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Construction Report, April 2021

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The Construction Team met Tuesday April 6, 13, 20 & 27. The Library Planning and Building Committee met via Zoom April 5 and April 26, and Interiors SubCommittee met via Zoom April 14, 2021; minutes are online at

The site contractor has remobilized. Planting beds adjacent to the building have been excavated and 2’ of loam placed. Sidewalks and patios were prepped for finish; Children’s and Community patios have had pavers installed. The remainder of granite curbs have been installed. The utility shed has been ordered.

Final paint remains to be completed on the first floor and some areas on the second floor. Millwork is ongoing on the first floor. Millwork is 90% complete. Ceiling tiles are substantially completed on the second floor. Ceramic wall tile in toilet rooms is complete. Floor tile is ongoing at the main lobby and stairs and will be complete in the next week. VCT is complete. Resilient flooring has not yet started. The carpet installation is complete on the second floor except for the two reading rooms.

The elevator installation is complete. Decision reached about the louver is that it is NOT required in the elevator shaft. Access panel and ladder still to be installed. Edge trim at flat roofs is complete. Roof detail at the existing building is complete. Cornices still have not been started, asphalt shingles on hold until this work is completed. Exterior caulking is still to be completed. PVC trim and railings ove the new Main Entrance installed, still to be painted. Architects have created an exterior punch list. Copper gutters and downspouts have been 80% installed.

Toilet room fixtures are being installed. Light fixtures are substantially completed and on. Other finish items (thermostats, exit lights, etc) are installed, testing is ongoing. Ceiling fans were purchased and installed in the Historic Reading Room. Startup of some equipment has begun. Fire alarm devices are being installed. Roofing and cornice work still remains behind compared to the project schedule but is not affecting the critical path.

The interiors subcommittee discussed color selection for the acoustical tree in the Children’s Room remain; the column enclosure is maple wood slats to support acoustical panels at various heights that create the tree canopy. We want samples to compare in the field to the carpeting and accent wall. We discussed selection of film for the glass panels in the Children’s Room – separating the CR from the corridor and Teen/Tween space; and for the windows in the Local History Room and dimensional lettering and hanging signs.

Overall, the Substantial Completion date remains June 8th, 2021. Shelving is scheduled to ship June 8th (received on site week of June 14) and requires approximately 2 weeks to install. No date on furniture delivery yet. Our movers have committed to July 12th as the move start date. They were not available prior to that date.

There has been good adherence to standard safety practices on site. A weekly safety review by an independent consultant has been good in identifying issues that need constant attention. Covid-19 protocol is in place and there has been good compliance. CTA has a laborer on site daily to do cleaning of high-touch surfaces.

CTA has a running ‘Work to Complete’ list for subs, ahead of the design team’s punch list. The design team did a thorough above ceiling review on the second floor prior to ceiling tiles being installed. The team continues to work well to identify and resolve issues that have recently come up – carpet, millwork, stair, sitework –all normal items.

Orders for both furniture and shelving have been placed. Purchase orders have been written for appliances, a utility shed and IT equipment and infrastructure. RFID panels are on site.

The Landscape additional scope is moving slowly on the Design side of things. The team needs to discuss further but I think we’re going to have to look at potentially splitting some more of this work out from the CTA project and do it privately in the Fall (along with the stone walls). There are some benefits to that, including lower cost and being able to pick the landscaper ourselves. We’ll come up with a plan in the next couple of weeks and will share it with this group.

We currently have three issues in front of the HDC:
Site sign: HDC asked for an alternate color scheme to review.
Roof screen: HDC asked for a couple of options from the design team.
Exterior light fixtures. These have been (reluctantly) approved as they were purchased by the subcontractor prior to review.

Andy has been working with the electrician who installed the temporary work to meet at the Interim Library to review what needs to be taken out. Beth is working on a deaccession list. Additionally, we’ll review what other work will need to be (un)done as we exit that building in July.

We had one change order, totalling $41,185.43. These costs have been incorporated into the cost report attached. These change order items are as follow:
-070: Design changes that affected millwork and door frames
-071: Changed two fire extinguishers to be in cabinets rather than hung on the wall.
-073: Additional ceiling trim needed due to coordination conflicts
-074: HVAC piping work resulting from an RFI from a subcontractor.
-076: Demo concrete sidewalk in front of existing building and prep for future brick patio (to be funded by donor money. Efficient to do now with site contractor on site with equipment)
-077: Plaster repair at existing interior building. Areas needing repair had been hidden by drapes.
-079: Some AV products specified were discontinued, new models were slightly more expensive.

Please see a separate, updated cost report. Of note, we incorporated updated furniture and shelving costs and Incorporated additional services for Design Team, and Capital Funding/Trustees funding included in the summary Schedule.

Please check out photos in albums on our Facebook Page at:

Prepared by Beth Gallaway, Library Director & Andy Deschenes, Clerk of the Works

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