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Teen Game Days! Game of Phones & Big Picture Apples to Apples

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game of phones logoWed Aug 17: Game of Phones


You’ve spent hours together: late night sitcom binges, getting lost on road trips, looking through your old photos… Your phone is practically your best friend. Now you can invite your phone to the library for some fun. Get to know your friends and their BFFs (i.e. their phones) with Game of Phones, the card game that puts your internetin’ skills and jam packed photoroll to good use. It’s like a scavenger hunt on your phone! Each round you and your pals take turns judging each other on your googling abilities, photo snapping prowess, social clout and much more. While you and your smartphone win the “Find your best #selfie” round with that pic you took while SCUBA diving last summer, your buddy across the table picked up the card for “Create an emoji masterpiece.” Your relationship with your phone will finally be rewarded when you win Game of Phones.

Don’t forget to bring your phone!


big picture apples to applesWed Aug 24: Big Picture Apples to Apples


Big Picture Apples to Apples will prove that a picture is worth a 1000 words and a million laughs. It’s still as easy as comparing “apples to apples” – players just select the picture card from their hand that they think is most like a green card played by the judge. The player whose card is picked by the judge wins an Apple Chip. First player to collect five chips wins the game.





Please register for Game of Phones and/or Big Picture Apples to Apples. These free programs are for teens in grades 6-12 and is limited to 12 participants. Each participant will earn 3 tickets for our end of summer prizes. Additionally, one lucky winner will go home with a free book.

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