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Weekly Report – Library – July 26-31

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Kits are still available for pickup at St. Andrews Wed & Thu 4-8 and Sat 10-2 this week and next.

Full time staff worked on their Wage and Classification surveys, due Friday.

Beth submitted Trustee meeting minutes to the Clerk, accepted job applications, began planning a Voter Registration event (Sept 28), began planning International Games Week (Nov 7-13) and NaNoWriMo (Nov 1-31), prepared meeting materials for Wednesday’s Trustee meeting, and updated the website with June and July reports. She corresponded with Capital Campaign, various vendors, a native plant interest group, and performers interested in the meeting space. Beth met with the Construction Team and Trustees Policy Subcommittee, worked with Bibliotheca on Sorting Rules, fielded meeting room questions and began scheduling some library and partner events on the new software, reviewed furniture with Tucker Interiors, revised the FY21 Encumbrance list, and began packing the Director’s office in preparation for the move.

Circulation staff reshelved material for the move, made sure all museum passes were returned, and all material belonging to other libraries was returned before our last delivery on 7/23. We contacted over 100 patrons with holds to pick up by phone or email to remind them of our closing date. We only had a few that were not picked up, and therefore had to be sent back. During the first few days of the current week we packed our desks and personal items, removed notices, etc., from walls, made sure all material was where it needed to be for the movers, and visited our new library to see the progress and begin planning our workflow. Staff have greeted the delivery at 35 Grafton Common daily. Bibliotheca is using some of those materials to test the new AMH system, which is close to being ready. We look forward to being trained to use all the new systems in our newly renovated space!

In addition to traditional reference work of answering reference questions, museum pass questions and program questions, Heidi helped people find items on the shelf, helped a patron find “quirky” fiction they might like (readers’ advisory), and updated people’s library accounts. Heidi facilitated online book discussions at the “Reads Well with Others” Book Group (we discussed 142 Ostriches by April Davila) as well as the Inspirational Book Group, where we discussed Second-chance cats: true stories of the cats we rescue and the cats who rescue us, edited by Callie Smith Grant. She also started to prepare the reference workspace for the move back to the Common.

Allison worked on packing up the Teen Room, made Summer Reading Program kits available Wed and Thu evenings and Sat at St. Andrews, worked on the Winter Reading Program, and sent out the August Teen email.

Sarah and Allison ran LEGO Mini Build – Ice Cream Truck.

Sarah, Jen, Mare, and Cyndi packed the Children’s Room in preparation for the upcoming move.

Sarah, Jen, Cyndi, and Mare went to the new library and began to map out where various Children’s Room supplies will be stored and began to think about organizational strategies.

Sarah and Kristin watched the pre-recorded Reader’s Advisory: Fantasy staff training. Cyndi started watching the Reader’s Advisory: Romance staff training. Beth attended a training on Gift Policies (part 2 of 2).

Sarah picked up old library carts and brought them home to repaint.
Allie began planning the first art display in the new library and worked on the August newsletter.

Shelving at the new location is installed in the adult area and the movers will be on site at St. Andrews Thursday to begin relocation!

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Director’s Report: June 2021

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The Grafton Public Library reopened to the public after over a year of curbside-only, 28 hours per week. We were open 25 days, 118 hours, and had 2,208 visitors, an average of 88 per day.

July StatsDirector Beth Gallaway attended Town Meeting (the FY22 budget passed), posted vacant positions, worked on policy updates, managed reopening and relocation logistics, closed out the fiscal year, and compiled FY21 statistics. Additional work included program planning, setting up training sessions for staff on new systems, and updating procedures. Beth also facilitated a Zoom author visit with Pam Hollander, editor of a book of essays about Generation X titled: Gen X at Middle Age in Popular Culture (Generation X: Studies in Culture, Demographics, and Media Representation). The talk was not recorded, but visit Pinterest for a list of related resources.

Children’s Services
We were so happy to see familiar (masked) faces and we were shocked by how much our young patrons have grown since we last saw them!

