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September Construction Update

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The Library Planning and Building Committee met via Zoom twice in August due to the Labor Day holiday and did not meet in September. Minutes for all meetings are online at

The construction team met Tuesday September 8, 15, 22, and 29 via conference call with CTA Construction, OPM, Clerk of the Works, and DRA Architects.

Concrete and granite curbs around the parking lot are installed. The remaining curb may wait until spring to prevent damage during fall/winter work. A discussion was held with the Landscape Architect and site contractor about planting methods for trees and bushes. I have requested that the library’s on-site gardener be included in the plant selecting and tagging at a local nursery.

First floor concrete slab on grade is expected to be poured the week of 10/12. Some additional steel welding was required at the skylight structure; that work has been inspected and passed. Minor masonry work this month was related to the brick over the new beam at 8.5 line.

A new window opening at Children’s Librarians office has been cut in existing brick. The opening below it for electrical conduit is underway. The exterior metal framing is substantially complete as is the exterior sheathing. Interior framing on the second floor is 90% complete, some sheathing at beams, column tops and tops of some walls has been installed. The drywall crew has coordinated with the HVAC sub on duct penetrations. Door and window frames have been installed.

The flat roof is substantially complete. Work on the sloped roof started today and is going well. The vapor barrier installation on the exterior walls started today.

Hollow metal frames, storm windows and the skylight are all on site and protected. The skylight structure required some additional rework but it has been thoroughly reviewed and is now ready to receive the skylight.

The temp piping for roof drains was installed. Underground conduit has been installed at the ground level and is currently being backfilled. There has been coordination with the electrician on the location of the RFID panels at the new main entry. The Director shared the MBLC recommendations for HVAC in light of COVID and asked for the engineers to review the current specs and report back. No physical progress for HVAC this month; as mentioned above there was coordination with the framer to provide penetrations through interior walls on the second floor.

Soil excavation is complete; final numbers are not yet available.Work is on schedule and the schedule revision is attached. Our current substantial completion date is June 8, 2021! There has been some minor slippage to the start of masonry and to the slab on grade pour date but no apparent impact overall. Submittals and RFIs are in great shape.

There has been good adherence to standard safety practices on site. Weekly safety review by the independent consultant has been occurring and there has been a trend in the last several weeks for repeat minor issues that need to be addressed. This will be discussed at the 10/6/20 construction meeting. Covid-19 protocol has been in place and loosely followed on site. Generally speaking, many subs don’t wear masks when working within their own team or are socially distanced.

The UTS representative has been on site to perform a structural weld review at the skylight structure.
The on-site mockup was completed. The Historic District Commission reviewed the color choices and voted on gray siding (Pewter Tankard).

The Interiors Sub-committee met in July and August and is waiting on revised CAD drawings and additional carpet and tile samples and a furniture requisition from Tucker. Delays from DRA have been addressed by Mary Fritz, chair of the building committee, and we now have scheduled interiors subcommittee meetings weekly through the end of the year.

Change Order 13, for repairs to existing building, soil and materials removal and tank excavation, totalling $193,158.19 will be presented to the Select Board in November. Please check out photos in albums on our Facebook Page!

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