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Construction Report: August 2021

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This is to report on the status of the construction project which is partially funded with Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program funds through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and governed by the Regulations and Assurances in the application and the grant Agreement.

The Construction Team met Tuesday August 24. The Library Planning and Building Committee met via Zoom August 2; minutes are online at

The Clerk of the Works resigned August 25 to move on to other projects. With no one on site to manage day to day issues, it is falling to the Director to deal with numerous issues beyond the scope of her job.

The parking lot has been final paved with striping scheduled for September, the detention pond has had remedial work scheduled for September.

Punch list work is ongoing for interiors, plumbing, electrical. Controls/integration/commissioning are ongoing. ADA items requiring correction still remain, mostly with regard to counter heights. DRA has issued an ASI with the pertinent information. We are waiting on confirmation from our ADA consultant on responses to team RFI’s.

The privately funded green roof was installed and can be seen from the Large Print/New Book reading room, a group study room, and the staff room.

Shelving installation is ongoing; final shelving to be installed in September. Furniture is 99% complete.

The move is complete; but much unpacking remains due to GC items awaiting pickup in storage space and lack of shelving

Opening date is TBD pending shelving, telephone system and a few other key items such as installation of a second gate at Common entrance, and two additional self-checks. RFID panels are 95% complete, waiting on electrician to complete the data cable and additional outlet for self checks at the existing building, and also in the new building in the lobby. The AMH is operational but without shelving, we cannot take in items.

The majority of Owner purchases are complete, but a small list still remains: items from Bibliotheca, storage items, locks for cabinets and drawers in public locations.

The new IT consultant for Town is engaged and working through issues.

The Library Director has a list of over 100 issues, including new items added as of occupancy the week of July 26.

Landscape scope for the North and West sides has been priced by contractor; the contract is written and final execution TBD with Capital Campaign. HDC issues: the design team provided the recommended option to the Building Committee several months ago and is waiting for the project team to price.

Interim Library building has been vacated, and the Town Administrator’s office coordinated final work needed with the building owner.

Please see separate, updated cost report.

Please check out photos in albums on our Facebook Page at:

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