Our Summer programming kicked off with many grab-and-go activities for children, teens, and adults. Kits are distributed evenly throughout the week, so If you miss something you have your eye on, please check back another day. We also have a selection of live Zoom programming coming up, so be sure to check out the event calendar and register for a free Beanstack account so you don’t miss anything.

June also brought some very hungry caterpillars to the library! We have already released one of our butterfly friends out into the wild, but we have two more chrysalides that we are caring for. Be sure to say hi and check on their progress next time you stop by.

Cyndi prepared and filmed the Ask Me Anything Series with Allison which aired on GCTV. They were able to film 4 segments. They were about an animal bakery, animal tracking, bee keeping and a K-9 officer. Watch on demand on GCTV.

The Children’s Room partnered with the Grafton Land Trust on a Mind and Body project that launched in June. Sarah created 13 graphics, one for each week June – August, scheduled to post to social media on Wednesday each week. The text of each post includes a link to the Grafton Land Trust trail maps page, the Grafton Public Library, and a link to a spotlighted book in the Library’s catalog. The content is cross-posted to the Land Trust’s Facebook page. We had our final preschool outreach visits to the school in early June. We wish all of our preschool friends who are graduating and moving up to kindergarten the best of luck!

Teen Services
Beth and Teen Librarian Allison Cusher took a meeting with Sean Padgett to discuss a potential partnership serving at risk tweens and teens. Allison kept summer reading running smoothly, managing Beanstack, EventKeeper, Social Media, and kit assembly and distribution as well as programs for teens and tweens.

Adult Services
Crescent Manor Bookwagon had fourteen participants with 38 checkouts, and six requests. We delivered nine items to four Home Delivery recipients.

There were 78 museum pass reservations, 60 were picked up and there were 16 no-shows. Passes continue to be a complicated juggling act of checking availability with both the museum and the library, entering the correct code for the correct day, and picking up the pass. Thanks to Sandhya for keeping it all straight!

Two adult volunteers put in a total of 36 hours. We received 8 new volunteer applications.

We issued 51 new library cards, and corrected 5 accounts for Grafton patrons after running the “Patrons with wrong home library” report, which we are now running monthly.

We featured adult fiction and non-fiction titles in our June displays, themed Pride and Juneteenth.

Cyndi notarized five documents.

Heidi promoted the Tails and Tales Summer Reading Program with a variety of creative costuming and online book discussions.

Technical Services
541 items were added in June.

Staff Update
Beth attended a webinar on Gift Acceptance policies, and a number of other programs and sessions during the American Library Association’s Annual conference, held online.
Staff attended an Introduction to RFID Gates and staffConnect Gate software on June 16.

Sarah Banister attended Discovery Museum Speaker Series “Putting Books to Work – Addressing Bias in Children’s Literature
For a complete list of FY21 staff development, please visit

Yes, we can replace your library card.
Yes, we can place a hold for you even though you’re a Millbury patron.
Yes, we’re open!
Yes, someone will be available to put your hold out at curbside after 2pm. (patrons appreciated our continued flexibility.

NO Log
No, we haven’t got Southwick’s Zoo passes this year. -HF
No, we aren’t doing passports right now. HF/CZ
No, we don’t have kits for LEGO flowers. They are just a suggested build for at home. We will have LEGO kits this summer. AC

