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Library CLOSED to the Public until Further Notice

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For a complete list of COVID-19 FAQs for the Library, please visit

The Town of Grafton suspended physical library operations March 13-June 15 in response to Governor Baker’s State of Emergency declaration and to encourage social distancing due to the rapidly changing situation related to the Novel Coronavirus (“COVID-19”). This decision has been made with an abundance of caution after communication with the Board of Library Trustees, town administration, and state departments.

No-contact curbside pickup began July 13, 2020. Please call the Library Mon-Sat between 10am-4pm at 508-839-4649 to request materials.

No overdue fines will be charged for materials due for the duration of the pandemic.

The Town’s website and Facebook Page is the first stop for local, updated information on COVID-19 at the local, state and federal level. Please sign up for CODE RED for local alerts. Additionally, the Commonwealth’s 211 line has dedicated staff to answer questions about COVID-19.

Please continue to wash your hands regularly and if you have any flu-like symptoms, please stay home
until you have been symptom free for 24 hours without medication.

In the meantime, please check out the full list of online resources and databases offered by the Grafton Public Library. Items marked with a * may require a Grafton Public Library card to access, and visit our list of free learning resources available for youth.

6 responses to “Library CLOSED to the Public until Further Notice”

  1. Shavaun says:


    My daughter Shannon and myself are looking to see if you anticipate the need for any volunteer efforts this summer. We are both not working and would be happy to contribute with any of your anticipated efforts (sorting books, placing books on shelves, etc,) either before or when you re open.

  2. VIJAY SHUKLA says:

    More than 2 weeks ago, the Governor indicated that the public libraries can open. How come Grafton library is not open nor even has a possible opening date. Our library is not like a very busy, crowded place to begin with so is there something else (other than COVID-19) issue?

    • bethg says:

      Hi Vijay, we miss you too! The Governor allowed libraries to begin curbside service on Memorial Day, provided all mandatory requirements for training, social distancing, hygiene and sanitation, staggered scheduling and reduced capacity were met. It took time for us to develop the required plan, staff schedule, and secure supplies to meet all the requirements. All available staff have been called back and materials can be returned — we are quarantining items.

      We anticipate beginning a takeout/home delivery service in July, and will implement sooner if staffing and supplies allow.

      Under Phase 2, public libraries are directed to allow patrons NO FURTHER THAN THE CIRCULATION DESK. No libraries in MA are open to browsing, services or programs to my knowledge. Here in Grafton, we are in temporary quarters that do not have much reconfiguration for social distancing, so at this time we are focused on the next step for us, which is taking returns and prepping for no contact takeout and home delivery service.

      We do not have a date because we cannot predict the transmission of COVID-19 or the impact of these phased openings in Town and around the state, nor can we tell yet how long we need to remain in each stage. The Governor advises no less than 3 weeks per stage but our Board of Health advised we need 5 weeks to really see if we are trending up or down.

      The Library has staggered our phases with the Municipal Center and other Town departments so we can learn from their strengths and successes. The Municipal Center called staff back on June 8; library staff returned June 15. The Municipal Center will open to the public for appointments on June 29, we expect to start curbside the following week. We don’t want to advertise a date until we know for sure.

      We continue to proceed with an abundance of caution, based on scientific data and evidence from CDC and our local board of health, in conjunction with the Board of Library Trustees, Town Administration, MA Board of Library Commissioners, MA Library System, and MA library networks, as well best practices from libraries around the country.

      Until our closure, we were in fact fairly busy in spite of the new location, and had over 43,000 visitors from reopening at St. Andrews in May 2019 to our closure in March 2020. Our cramped quarters offer few social distancing opportunities.

      Thanks for your eagerness to get to the new normal! We wish things were different, too.

  3. Keith Jonassen says:

    Just wanted to give a heads up that some items are being charged in my account with overdue charges. They were due July 1st and are now considered overdue and are listed under the fines section and include overdue charges.

    • bethg says:

      Hi Keith,
      Thanks for letting us know. Please don’t stress! If you are seeing a fine, it means someone is waiting for the item – everything else should have automatically renewed with no fine EXCEPT items on hold for someone else.

      Do get the item back ASAP – the book drop is open! When we check the item in, we will use amnesty mode – no fines – until Aug 31. Even though there may be a charge on the account, you should still be able to use databases and ebooks, place holds, etc.

      Please note we will quarantine your returned items for three days, so you will still see the item on your account, with fines accruing, until the items comes out of quarantine and is checked in. Note than items belonging to other libraries may have an even longer delay as they have to sit in quarantine, then got to eh sorting site, then on to the owning library, then get checked in (possibly with another quarantine). Just give us a call at 508-839-4649 Mon-Sat, between 10am-4pm, and we will check your record and remove fines on anything you have returned that we missed or explain why there are further delays.

      Bottom line: although the fines may accrue, we will not be collecting on them through July or August, and may extend if needed, we understand these are extenuating circumstances for everyone and appreciate your patience.

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