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Reading is Magic: Owl Post from the Grafton Public Library

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The Grafton Public Library invites residents to participate in the Harry Potter Themed Winter Reading Program. In case you missed your acceptance letter via Owl Post: YOU have been accepted to participate in the Reading is Magic Winter Reading Program. Please find a list of all necessary books and equipment online at The Winter Reading Term runs from December 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020.

Stop by the Grafton Public Library at 53 N. Main Street, North Grafton MA to pick up your Hogwarts letter and a lanyard in your house colors (while supplies last). You may choose your favorite house or visit the Sorting Hat ( – you may need to set up a free account) to determine your House placement.

Participants may earn up to 10 badges by completing tasks and reading challenges. Tasks can be completed by attending Library programs or by reading and/or listening to books. Once a task or reading challenge has been completed, return to the Library with your Hogwarts letter to receive your badge, and then complete another task.

Complete information on individual challenges, programs and workshops is available online at and on the Library Event Calendar: Information, dates and times are subject to change. Workshop registration begins two weeks prior to each event. If your plans change, we ask you to kindly call the Library at 508-839-4649 x1103 to cancel, so that we may open your reserved spot to the next person on the waiting list.

Tasks and Reading Challenges include books and activities for coursework in Divination, Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology, and Potions, as well as Flying Lessons and orientation to the Hall of Portraits, the Hogwarts Library, Ollivanders, and Golden Snitch. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher, we just can’t seem to retain one…

The Annual House Cup competition takes place in the form of a Penny Fundraiser. Donate to your favorite Hogwart’s house (and deduct points from your competitors by putting donations in THEIR jars). All proceeds raised will be donated to the Grafton Public Library Capital Campaign.

We await your reply by Owl – or visiting the Library in person. Details, Allison Cusher or Sarah Banister, 508-839-4649 or


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