Patron Comments
6/29 “What’s up with the part time reference person posting I saw? I hope you aren’t leaving–I think you are an asset to the library.” -HF
6/29 “Thank you so much for putting that bag of books together for me. It was a lifesaver while I recovered from my surgery. And some of the books you included introduced me to authors I hadn’t read before. Now I am reading more of their books. I really appreciate it.” HF
6/26 “We spent so much money on books while you were closed (not that it isn’t a good thing to spend money on) but we’re glad you are back open.” -HF
6/26 “I must have spent $400 while you are closed. Now what do I do with all the paperbacks?” -HF
6/26 “I’m just so glad to be back at the library!” -HF
6/23 “I just want to say first, thank you for all you’ve done to help us” (during the pandemic). -HF
6/24 “You’re a rock star!” (for helping with a circulation issue). -CZ
6/21 “Are you a dinosaur? You’ve brightened my day already.” -HF
6/17 “You guys are the best. I don’t even live in town and I come here because you are the friendliest librarians.” -HF
6/15 “Library has been great during the pandemic with reserves and activity bags for kids. Much appreciated!”
6/11 “Sarah thank you so so much for continuing with storytime during such a strange year of school. I appreciate your flexibility through it all! Have an awesome summer! Let’s plan to schedule our monthly visits again for next year!”
6/8 Patron teared up a bit when looking for books with her son. “We’re so happy you’re back. It’s been such a terrible year. We’re so excited for the new place.”
6/1 “We’re so happy you’re back!”
6/1 “This (visiting the library) is a great way to socialize them. My daughter is 2 ½, she’s not used to the outside world at all. She’s never been to storytime. We can’t wait until it starts up again at the new library.”

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Gallaway

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Weekly Report, July 19-23

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Two families were very disappointed when kits that were set aside on the porch with their families’ names on them were taken by someone else. Please do not take items that are not designated for you! We clearly mark on our calendar and on the bags which programs require advance sign up and which ones are free for all. In the future, kits for registered patrons will be stored on the holds shelf.

Please continue to hold donations until Monday August 23. Once the shelving is installed in the Friends storage closet at the new library, we can resume accepting gently used materials in salable condition for future book sales.

The Grafton Public Library will close to the public at close of business Saturday July 24 at 2pm. KITS will still be available next week at 53 N. Main Street in N. Grafton Wed/Thu from 4-8pm and Sat from 10-2pm. No items are due until August 23 – if we are able to work around our moving schedule and open the lobby at 35 Grafton Common for pickup of kits, museum passes and holds after Aug 2, we will – watch our website and social media for details. In the meantime, no library materials are due until August 23, no fines will be charged, and the Grafton Public Library card is good at a number of local libraries – visit for a complete list of members.

A date has been set for the Library’s Grand Reopening, with a ribbon cutting at 11am Friday October 1, and an event for families in the morning and an evening celebration for adults on Saturday October 2.

Beth worked on the June Trustees report and other documents for next week’s Board of Library Trustees meeting, began booking fall programs, tested meeting room software, edited policies and meet with Town Counsel to review edits, reviewed job applications, worked on getting new hotspots to circulate through an MBLC program funded by the Emergency Connectivity Fund.

Impact came to inspect fire extinguishers at the temporary location, and American Alarm came to repair an issue with communication to Zone 9 that was not an emergency, but resulted in several middle of the night alert calls to designated staff.

Sarah, Kristin, Allison and Beth worked on creating book and resource lists featuring books with Neurodivergent & Disabled Characters for children, teens and adults in celebration of Disability Pride Month, celebrated in July. Check out the lists at

Multiple staff read through draft policies and provided feedback. Fulltime staff worked on their position classification questionnaires.

Allie created “now available” poster for Library of Things; the Library of Things now contains a metal detector, an acoustic pickup for your ukulele or guitar, and more! Board games went on display near to holds shelf to encourage checkout.

Susan did a lot of logistics around planning for the move and closure. Staff have started packing!

Sarah and Beth worked on collection development and placed book orders through Ingram, our book jobber.

Sarah prepped for this week’s LEGO Mini Build and contacted registrants and then ran the live zoom LEGO Mini Build program, Frog Prince, with Allison.

Cyndi has been working on packing up the craft supply closet in preparation for the move back to the common, organizing SLP grab and go craft kits, and notarized a number of documents for patrons.

Jen has been working on the CR newsletter and a storytime survey; Allie has been working on the newsletter for adults.

Sarah attended Reimagining School Readiness, hosted by Massachusetts Library System. Beth attended an Asureforce training and an Emergency Connectivity Fund training.

