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Director’s Report – March 2021

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The Director worked on the FY22 budget, with additional meetings and revisions. Staff and library construction team continued to meet weekly. The Building Committee approved the Interiors subcommittee quotes for loose furniture and shelving. The AMH was ordered for the new building. The Policy subcommittee met to discuss the new Meeting Room Policy – thanks to Marty for an excellent draft document. Beth planned several online DIY poetry month activities for April.

Children’s Services
This March we offered an egg coloring/decorating contest for all ages. Entries will be voted on in April.

New spring themed storytime videos were uploaded in March and will be available through the end of May.

This month’s Take and Make kits included a reading of Bartholomew and the Oobleck with a take home Oobleck making kit, a pop-up rainbow card making kit, a bug bookmark making kit, and a hiking scavenger hunt. 112 kits were distributed this month.

We continued with our monthly preschool outreach into the NGES and SGES classrooms via zoom. This month we read books about weather and spring to tie into the preschool curriculum.

Bookworms Book Club had 3 friends in grades 1&2 join to discuss Maybe Something Beautiful by F. Isabel Campoy and Theresa Howell. 6 friends in grades 3-5 got together to discuss Smile by Raina Telgemeier.

Children’s room staff continue to be busy filling patron holds, pulling books for patron requests, creating make and take kits, and planning for the upcoming Summer Library Program! There is a full complement of activities for April Vacation Week, and although back to full time school is on the horizon, we will continue to offer the Friday kits. We have already planned out through May and people seem to enjoy them. We won’t provide any kits in June, but the SLP begings June 1, so there will be things for families to do.

ATA – 31 views
Preschool Videos – 16 views
Toddler Time Videos – 5 views

Teen Services

In March we had our first new T.A.G. (Teen Advisory Group) meeting via zoom. We had 7 teens attend. Allison spent most of the session updating them on the teen room design of the renovated library. They gave feedback on some furniture and color choices that Allison was able to pass on to the Furniture Committee.

Nearly all of Allison’s time and energy right now is being used to plan an awesome, all-virtual summer library program. Thank you Allison!

Adult Services
In the month of March we put out approximately 850 bags. Our BookWagon at Crescent Manor is still suspended due to a Covid outbreak. We have been told we will be able to resume once Crescent Manor has gotten clearance.
We added a new Home Delivery recipient, bringing the current total to 8. In the month of March we delivered 55 items to these patrons.
We “acquired” 5 Grafton patrons after running the “Patrons with wrong home library report” (We fixed 269 inaccurate records last month, from a report that spanned a long period of time. We are now running the report monthly)
Susan Leto has been working on other ways of reporting Library use and ran a report based on unique users by barcode. As of March 18:
01519: 3,966
01536: 3,599
01560: 2,291
Total: 9,856
We completed the semi-annual Delivery Survey: we received 27 bins, and sent out 22 bins with a total of 629 items.

Museum passes are beginning to be used more! Last month we had 27 reservations with 16 pickups and in January we only had 3 reservations with 2 pickups. There were 23 museum pass reservations made, 22 were picked up and there was 1 no-show in March. We made the decision not to purchase Southwick Zoo tickets this year due to their price increase. We continue to update the Museum Pass chart and our website to reflect the changing statuses of the museums we have passes for – thank you to Sandhya Shenoy who has taken this on!

We put out 20 D.I.Y. lavender journaling kits for adults.

Our fiction Spotlight for March was Amish Romance.

Two adult volunteers put in a total of 5.5 hours. We received 4 new volunteer applications and would like to require vaccinations for all volunteers.

Heidi worked on planning April programs for the Community Read and facilitated the following virtual book discussion groups for adults online via Slack:

“Not Just for Young Adults” Book Discussion Group: Hunger: a Tale of Courage by Donna Jo Napoli

Daytimers Book Group: When All Is Said by Anne Griffin

GPL Mystery Book Group: Chain of Evidence by Cora Harrison

“Reads Well with Others” Adult Book Discussion Group: A Keeper by Graham Norton

The “Inspirational Book Club”: You’re Not Listening: What You’re Missing and Why It Matters by Kate Murphy

Other Adult Programs: Susan B Anthony – Failure is Impossible ( Friday, March 26th available online 1pm-8pm)

Staff placed 485 holds in March.

