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New this Summer – Read to Bead!

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What is Read to Bead?

Read to Bead is a completely voluntarily addition to our Summer Library Program. We have had requests in the past to have a system set up for people to track their reading and we are incorporating this program in response to that need.  

Read to Bead is open to any patron, although we recommend it for kindergarteners through adults.

Here’s how it works – 3 easy steps!

1.Stop by the Library to pick up a tracking sheet (these are also included in our Summer Program Packets). We recommend you put your name on the tracking sheet.

2. Keep track of your reading in 15 minute increments. Decide if you want to earn 15, 30, 60, or 120 minute beads and shade in the corresponding beads on your tracking sheet.

3. Bring your tracking sheet back to the Library and get a chain and brag tag and redeem your beads according to your reading time. A Library staff member will initial the tracking sheet next to redeemed times. Throughout the summer, continue to bring your tracking sheet and add beads to your chain that you have earned.

* Please note: we will not be exchanging beads or allowing patrons to exchange smaller time beads for ones requiring more. For example, if a patron wants to earn a 120 minute bead they will need to read for that time before they redeem, not exchange 8 15 minutes beads.

Download a copy the Tracking Sheet from the Library’s Summer Program packet or stop by the Library.

Earn and redeem beads from June 11th – August 31st.



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