Jen and Cyndi have been caring for the CR monarch butterflies – two more hatched!

CR staff attended an all-staff meeting on Wednesday.

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We’re Relocating! Library CLOSED to Public

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Image: Hot Air Balloon moving a building. Text reads: the Grafton Public Library is RELOCATING! New address as of July 26, 2021: 35 Grafton Common, Grafton MA 01519. The Library will remain CLOSED to the Public until relocation is complete.The Library renovation is nearly complete and the Library will CLOSE at 2pm Saturday July 24 and remain CLOSED until relocation is complete.

The Book Drop is CLOSED! Please hold all materials. No items are due, no fines will be charged. We will announce when the Automated Materials Handler (AMH) at 35 Grafton Common is available for returns in August.

PLEASE DO NOT ENTER 53 N. MAIN STREET or 35 GRAFTON COMMON DURING THE MOVE, which takes place weekdays 9-4 over the last week of July and first two weeks of August.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Director’s Report: May 2021

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The Director worked on job descriptions for approved new positions (pending Town Meeting Approval) and updated/drafted many Library policies for Trustee review to ensure they will apply to the new facility. Policy Committee met to discuss Minimum Staffing and Meeting Room policies in particular. Building Committee met to approve bills. Interiors Committee met to complete the signage package, roof rail, locking staircase gate, and window films. The Board of Library Trustees voted to reopen to the public for limited browsing during the month of June! We stopped quarantining, ended curbside, and spent a lot of time discussing logistics and scheduling for reopening Tue June 1: Mon/Tue 10am-2pm, Wed/Thu 2-8pm, Fri/Sat 10am-2pm.The Director toured the building with MBLC and with a donor.

Our AMH has got through the Suez Canal and is waited to pass through customs, with installation at the new library scheduled for week of June 7. Staff met with a Bibliotheca representative to go through the logistics of the sorting machine. We started the deaccession project – items that will not be coming to the renovated and expanded library will be first offered to Town departments for re-homing, and then go to public auction.

Of note, RB Digital content has been acquired by Overdrive, so access to ArtistWorks is now via Libby, and we have added IndieFlix (streaming independent film), Qello (streaming video of on-demand concerts) and The Great Courses (streaming audio lectures from renowned academics). This new content will be available beginning next week under an EXTRAS feature in the Libby App – download at

Children’s Services
Staff member Kristin Plaikas met with Andy Deschenes and Bob DeToma to record a tour of the renovated and expanded library, to be included in a virtual field trip for Grade 3 at MSES and NSES as part of the annual Grafton History Day program. The video should be available soon on demand:

Young Scientists, a grant program sponsored by the YFCP and hosted by the Grafton Library concluded for the year this May. The spring session saw a fantastic turn out and we were happy to end the program on a high note. A caregiver emailed me to let me know her son LOVED the program and sent us photos of him participating in class:

We continued our outreach visits to the local GPS preschools with six preschool classes from NGES and three preschool classes from SGES. We read books to tie into their curriculum’s theme of farm animals, a contrast from last month’s jungle animal theme.

May brought an end to the library’s virtual storytime at home series. Per publisher permissions, all videos have been removed from YouTube. Preschool at Home had 7 total views and Toddler Time at home had 10 total views.

Sarah completed social media graphics for the upcoming GPL/GLT mind and body partnership, created a social media posting schedule, and wrote the social media text template that will be used in all posts. We are excited for this partnership, which promotes exercising mind and body, with hiking and nature books!

The majority of time in the CR this month has been focusing on the upcoming Library Summer Program, Tails and Tales, and prepping kits for virtual summer programming.

Book clubs continued this month, the children are really enjoying reading graphic novels together.

Looking ahead to June, we have an amazing lineup for DIY Kit and online programming. Visit for more information and the sign up – registration begins June 1.

Teen Services
May was all about summer reading again. Allison placed book orders, created individual graphics for each summer reading program badge and developed activities to complete each badge, created samples and felt instructions for one activity, and helped plan a co-presentation on Summer Reading for Library staff, then oversaw compiling of dozens of kits and activity packets.

