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February 2021 Construction Report

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The Library Planning and Building Committee met via Zoom February 1, 2021; minutes are online at

The Library Planning and Building Committee met via Zoom February 1, 10, and 24, 2021; minutes are online at

First floor drywall is complete, prime painting is ongoing. Second floor drywall is complete, painting is 75% complete. The Ceiling grid is 40% on the first floor, 50% on the second floor. The Main Entry doors/frames are 90% complete.

The elevator hoistway equipment is installed. Asphalt shingles at dormers and adjacent north roof are complete. The low roof above the Community Room is complete except for the edge detail. Roof detail at the existing building is 75% complete. Cornices held up by structural detailing; asphalt shingles follow cornices.

All exterior windows except for one on the north side (at temp heat) have been installed. PVC trim and siding is complete except for the book return area on the north side.

Exterior hose bibs have been installed. The transformer is installed and wire pulled by National Grid. The electrician has pulled their wire to the building. Low voltage wiring has been run, 85% complete. Some lighting fixtures have been installed on the second floor. Wiring to mechanical equipment at 60% Fire alarm wiring is at 75%.

HVAC ductwork is complete, including insulation. Mechanical piping is complete and tested. ATC installation is at 50%. The Fire Protection system is complete except for finishes; the FP main from the street was flushed and is charged.

See separate, updated cost report. We have a couple of smaller PCO’s coming for next month and will also see where the furniture numbers fall out. We have some additional costs coming from the Design Team, for extended schedule (Design Team) and additional site work (Weston & Sampson) both of which are significant and reduce our remaining ‘contingency’ greatly.

We need to have a discussion about donor funding:

  • Need to identify what project costs are going to receive contributed funds, especially any in-scope costs like the glass handrail, etc.
  • We are working towards pricing of the additional landscaping package so knowing what’s been committed is going to be critical to understand what is possible and what will not be included.

Roofing and completion of trim remains behind compared to the project schedule but is not affecting the critical path. Overall, the Substantial Completion date remains June 8th, 2021. Please see separate updated schedule.

There has been good adherence to standard safety practices on site. The weekly safety review by an independent consultant has been good in identifying issues that need constant attention. COVID-19 protocol is in place and there has been good compliance. CTA initiated additional COVID cleaning this month in response to an overall sense that cases have increased at their job sites. We haven’t seen any significant impact at this project.

The entire team has been working well in raising questions and concerns and getting responses to field issues in a timely fashion.

Clerk of the Works Andy Deschenes met with the Town’s IT consultant and we have a plan in place to procure and set up that scope of work. We expect that in the next month we’ll begin that process in order to stay ahead of the project.

The Interiors Subcommittee has completed their review and selection of finishes and (for the most part) furniture. Ron is meeting with the furniture dealer on Thursday to finalize many items (especially shelving, which is move-critical).

Specific selection of equipment is being coordinated with trades to ensure that infrastructure is provided correctly. Examples include RFID panels, washer/dryer, gas range.

No new PO’s have been opened yet, but March will see a lot of activity. Andy reviewed the project with the new Town Finance Director, so she knows what to expect and that we have an agreed-upon process. The Landscape additional scope has been focused down to one scheme based on input from the HDC, Beth and DRA; the team is developing that scheme and is focused on providing the construction team with prioritized information based on a late March restart for the site contractor along the South side of the building.

The Historic District Commission has asked for visual screening of the rooftop equipment, we are looking at options and will ask CTA for pricing. They also want a sign submission for the site sign at the main entrance.

Please check out photos in albums on our Facebook Page.

Prepared by Beth Gallaway, Library Director & Andy Deschenes, Clerk of the Works

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