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March 2021 Construction Report

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The Library Planning and Building Committee met via Zoom March 1, and 22, 2021; minutes are online at

The Library Planning and Building Committee met via Zoom March 11 and 17, 2021; minutes are online at

Construction trailers have been removed from the site! Site contractor to remobilize 4/5/21.

Painting is 80% complete (including ceilings) on the first floor, 50% of wood doors hung. Painting is 90% complete on the second floor, 90% of wood doors hung. The ceiling grid is 90% complete on the first floor, and complete on the second floor. Ceiling tiles at fixtures only. Ceramic wall tile in toilet rooms on the second floor is complete. VCT is 25% complete.

Main entry canopy carpentry and glazing is complete except for painting. Door hardware remains to be completed. Cab construction for the elevator is nearly complete.

Edge trim at flat roofs is 90% complete. Roof detail at existing building is 90% complete. Cornices have not been started, but detail has been worked out. All exterior windows have been installed, along with sunshades on South side. PVC trim and siding is complete, including the main entrance canopy PVC. South side has been painted (siding and trim). North side siding paint is complete, trim paint is 60%. Exterior plumbing wall devices installed. Sinks received on site but not yet installed. Water heater is installed. Permanent power is on. Second Floor light fixtures are 80% installed. First Floor light fixtures have been laid out and piping is complete.

HVAC rooftop piping and installation is complete. Mechanical piping is complete and tested. ATC installation is at 80% Fire Protection heads at vestibule and exterior have been installed. Fire Department preliminary walkthrough completed.

See separate, updated cost report. which incorporates furniture and shelving costs (The Capital Campaign will fund the overage for furniture & shelving) and additional services for the Design Team.
Capital Funding/Trustees funding nearing agreement

See separate, updated schedule. Roofing remains behind compared to the project schedule but is not affecting the critical path. Overall the Substantial Completion date remains June 8th, 2021. Shelving order was finalized and placed; we’re waiting to hear on delivery and installation schedule which will drive the move date.

There has been good adherence to standard safety practices on site. The weekly safety review by an independent consultant has been helpful in identifying issues that need constant attention. Covid-19 protocol is in place and there has been good compliance. CTA has a laborer on site daily to do cleaning of high-touch surfaces.

The Design team has been on site to review progress; Ken and Ron were on site 2/25/21 to develop a punch list of the exterior of the building. CTA has a running ‘Work To Complete’ list that should be the basis for future punch lists.

The Interiors Subcommittee made their final recommendations to the LPBC which were accepted at the March 22, 2021 meeting. Orders for both furniture and shelving have been placed. External funding is being committed to cover the increases due to inflation and scope decisions. PO’s have been written for RFID panels, book sorting system, self-check stations and the EV charging station equipment. A PO for the majority of appliances is anticipated in early April along with the IT scope once finalized.

The Landscape additional scope has been priced, reviewed several times and is being refined further. The Landscape Architect will be providing a proposal for the remaining fees needed to finish the design and create documentation for construction. We currently have three issues in front of the HDC:

Site sign (to be submitted week of 4/5)
Roof screen options. In the opinion of the project team… there is no historically appropriate precedent for roof screening and there is a real concern that any type of screen is going to be worse than the current view. The HDC’s most recent suggestion was for a 4’ high partial screen to divert attention from the HVAC units. The project team’s position is to leave the condition as-is for the moment.
Exterior light fixtures. There has been a mix of opinions from the HDC members on these fixtures. The project has purchased them and coordinated the exterior details and electrical requirements. With a very narrow elevation profile it is the opinion of the project team that these fixtures will have a minimal visual impact and are appropriate for a new building.

Please check out photos in albums on our Facebook Page.

Prepared by Beth Gallaway, Library Director & Andy Deschenes, Clerk of the Works

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  1. Michael Nairn says:

    Crescent Manor Assisted Care residents are wondering when the Library will be re-opening.

    • bethg says:

      We are opening in the temporary quarters Tue June 1 with limited hours – the first hour each day is reserved for high-risk populations. Mon/Tue/Fri/Sat 10am-2pm and Wed/Thu 2-8pm through July 2, then closed to relocate and set up during July, then opening again sometime in August at 35 Grafton Common!

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