Adult Services
We had 479 curbside pickups in May. During the last 2 weeks of May we put out 24 adult wind-chime kits, and finished collecting Mind, Body and Spirit canvases.

Our BookWagon at Crescent Manor resumed Thursday, May 13! We had 12 participants with 28 checkouts and 10 requests. We delivered 31 items to 7 Home Delivery patrons.

Seven Home Delivery recipients checked out 46 items. We issued 8 new library cards, and corrected 4 accounts for Grafton patrons after running the “Patrons with wrong home library” report, which we are now running monthly.

There were 42 museum pass reservations, 40 were picked up and there were 2 no-shows. We added the Mass Audubon Society pass; information can be found at Sandhya has been meticulously adjusting museum pass procedures almost on a daily basis as museums revise their COVID restrictions. It’s still a cumbersome process. Patrons need to get the code from us when they reserve the pass, then contact the museum (some require a phone call, some can be handled online) to make a reservation at the museum, and then call us back to reschedule the pass if they were unable to make a reservation at the museum.

Two adult volunteers put in a total of 31 hours. Our two regular adult volunteers are fully vaccinated. We received two new volunteer applications. We anticipate welcoming teen and additional adult volunteers in the fall, and plan to offer a group training. One volunteer pulled approximately 150 duplicate adult fiction books to donate to The Friends Book Sale. The Friends Book Sale at Mill Village Park was a great success. Thank you to our Friends for a fantastic event, and to Quite Fetching, Anzio’s, Sarah Bejer, the Capital Campaign, and adult and youth volunteers for their help. Sales exceeded expectations.

Technical Services
204 items were added in May.

Staff Update
Congratulations to Cyndi Zarriello who achieved her Paralibrarian II Certification from MLA. Sarah attended the Blackstone Valley Libraries youth services librarian’s meeting. Staff participated in the following Professional Development Opportunities in April
• Princh training
• 2021 MA Library Association Conference, with a focus on paralibraianship.
• Basic Cataloging for New Employees (DBT)
• Ordering on the Grid (DBT)
• On-line Passport Acceptance Agent Training (EL)
• Allergen Awareness Certification (JB)
For a complete list of FY21 staff development, please visit

Yes, we are reopening June 1.

NO Log
No, there are no more canvases for the mindful art project (we gave away 100).

Patron Comments
5/27 “First of all, I want to say thank you. It has been so wonderful to have things to watch during the pandemic. I really appreciate all that you’ve been doing.” -HF
5/27 “Thanks for this great service.” (The GPL Select – Your Library Concierge form). -HF
5/6 “All the work you are doing is wonderful” (no-contact, curbside pickup). -SL

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Gallaway

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Construction Report: May 2021

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This is to report on the status of the construction project which is partially funded with Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program funds through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and governed by the Regulations and Assurances in the application and the grant Agreement.

The Construction Team met Tuesday May 4, 11, 18, 25. The Library Planning and Building Committee met via Zoom May 3, and Interiors SubCommittee met via Zoom May 11 and May 19, 2021; minutes are online at

Planting beds on the East and South are ready to be planted. Paver sidewalks and patios are complete. Site lighting has been installed and is operational.

Final paint is 95% complete on the first floor. Wood trim and millwork will be completed in the next week. Carpet is complete, resilient flooring is 95% complete. Final paint is 98% complete on the second floor; carpet is complete except for 15% in the existing building. Resilient floor needs to be welded but is otherwise complete. Ceiling tiles are substantially completed on the second floor.
Glass handrails are in the building but not installed. Special shims are required for installation and are delaying the completion of this item. The existing woodwork in the upper level library has been refinished. Shelves were refinished and are back on site.

Elevator installation is complete. An access ladder has been installed in the Circulation Office. We are waiting on the telephone number to schedule inspection.

