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Construction Report: May 2021

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This is to report on the status of the construction project which is partially funded with Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program funds through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and governed by the Regulations and Assurances in the application and the grant Agreement.

The Construction Team met Tuesday May 4, 11, 18, 25. The Library Planning and Building Committee met via Zoom May 3, and Interiors SubCommittee met via Zoom May 11 and May 19, 2021; minutes are online at

Planting beds on the East and South are ready to be planted. Paver sidewalks and patios are complete. Site lighting has been installed and is operational.

Final paint is 95% complete on the first floor. Wood trim and millwork will be completed in the next week. Carpet is complete, resilient flooring is 95% complete. Final paint is 98% complete on the second floor; carpet is complete except for 15% in the existing building. Resilient floor needs to be welded but is otherwise complete. Ceiling tiles are substantially completed on the second floor.
Glass handrails are in the building but not installed. Special shims are required for installation and are delaying the completion of this item. The existing woodwork in the upper level library has been refinished. Shelves were refinished and are back on site.

Elevator installation is complete. An access ladder has been installed in the Circulation Office. We are waiting on the telephone number to schedule inspection.

Asphalt shingles are complete except at the edge of the roof at the cornices. Lead flashing needs to be cleaned up as asphalt shingle work is completed. Cornice framing has been started and is 90% complete. Exterior caulking is ongoing. The roof still needs construction debris to be removed.

Column enclosures have been installed (4 of 6) at main entrance. Brackets at book return to be installed. Copper downspouts need to be connected to drains, new and existing building. Exterior light fixtures installed and operational.

Toilet room fixtures have been installed, tested and chlorinated. Ready for inspection.

Light fixtures are complete; programming completed, and user training done. Other finish items (thermostats, exit lights, etc) are installed and tested. The lightning protection system is being installed.

Startup and balancing of the HVAC equipment is completed, awaiting reports. The FA system is ready to be tested and inspected.

Incomplete work that will affect Substantial Completion date includes glass handrails, final HVAC in elevator room. CTA has not communicated a new Substantial Completion date; all of the building systems should be ready by June 11 but the glass handrails are a real concern. Shelving is scheduled to be installed by the end of June. Furniture is scheduled to come in at various dates across June and a couple of pieces are the first week in July. Our movers have committed to July 12 as the move start date.

We continue to have good adherence to standard safety practices on site. COVID-19 protocol has ended as of the State change in regulations at the end of May.

CTA has a running ‘Work to Complete’ list for subs, ahead of the design team’s punch list. Exterior and Second Floor punch lists received.

Computers and other devices have been received and are ready to be installed beginning June 7. EV charging stations are on site to be installed. Appliances are in short supply, but we are working on getting them. The Utility shed is expected in mid-June.

Landscape scope for the North and West sides is still behind; this work will not be able to be done until the Fall given the planting season. The green roof system has been ordered and a deposit sent; installation expected the week of July 5.

HDC provided final direction on the exterior sign, sign to be released for fabrication. The design team provided a recommended option to Building Committee, project team to price and present to HDC. The exterior light fixtures have been installed, with no further discussion.

Andy is working with the electrician who installed the temporary work to meet at the Interim Library to review what needs to be taken out. Additionally, we’ll review what other work will need to be (un)done as we exit that building in July. Beth has posted shelving to be available for free to another town on library email distribution lists.

Please see a separate, updated cost report. There is one change order, CO#20. These change order items are as follows:
080: COVID-19 cleaning costs from CTA
081: Door hardware revisions to coordinate actual needs at specific doors
082: Outstanding costs to frame the skylight by the framing contractor.
083: Early RFI for ships ladder landing to the mezzanine
084: Additional work related to hidden conditions at the existing roof/new roof intersection
086: Additional drywall work to cover beams at dormers not covered in drawings
087: Additional work to build a soffit in Teen Librarian’s room to cover exposed wiring/pipe.
088: Additional modules required by Fire Department
089: Cost to relocated wall outlets in conflict with cabinets
090: Additional electrical work needed to provide correct power to an AC unit for the elevator

Total for this Change Order is $31,159.63. These costs have been incorporated into the cost report attached. Please note that we had been carrying the potential cost of $38,273 for PCO075 which has since been deleted, so the overall anticipated project cost has actually gone down this month.

Please check out photos in albums on our Facebook Page at:

Prepared by Beth Gallaway, Library Director & Andy Deschenes, Clerk of the Works

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