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Weekly Report: August 30-September 3, 2021

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Beth was a panelist on the topic of Leading with Compassion for a New England Library Association Advocacy Day. Beth worked on punch list items and led a tour for Tower One with Captain Michael Killen – the firefighters saw the Knox Box, alarm panel, sprinkler room, electrical rooms, and orientation for sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and AED locations. She met with architects, a building committee member, and gave a tour. She had phone meetings with Board of Library Trustees and MBLC. She did more clean up at St. Andrews – the container garden, book drop, a Xerox, and 4 boxes need to be moved still. The refinished antique tables were returned Thursday. The interior ramp was worked on Thursday. Phone testing was scheduled for next Friday. Some of the remaining furniture should be arriving and installed next week. We are still waiting for items to ship.

A part-time administrative assistant position has been posted.

Circulation staff spent the week further organizing our workroom, supplies, and our public printing area; figuring out kinks and practicing with Princh; and had a staff meeting.

In addition, Jane organized webinar and training session notes. Sandhya updated our website, made new signage for the drop box at the church and for the front door, adjusted shelves to accommodate newspapers, and updated Tixkeeper and public Museum Pass information.

Allie continued to work on our Mind, Body and Spirit display, which is looking quite beautiful! She has been figuring out the best materials to use, preparing the canvases, and affixing them on the display boards with lots of attention to detail and optimal placement for the overall design. She also worked on the newsletter, Princh testing and training, and creating signage for the Reading Room.

Ranjita took some vacation days, and jumped into the organizing tasks on return! She attended two webinars: Neurodiversity @ the Library – and Get Started with new Libby.

Taylor continues to work on shelf-reading the entire adult collection (an enormous job!), and moved some checked in material from the sorting room upstairs to shelve.

Susan worked on plans for off-desk assignments for Adult Circ staff; created tutorials for some ongoing Circ tasks; submitted a ticket for the AMH (out of service mode is timing out!) and the Self-Check (we think it’s confused by a new IP address); ordered supplies; oversaw the shelf-reading project, and delivered materials to Homebound patrons.
Heidi answered reference questions, questions about the Senior Book Club, Libby, library accounts, museum passes, holds (why can’t I place them?), and where they can return materials. She also updated library accounts and made new ones for patrons.
Donna, Heidi, Jane, Sandhya and Ranjita washed a LOT of Grafton Public Library china and put it away.

Allison met with Sarah and Heidi to continue planning for the winter reading program. Other time this week has been spent on additionally WRP planning and making the fall challenges on Beanstack live.

Sarah, Allison and Beth interviewed two candidates for the Children Library Assistant vacancy and Jen and Cyndi provided tours of the library building.

Sarah, Allison, and Heidi met to discuss the Library’s upcoming Winter Reading Program and Grafton Celebrates the Holidays.

Children’s Room staff began to plan fall programming. Summer Reading ends September 4!

Sarah met with a member of the Friends to discuss next summer’s reading program and fundraising opportunities. She also compiled SLP statistics for the ARIS report and the MLS end of summer library survey and continued to refurbish library carts.

Kristin began planning for fall book clubs, set up her work computer, and scheduled her weekly LEGO at Home social media posts.

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  1. Chuck Carter says:

    When will the library be open?

    • bethg says:

      Hi Chuck – if I knew, I’d be posting a date. Reopening hinges on many things absolutely outside of our control, but until we receive and install the remaining shelving, we can’t accept returns, circulate items, or open. And until we get training on various new systems, some of which are still in process of getting installed, we can’t open. -Beth Gallaway, library director

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