Asphalt shingles are complete except at the edge of the roof at the cornices. Lead flashing needs to be cleaned up as asphalt shingle work is completed. Cornice framing has been started and is 90% complete. Exterior caulking is ongoing. The roof still needs construction debris to be removed.

Column enclosures have been installed (4 of 6) at main entrance. Brackets at book return to be installed. Copper downspouts need to be connected to drains, new and existing building. Exterior light fixtures installed and operational.

Toilet room fixtures have been installed, tested and chlorinated. Ready for inspection.

Light fixtures are complete; programming completed, and user training done. Other finish items (thermostats, exit lights, etc) are installed and tested. The lightning protection system is being installed.

Startup and balancing of the HVAC equipment is completed, awaiting reports. The FA system is ready to be tested and inspected.

Incomplete work that will affect Substantial Completion date includes glass handrails, final HVAC in elevator room. CTA has not communicated a new Substantial Completion date; all of the building systems should be ready by June 11 but the glass handrails are a real concern. Shelving is scheduled to be installed by the end of June. Furniture is scheduled to come in at various dates across June and a couple of pieces are the first week in July. Our movers have committed to July 12 as the move start date.

We continue to have good adherence to standard safety practices on site. COVID-19 protocol has ended as of the State change in regulations at the end of May.

CTA has a running ‘Work to Complete’ list for subs, ahead of the design team’s punch list. Exterior and Second Floor punch lists received.

Computers and other devices have been received and are ready to be installed beginning June 7. EV charging stations are on site to be installed. Appliances are in short supply, but we are working on getting them. The Utility shed is expected in mid-June.

Landscape scope for the North and West sides is still behind; this work will not be able to be done until the Fall given the planting season. The green roof system has been ordered and a deposit sent; installation expected the week of July 5.

HDC provided final direction on the exterior sign, sign to be released for fabrication. The design team provided a recommended option to Building Committee, project team to price and present to HDC. The exterior light fixtures have been installed, with no further discussion.

Andy is working with the electrician who installed the temporary work to meet at the Interim Library to review what needs to be taken out. Additionally, we’ll review what other work will need to be (un)done as we exit that building in July. Beth has posted shelving to be available for free to another town on library email distribution lists.

Please see a separate, updated cost report. There is one change order, CO#20. These change order items are as follows:
080: COVID-19 cleaning costs from CTA
081: Door hardware revisions to coordinate actual needs at specific doors
082: Outstanding costs to frame the skylight by the framing contractor.
083: Early RFI for ships ladder landing to the mezzanine
084: Additional work related to hidden conditions at the existing roof/new roof intersection
086: Additional drywall work to cover beams at dormers not covered in drawings
087: Additional work to build a soffit in Teen Librarian’s room to cover exposed wiring/pipe.
088: Additional modules required by Fire Department
089: Cost to relocated wall outlets in conflict with cabinets
090: Additional electrical work needed to provide correct power to an AC unit for the elevator

Total for this Change Order is $31,159.63. These costs have been incorporated into the cost report attached. Please note that we had been carrying the potential cost of $38,273 for PCO075 which has since been deleted, so the overall anticipated project cost has actually gone down this month.

Please check out photos in albums on our Facebook Page at:

Prepared by Beth Gallaway, Library Director & Andy Deschenes, Clerk of the Works

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Weekly Report, July 12-16

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Staff attended a Reader’s Advisory training on the Fantasy genre and an EventKeeper Room Reservation training. Sarah attended School Library Journal’s Picture Book Palooza training. Beth received training in the Library HVAC system.

Various staff, Friends and Trustees attended the Friends Annual Meeting on Sunday July 11.

We delivered 13 items to 4 patrons via Home Delivery service.

We hosted several virtual programs. Only one person attended a session hosted by several area libraries with Joel Christian Gill, but over a dozen attended a program with a cat behaviorist.

Beth attended many, many construction and moving logistics related meetings, reviewed job applications, and reviewed the revised library policies with Town Counsel.

Eileen worked on encumbrances and purchase orders.

