s Mr. Kim program. Susan took care of home deliveries and visited Crescent Manor. Ranjita shifted large print and fiction, and worked on the NYT bestseller list. Jane worked on the NYT bestseller list, shifted fiction and researched coat racks. Sandhya worked on museum passes, answered Facebook questions, rearranged Large Print, worked on her Notary application, and read BookPage and Library Journal. Allie worked on the Library newsletter, created pdfs to update website with newsletters for the past year, worked on a tutorial pdf for Susan, created signage, and treated the plants with Neem.

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Lobby Opens for Returns and Pickup Monday October 4

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The Grafton Public Library will open the Lobby at the accessible entrance off Upton Street for materials return and pickup of reserved materials beginning Monday October 4, 2021. Patrons will be notified by email that their materials are ready and will have one week from notification date to pick materials up during regular operating hours: Mon-Thu, 10am-9pm; Fri & Sat, 10am-6pm.

Get a preview of how to return items through the Automated Materials Handler (AMH) at before you visit! Note the AMH works the same way from outside the building or inside the lobby. Please, no rubber bands or loose papers or non-library materials – they will jam the machine. If an item won’t fit, return it during operating hours.

The Library anticipates opening fully to the public for browsing by Wednesday October 13, 2021, pending signed Certificate of Occupancy. This means lobby access ONLY, Oct 4-9–no public access, no tours, no restrooms, and no access to the rest of the building. We will be CLOSED for Indigenous Peoples Day on Monday October 11.

Per Town of Grafton, a mask that covers your nose and mouth is required to enter all Municipal Buildings, including the Library, regardless of vaccination status, for ages 2 and up. We can make a reasonable accommodation of curbside or home delivery for visitors unable to comply.

We may not have access to the following until later this autumn:

  •  Meeting rooms, as they are filled with materials still awaiting shelving;
  • Public access computers, printing, or faxing;
  • Patio furniture and other items still in the procurement process;
  • Final landscaping, as it was scheduled for completion at a later date this fall;
  • Entrance to South Street and Grafton Common, due to ongoing landscaping work.

Due to many delays with fabrication, shipping and staffing beyond our control, our new library, like several others under construction, is still waiting for shelving and furniture, adjustments to the HVAC and lighting systems, turnover of the security system, ADA compliance for sinks and some counters, and other items not vital to re-opening. We appreciate your patience and good humor. Once the punch list is completed, we will schedule a ribbon cutting and dedication and celebrate!

Due to COVID-19, Children’s programming will remain outdoors in October and shift to a larger room to allow for social distancing. We will keep our collection of on-site toys, puzzles, games, and coloring sheets in time-out to discourage congregating by unvaccinated youth.

With the exception of scheduled Small Stones Festival of the Arts events, and Town Board and Committee meetings and hearings, we are not scheduling in meeting room use or in-person-programming in October, and scheduled events will be cancelled if for some reason we do not receive the Certificate of Occupancy. Please review our Event Calendar for up-to-date information.

We anticipate booking after-hours use of Community Room A/B in November, pending installation of some kind of security gate for the stairwell, a key to lock the elevator and keycard system for entry. Please see our Meeting Room Use and Facilities Rental Policy before requesting a space, beginning November 1, 2021.

This project is partially funded by a state grant administered by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

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Grafton Public Library, Weekly Report September 27-October 1, 2021

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The Library will reopen for curbside service from the lobby on Monday October 4 through Saturday October 9 resuming hours of Mon-Thu 10am-9pm and Fri/Sat 10-6. We do not have a Certificate of Occupancy due to some outstanding items, so patrons may not go any further than the lobby or do anything other than pick up and return materials. We anticipate reopening with limited services by Wednesday October 13.

Beth attended a construction meeting, met with IT, met with Tucker Interiors, reviewed a quote from New England Low Vision for accessible hardware and software, and had check-ins with Board of Library Trustees, Ron from DRA architects, Evan Brassard and Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. She worked on a procurement list that has been delegated to William Blake.

Staff received a tour of Fire Alarm Pull and Fire Extinguisher locations, received training in how to operate a fire extinguisher, and held a fire drill – we exited the building in about 2 minutes.

Adult Circ staff shifted fiction books; attended fire safety walkthrough; attended all staff and circ staff meetings; and moved miscellaneous supplies into storage. Allie worked on MBS boards, graphics for newsletter, signage, troubleshooting with Bibliotheca. Ranjita worked on NYT Bestseller lists, sorted supplies, and processed delivery, Jane looked into furniture needs; organized supplies, and NYT bestsellers. Sandhya worked on Clio, ComCat, email, museum updates, troubleshooting with Bibliotheca, and processing delivery. Susan supervised above, delivered 13 items to homebound patrons, traveled to Westborough and Shrewsbury Public Libraries to collect material for homebound patrons, worked on the schedule, looked into adding book trucks for hold shelf items, made an overdrive order, and fixed a broken link to our volunteer time log.

Sarah worked on remaining furniture and shelving needs, contacted SGES, NGES, and Busy Bee Academy about storytime visits, scheduled virtual school visits, worked on Octoberfest donation baskets, planned WRP, contacted Pop Up Art School about upcoming programs, communicated with Apple Tree Arts, followed up with patrons, and worked on the upcoming Break in Bag program. Jen worked on the October newsletter, adding events to the online calendar, shifted picture books, and attended staff meetings. Cyndi shelved YA magazines, attended staff meetings, shelved returns, wrote up Board of Library Trustees minute notes, and worked on the Library of Things. Kristin planned for her upcoming October book clubs.

Allison continued to work on the Winter Reading Program – specifically digitally drawing the artwork for the buttons – and put together a proposal for raffle baskets for Octoberfest. She also worked on moving new YA fiction to the shelves and organizing the Maker Space. We are still looking for a donor for a 3-D printer and materials for the space.

Staff are working very hard to get the building ready for reopening in October.

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