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Construction Update: October 2020

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The Library Planning and Building Committee met via Zoom October 5; minutes are online at

The construction team met Tuesday October 6, 13, 20, and 27 via conference call with CTA Construction, OPM, Clerk of the Works, and DRA Architects.

Hydroseeding was done around parking lot and detention pond and grass has begun to sprout. The existing curved concrete sidewalk at the front of the old building had several sections that were destroyed during the utility work in that area; suggest that the project consider replacing the entire sidewalk in the Spring.

First floor slab on grade was poured. Masons started exterior brick just recently with a very small crew; poor weather this week further delayed progress so we are looking ahead to the beginning of November to see how this time can be made up.

Interior framing on the second floor is complete, some insulation and drywall at beams, column tops and tops of some walls has been installed. Door and window frames have been installed. First floor framing has begun and should be in very good shape within the next two weeks.

Work on the sloped roofs is about 85% complete before they start asphalt shingles. Vapor barrier installation on the exterior walls is about 90% complete. Hollow metal frames for doors and windows are being installed. The skylight is substantially done. Exterior window installation will start next week.

Rain leaders and piping is 90% complete. Rough plumbing for toilet rooms and floor drains has been ongoing with good progress. The domestic water service from the street was connected.

Electrical feeds from the telephone pole to the transformer and then to the electric room have been installed, covered in concrete and backfilled.

Quite a bit of progress with ductwork; the second floor is 40% in and first floor is 20%. The ends of the duct are protected to prevent dust or water from getting into the system during construction. The Construction team is reviewing MBLC recommendations for improved HVAC filtering.

The FP line from the street was connected. The first delivery of materials for the FP sub arrived today.

An updated cost report is attached; our contingency is $437,149

We are slightly behind schedule due to a slow start for masonry and some poor weather but there is still plenty of time to catch up. The key is still to have the exterior envelope complete by early December.

Submittals and RFIs are in great shape. There has been good adherence to standard safety practices on site. Weekly safety review by an independent consultant has been good in identifying issues that need constant attention. Covid-19 protocol has been in place and loosely followed on site. With window openings being closed, the roof and skylight now tight and temporary heat about to start, this is going to require some additional work to achieve better compliance.

Our UTS representative has been on site to perform concrete testing during the slab on grade pour. The electrical ductbank and underground conduit was inspected prior to being covered. The entire team has been working closely on layout questions and concerns as walls start to be laid out and installed. There has been good cooperation and communication between the subs on the job.

Building tours have been provided for Library staff and potential donors on at least a weekly basis for the past month. These occur after working hours for safety purposes.

The Interiors Sub-committee met Tuesday October 27 to review carpet and tile samples and begin discussing furniture preferences. We set a schedule to meet every week through year end.

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