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Construction Report: July 2021

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The Construction Team met Tuesday July 6, 13, 20, and 27. The Library Planning and Building Committee met via Zoom July 12; minutes are online at

Beth and Andy met with Town Administrator Evan Brassard, William Blake, and Ray Mead, Select Board to discuss a complaint about the Childrens and Teen carpeting. Disability Commission discussed at their July 15 meeting; minutes are online at

The perimeter construction fence is being removed at end of July, and EV charging stations installed.

We are down to Punch List work for finishes, plumbing, and electrical. The Roofing inspection for warranty completed. BMS integration is completed with training to be scheduled; the flush out is ongoing.

A Temporary Certificate of Occupancy was issued on July 9.

The Friends of the Library held their Annual Meeting on site and raised $600 in donations and new memberships. They elected a new slate of officers, offered tours and honored two retirees.
Shelving installation has been ongoing; continuing to experience issues with metal shelving due to supply chain issues but the majority of the shelving is in place. Furniture is 95% complete; some minor issues (shipping damage) occurred and is being addressed.

The move began the week of 7/26 and continues through end of the month and into August; there does not appear to be enough shelving on site to accommodate the full collection of materials.

Final paving to follow some remedial work in the detention pond (to solve the standing water issue that has existed). The green roof installation has been pushed to later in August due to a rainy July and labor availability.

An accessibility review was done by the Town’s consultant and several items were found that need correction. The height of the stone countertops at sinks is typically too high; in one area of the interior ramp the slope exceeds the required maximum; the exterior sloped sidewalk to the Children’s Patio is too steep in a couple of locations. The plumbing items listed have already been corrected. A full report is attached.

A comment on Facebook about the rug in the Children’s Room sparked an investigation by the Disability Commission. During the selection process, it was noted the rug was “busy” by a staff member, and the Interiors subcommittee ultimately recommended a pattern that repeats over 4 large tiles, in shades of blue, green and yellow. The Disability Commission raised concern that children with autism or visual processing disorder, or adults with Alzheimer’s or dementia, may experience side effects from the rug (vertigo, dizziness, even seizure). The Town is conducting a search for peer-reviewed research on the negative effect of visual patterns, but in the meantime has advised we continue the installation of all furniture and shelving before evaluating the space as a whole. A second concern around paint colors (too bright, too dark) was brought to our attention in August with a recommendation from the disability commission to tone down the bright apple green and deep teal accent walls in the new Children’s Room.

IT installation by the Town’s consultant has been ongoing. Computers and monitors are being installed this week. Appliance purchases are complete; final delivery is this week. RFID panels are 90% complete, book sorting machine is in the final stages of testing.

The landscape scope for the North and West sides is being priced by the site contractor doing work on the Common. The design team is to provide recommended options to the Building Committee, with the project team to price.

A walkthrough at the temporary location to review the building with the owner occurred Thursday 7/29.

Please see separate, updated cost report.

Please check out photos in albums on our Facebook Page!

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