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Community Forum to Discuss Library Renovation

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A fourth public meeting with Drummey, Rosane, Anderson, Inc, the selected architect for the preliminary library expansion/renovation design,  has been scheduled for Saturday April 29 at 2:00pm at the Grafton Public Library, 35 Grafton Common, Grafton MA. The public is invited to attend and ask questions and share their thoughts on the project.

Can’t attend? Online public comment is available at The Library Planning and Building Committee meets on Monday May 1 at 7pm at the Municipal Center and the public is also welcome to attend those meetings.

Please visit for additional meetings, surveys and news about the project. Agendas and meeting minutes from Library Planning and Building Committee are posted

Applying for and receiving the MA Public Library Construction Program Grant would allow the Town of Grafton to renovate and expand the 90-year old library facility on Grafton Common at approximately half the cost, adding much-needed community meeting space, designated areas for quiet study, youth programs and collections, and dedicated work space for staff.

Grant eligibility requires the Town to design and build a library to meet the seating capacity and shelf space to accommodate a still growing collection of physical materials for a population of 22,122 residents in 2035. The building size in the building program is only an estimate, and we are aiming for a 21,000-25,000 square foot facility. At this time, we have no cost estimate.

For more information on the MA Public Library Construction program, please visit For all other inquiries, please contact Beth Gallaway, Library Director, at 508-839-4649 x1105 or

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