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Construction Update: November 2020

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The Library Planning and Building Committee met via Zoom November 2; minutes are online at

The construction team met Tuesday November 3, 10, 17, and 24 via conference call with CTA Construction, OPM, Clerk of the Works, and DRA Architects.

The foundations for the concrete benches at the round patio and the Community Room were poured. The area at the round patio was backfilled and made safe. The remaining edge of slab on the second floor was poured, along with the electric room floor and some miscellaneous items. A heavy timber guardrail was installed.

The exterior brick work is about 96% complete – some minor details/infill remain but the bulk of the building is done. First floor framing is 99% complete; drywall and taping has started at the main stair wall and second floor drywall is ongoing, primarily at the upper skylight area.

Sloped roofs are ready to receive asphalt shingles. The low roof above the Community Room is scheduled to be done this week; that will close up the source of most of the water coming into the building. Vapor barrier installation on the exterior walls is complete with the exception of work
around the north façade windows.

Exterior windows on the south façade are installed. Skylight work is complete except for some touchup. Detail of AVB/window trim/caulking discussed and mocked up on north elevation to ensure the appropriate detail is achieved.

Rough plumbing is in good shape on both floors. Copper lines are being run to fixture locations. The permanent gas line has been piped and is in use for temporary heat. CO detectors have been installed inside the building. All partial plumbing inspections have passed. Conduit and boxes for power on the first floor are at 75%; 60% on the second floor. All partial electrical inspections have passed.

Ductwork is at 85% on the second floor; 50% on first floor. Mechanical piping is at 25%, both floors. Roof top equipment was craned to the roof and placed. FP pipe is 70% first floor, 50% on second floor.

See separate, updated cost report. The difference between projected cost and available borrowing is $472,548. Please note that this number has been corrected to match the latest review of the cost spreadsheet. Change order #13 for $193,158.19 for existing building repairs, revised construction details, lower level finishes, materials removal and excavation, and another oil tank removal was approved by the Select Board and is attached.

The timing for masonry to be completed was good; windows are ongoing and should be completed on time; siding will begin on time. Roof shingles are over a month behind but don’t hold anything else up; in the meantime, the building is dry. Overall the Substantial Completion date is still June 8th, 2021.

There has been good adherence to standard safety practices on site. Weekly safety review by an independent consultant has been good in identifying issues that need constant attention. Covid-19 protocol has been in place and in general everyone has been compliant since the building was closed up.

The entire team has been working well in raising questions and concerns and getting responses in a timely fashion. There has been good cooperation and communication between the subs on the job.

A master list of all fixtures and equipment has been created to track the budget and purchasing going forward. All purchasing will be coordinated with Accounting.

The Interiors Subcommittee met November 4, 10,18 & 24 and has completed their review of finishes and is moving through furniture discussion, review and selection.

Building tours have been provided for Library staff and potential donors on a weekly basis. These occur after working hours for safety purposes.

A kickoff meeting with the Landscape Architect was held to discuss additional design of areas to be funded by known and potential donors; a concept plan and list was generated, further discussions to follow.

Please check out photos in albums on our Facebook Page at:

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