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Construction Update: June 2019

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Construction Update
The Grafton Public Library reopened in temporary quarters at 53 North Main Street, North Grafton MA, formerly St. Andrews Church. on Wednesday May 15 – thanks to all for your patience! We have unpacked all 75 boxes of items in delivery to fill your requests, and items can be picked up on the new self-service hold shelf. Self-check will be installed the first week of June.

Our Library Renovation and Expansion plans were approved by the Planning Board on May 20. Plans need to be approved by Conservation Commission, Historic District Commission and the Building Department. Because we would like the steps and doors to the Common to remain open to the public, we are in process of applying for a variance for ADA compliance from the MA Architectural Access Board. We also need a final sign off from the MA Historical Commission. The architect has proceeded to creating construction documents. We are also waiting for a final cost estimate. A more complete hazardous materials survey is scheduled for the 35 Grafton Common Building for June.

And in other news, the Town is waiting for a partial, advance grant disbursement of $460,000 from the Commonwealth of MA, expected to arrive before the end of the fiscal year.

June MBLC Report
Construction Schedule

Building Committee Minutes
June 3, 2019
June 17, 2019

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