Donna cataloged the many new books arriving.

Sandhya updated museum pass information and called people who may have left w/o checking out their holds. NOTE: Items on hold, unlike curbside, are NOT checked out!

Susan worked on purchasing new fiction, audiobooks and DVDs; managing lobby coverage; planning delivery procedures during closure.

Allie worked on NYT bestseller list updates and the Library newsletter, while Jen worked on the Children’s Room newsletter

Sarah hosted a fox paint night for tweens; Sarah and Allison ran a LEGO mini build cat & dog program.

Sarah, Sandhya, and Jen helped to care for the Library’s caterpillars and released a butterfly.

Cyndi worked on the staff schedule and reviewed draft policies.
Children’s Room staff prepared make and take kits for pick up and put them out for patrons.

Allison worked on planning the Winter Reading Program (Disney themed!) and an interim Fall challenge on Beanstack.

Staff met on several occasions in small groups at the new library to begin planning workflow and operations back at 35 Grafton Common.

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Weekly Report, July 5-9

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We received our (temporary) Certificate of Occupancy on Thursday July 8, 2021! Thanks to all who helped on our project. We are waiting on some more furniture deliveries, and arrival and installation of shelving. Move date is still scheduled for Monday July 26, with a three-week closure to relocate.

Item due dates will automatically renew through August 15, no fines will be charged, and the Library is scheduled to reopen Monday August 23 at 10am at 35 Grafton Common. Please return materials through the AMH August 15-22 so we can practice using the new system!

We prepped for and marketed the Friends Annual Meeting, set for Sunday July 11 at 4pm in the Newly renovated building at 35 Grafton Common. Attendance is limited to Friends members, but rates are affordable and we will allow membership purchase at the door. Members will vote on a new slate of officers, but also get a sneak peek of the new building.

The Library was closed July 3-5 in observance of Independence Day. We are averaging 100 visitors daily.

We delivered nine items to four Home Delivery Patrons and circulated six museum passes.

Summer reading continues – it’s not too late to sign up and get a Davis Farmland pass for your child! Visit for details. Numerous kits to go were available on the porch daily.

A dozen staff attended an Eventkeeper Room Reservation training via Zoom. The Policy committee is reviewing the Meeting Room and Facility Rental policies. We are likely to open in-person reservations in mid-August when we reopen to the public, and advance bookings in September.

We received three new volunteer applications – apply online at

We received five job applications. Apply online at

After receiving results from the Annual Fire Inspection for St. Andrews, we made some recommended changes to make the building safer.

The Library Director met with a resident interested in workshops, lectures and trainings on native plantings, and is working on partnerships with the Grafton Garden Club, and the Grafton land trust. This fulfills part of our LEED requirement for public training.

Beth also worked on fiscal year end payroll and new fiscal year budget and POs, policy, website and social media updates, the May construction report, meeting minutes, and the ARIS report for FY21.

We received several requests from Silver, Gold and Eagle Scout candidates and are very committed to supporting Scouting in Grafton! Get in touch, we will find a way to facilitate your project.

Children’s Librarian Sarah cared for the library’s monarch butterflies, chrysalis, and caterpillars, prepped for the upcoming LEGO Build and brought in equipment from home to support an overhead live view of the mini build program. She also had outreach communication with Willard House and discussed possible children’s program presenters

Kristin prepped for book club for grades 3-5 and hosted a discussion of A Possibility of Whales.

Teen Librarian Allison continued to wrap up some kits and social media for summer reading and began brainstorming ideas for a Disney-themed winter reading program.

All CR staff attended a staff meeting/brainstorming session in the newly renovated library. Adult circ staff also visited the new library and began thinking about our workflow

Cyndi and Sarah began going through and packing items from the craft and supply closet in preparation for the upcoming move.

Jen worked on CR social media and made signs to advertise SLP programs that still have room for signups. Next Thursday we will be having a Paint Night program for grades 3-5. Registration is required, but there are still some spots left!

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