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Construction Update: January 2021

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The Library Planning and Building Committee met via Zoom January 4, 2021; minutes are online at The Clerk presented three Change orders:

  • CO 015: $35,698.39 (floor finish changes)
  • CO 016: $59,732.66 (see summary)
  • CO 017: $617.82 (see summary)

These change order cover items that are in two categories:

  1. Design coordination. PCO’s 007R2, 021, 036, 045, 052, 053, 054, 057, 058, 059, 060 and 062 are changes related to questions from the subs to the Design Team.
  2. Owner-driven design changes: PCO’s 055A,B, C are changes requested through the Interiors Subcommittee review.

The clerk reports these changes have been very thoroughly vetted through Mark, the Clerk and the Design Team. One note on the $35,698.39 increase for PCOs 055A-C is a reflection of higher than estimated costs for the various types of flooring, in part due to preferences and in part due to a five year old estimate. Total for Change Orders 15, 16 and 17 is $96,048.87. These costs have been incorporated into the cost report attached. The Library Planning and Building Committee approved the change orders and they will be included in the report when the Select Board signs them.

The construction team met Tuesday January 5, 12, 19, and 26 via hybrid in-person/conference call with CTA Construction, OPM, Clerk of the Works, and DRA Architects.

The Interiors Subcommittee met Thursday Jan 7 & 14 and Wednesday January 20, 2021 via Zoom; minutes are online on

Concrete treads for stair #2 were poured. All masonry (brick and limestone) has been completed. The existing limestone at the front of the building was cleaned and repointed.

First floor drywall is 95% complete. Second floor drywall is complete, painting is 70% complete. The ceiling grid is 10% complete on the first floor, 25% on the second floor.

Asphalt shingles at dormers and adjacent north roof are 95% complete. The low roof above the Community Room is complete except for the edge detail. Roof detail at existing building w/ overhanging rafter tails still to be completed. Roofing remains behind compared to the project schedule but is not affecting the critical path.

All exterior windows except for one on north side (at temp heat) have been installed. PVC trim and siding is 90% complete on south side, 75% on north.

Electrical has made good progress with secondary feeds, boxes etc. Controls wiring is 80% complete.

HVAC ductwork is 95% complete on second floor, 80% on first floor. Mechanical piping is over 90% complete on both floors. Pressure testing is underway.

Fire Protection pipe is complete on both floors; the dry system in the attic of the existing system remains around 90% complete. FP main from street to building has been successfully flushed.

We have good adherence to standard safety practices on site. Weekly safety review by independent consultant has been good in identifying issues that need constant attention. COVID-19 protocol is in place and there has been good compliance. CTA initiated additional COVID cleaning this month in response to an overall sense that cases have increased at their job sites. We haven’t seen any significant impact at this project.

The entire team has been working well in raising questions and concerns and getting responses to field issues in a timely fashion.

A master list of all fixtures and equipment has been created to track the budget and purchasing going forward. We are working closely with CTA to identify when items will be needed based on their schedule and are providing subcontractors with information (for instance, gas range connections) as needed.

The Interiors Subcommittee has completed their review and selection of flooring finishes (carpet, tile, etc) and is working through furniture. Sample chairs have been delivered to the Interim Library for review by staff and the subcommittee.

Specific selection of equipment is being coordinated with trades to ensure that

infrastructure is provided correctly. Examples include RFID panels, washer/dryer, gas range.

PO’s have been opened for RFID security gates, self-check stations and the AMH book sorting equipment.

Building tours have been provided for Library staff and potential donors on a weekly basis.

The landscape additional scope moved slowly in January and will need some additional focus in February; of specific concern is any coordination needed with the base project as the site contractor plans to re-mobilize in March, weather permitting.

Please see separate, updated cost report. The difference between projected cost and available borrowing is $284,333. That number takes into account COs 15, 16, 17 and other outstanding PCO’s that are likely to be approved, and includes extending the Clerk’s time through the Substantial Completion date of June 8,2021 (originally was January 11, 2021).  Overall, the Substantial Completion date remains June 8th, 2021.

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