Grafton Public Library

Mother-daughter Book Club





Thanks for your interest in the Mother-Daughter book club! We’re hoping to meet twice in the summer, and maybe monthly in the Fall, depending on everyone’s schedules.

  • The meeting will be roughly an hour, at the library, with the “host” providing light snacks.
  • We’ll talk about what we liked about the book, and what we didn’t.
  •  You can ask for a copy of  Emily Windsnap  at the Children’s Room desk.
  • I also thought it would be fun to compare books of today with books that we, the moms, read when we were growing up. At the first meeting I thought we’d look at different book covers.  I have a few books from the early 80’s that I’ll bring along. They’re ridiculously dated. If you have any, feel free to bring them along!

Some discussion questions to think about re: covers:

  • Do you judge a book by the cover?
  • What does the cover of Emily Windsnap say about the book? Does it make you want to read it? Does it “spoil” the book or give anything away?
  • Do you like covers that have photographs on them or artwork?
  • Do you like it when the main character is pictured on the cover or do you prefer to imagine what they might look like?
  • Have you ever read a book with a cover that had nothing to do with the content of the book? For example, in the story, the main character had red-hair/blue eyes, but the cover showed a blue-eyed blonde? Do you think this is a mistake by the publisher or something they might do on purpose?

For more information, please email Jenny @