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Construction Update: December 2020

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The Library Planning and Building Committee met via Zoom December 7; minutes are online at

The construction team met Tuesday December 1,8 15, 22, and 29 via conference call with CTA Construction, OPM, Clerk of the Works, and DRA Architects.

Concrete was poured at the stairs for the electrical room, boiler room and main stair as well as the ramp. The exterior brick work is about 99% complete – in the next two weeks all brick will be completed and the limestone cap will be installed. It’s worth mentioning that the former openings for the LULA have been masterfully infilled by the masons.

First floor drywall started this week and is moving quickly. Second floor drywall is 95% complete and will be ready soon for paint. Asphalt shingles will start once the limestone caps have been installed. The low roof above the Community Room has been delayed by masonry scaffolding; work is scheduled to start the first week of January. The majority of the exterior windows are installed. Window trim and siding will begin the first week of January.

Rough plumbing is complete on both floors. Rough electrical on both floors is in very good shape, over 90%. HVAC ductwork is nearly complete on the second floor and 80% insulated. The first floor is over 75% complete. Mechanical piping is over 50% complete on both floors. Fire Protection pipe completion is over 90% on both floors; the dry system in the attic of the existing system is also around 90% complete.

Siding and roofing are both behind compared to the project schedule but neither are on the critical path. Overall the Substantial Completion date remains June 8th, 2021.

There has been good adherence to standard safety practices on site. Weekly safety review by an independent consultant has identified issues that need constant attention. COVID-19 protocol is in place and there has been good compliance.

The entire team has been working well in raising questions and concerns and getting responses to field issues in a timely fashion. Color selections of most materials (especially flooring) have been critical to get released to the GC.

A master list of all fixtures and equipment has been created to track the budget and purchasing going forward. We are working closely with CTA to identify when items will be needed based on their schedule and are providing subcontractors with information (for instance, gas range connections) as needed.

The Landscape Architects have developed (from our input) a concept plan with over a dozen projects of varying sizes that are either funded or able to be sold to prospective donors. A follow-up meeting is scheduled for the first week in January to prioritize items and discuss conceptual pricing. Of specific interest to the project team are any items that may impact the ongoing project (additional power requirements, for example).

The Interiors Subcommittee met December 2, 8 and 30 and has completed their selection of carpet, tile and paint, and continues to move through furniture and finishes discussion, review and selection. We reviewed font choices for signage, selected locker colors for the staff break room and grey formica and black granite counter tops to complement the Amber Maple casework throughout the building. The Interiors Subcommittee is waiting on responses from the design team for furniture selections and samples.

Building tours have been provided for Library staff and potential donors on a weekly basis. These occur after working hours for safety purposes.

See separate, updated cost report. The difference between projected cost and available borrowing is $440,211. That number takes into account CO#14 and other outstanding PCO’s that are likely to be approved.

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