Technical Services

518 items were added in March. Many non-fiction titles that were not in the CWMARS system were requested. Titles that were not found by CWMARS were scanned and submitted for original cataloging. Donna Bates-Tarrant worked on repairs, catalog/spine label corrections/re-packaging, disc repair, and catalog updates as needed.
Staff Update
All staff participated in a 2-hour reader’s advisory webinar with Nanci Milone Hill to kick off a year of genre studies for reader’s advisory.
All staff and trustees completed the Open Meeting Law review and signoff and Conflict of Interest online training and materials sign off by the April deadline.

Beth Gallaway was on the keynote panel for BLOSSOM, to speak on radical compassion and self-care for library staff, sponsored by the National Library of Medicine. Most library staff attended, along with over 1000 live participants.
Susan Leto offered two pop-up trainings to all staff on making ComCat requests and adding networks to Libby accounts.

Staff participated in the following Professional Development Opportunities in March:
“Feminist Reads: Spotlight on Body Positivity by Booklist Publications” (Cyndi Zariello)
“How to Guide Library Employees Back on Track starts in 1 Hour” (Beth Gallaway)
Research on and Heritage Quest (Donna Bates-Tarrant)
Instructional video on searching the Massachusetts Registry of Deeds (Donna Bates-Tarrant)
Explored discovered addresses on Google Maps, and vintage maps (Donna Bates-Tarrant)
Researched the websites recommended by Nanci Milone Hill (Donna Bates-Tarrant)
Mystery author searches/book reviews (Donna Bates-Tarrant)
Worcester Public Library book review programs (Donna Bates-Tarrant)
“The Intersection of Publishing and Library Collections”/Bibliotheca (Donna Bates-Tarrant)
“What’s Next for Collection Strategy and Reader’s Advisory”/LJ Winter Summit (Donna Bates-Tarrant)
“Vocational Awe and Librarianship”/Infopeople (Donna Bates-Tarrant)
“A Tale of Two Libraries” Shrewsbury Public Library program with Shrewsbury, England Library (Donna Bates-Tarrant)
“Social Work in Rural and Small Libraries” (Marilyn Wilcox)


NO Log
Patron called to ask if she can return all her books at the old location, North Grafton is too far for me? No, you may not leave it at the construction site as there is no drop box there. You have to drop it off at the current location. – SS
No, we are not doing passport renewals. Gave the phone # for the help line in Boston -SL
March – no we are not accepting video game donations. No we are not accepting book donations, but here’s a list of who does. -AP (multiple phone calls)
Patron Comments
3/30 “I really miss going to the Library and seeing you [Allison Picone] and Heidi! The new Library Addition is beautiful; blends very well with the historic bldg and Community.“ -HF
3/19 “I really enjoyed the books you picked out for me.” -HF
3/17 A patron who called the library today wanted us to know that he thinks we are “All Awesome!” -HF
3/17 “thanks for all you and everyone’s great work with the library!” -HF
3/11 “Thank you ALL for the wonderful Birthday wishes written to me at my last curbside pick-up! You have no idea how happy that made me!!! You folks are the absolute BEST! XOXO”

3/9 “I love the system you have. [curbside pickup] Thanks so much for doing it.” -HF
3/9 “I’m talking to a librarian, who is at the library, about ‘The Library Book”. It’s a trifecta!” -SL
3/5 “What a beautiful idea!” [Bunny and a Book Fundraiser] -HF
3/4 “Thank you for providing this service. It is great!” [Curbside pickup] -HF
3/3 “You guys are doing such a great job. It looks like a lot of work!”
3/1 “Thanks for keeping us going [during the pandemic]. Reading a book is like having a guest.” -HF
3/1 “I remember the first time I met you. You were dressed as Dorothy for Halloween. It was just perfect. I’ll always remember you because of that.” -HF

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Gallaway

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