Grafton Public Library

Materials Selection Policy

The Board of Trustees of the Grafton Public Library recognizing the educational, informational, recreational and life-enriching needs of Grafton residents of any age, race, creed or political persuasion, sets forth this policy on the selection and collection of library material, within budget and space limitations.

1. The Library will adhere to and support the guidelines established by the American Library Association’s “Library Bill of Rights” and “Freedom to Read Act” (see Appendix A).
2. Responsibility for all library material selections will be vested in the Library Director.
3. The Library Director is responsible to the Board of Trustees for the selection of books and materials and the development of the collection. The Library Director may not be held accountable for decisions of the duly elected Board of Library Trustees.
4. Anyone is free to reject books or material which he or she does not approve of without restricting the freedom of others to read or use such material.
5. Gifts of materials given to the Library will be accepted and judged on the same basis as purchased materials, on condition that such gifts may not necessarily be added to the collection.

Procedure for Selection

In selecting materials for purchase the Library Director:
1. Evaluates the existing collection to:
a. Identify obsolete, worn or missing items for update, replacement duplication or weeding.
b. Assess the balance and depth of the collection.
2. Uses reputable, unbiased, professionally prepared selection guides to locate current materials to update and expand the collection.
3. Selection of materials shall be made on the basis of their value, for interest, information, education and enlightenment of library users and borrowers. Materials of superior quality will be sought with consideration to: authority/factual accuracy; timeliness/permanence; interest; artistic/technical quality; format/price. No materials shall be excluded because of race, nationality, or political or social creed of the author.
4. Censorship is an individual matter. Anyone is free to reject books or material which he or she does not approve of without restricting the freedom of others to read or use such material.
Procedure for Re-evaluation of Library Materials

Occasionally objections are made to a selection despite the care exercised by all professional staff members involved in the selection process.

If a complaint is made, the material will be returned to the Library for reconsideration. The material in question will remain available for the public’s use during this process. The procedure for reconsideration is as follows:
1. Within five working days after the complaint has been made, the Library Director will make an appointment with the complainant to discuss the reasons the material was selected.
2. If the complainant is not satisfied with the reasons given, the Library Director will give the person a copy of this selection policy and a copy of the form entitled Request for Reconsideration of Materials (Appendix B).

The person will be directed to return the completed form to the Library Director within five working days.

3. When the form is completed and returned, the Library Director will so inform the Chairman of Board of Library Trustees who will promptly convene a review committee.

The committee will: consist of the Library Director and three members of the Board of Trustees. Each member will have one vote.

Within twenty working days after the return of the completed form the committee will:
a. elect a chairperson.
b. read, view or listen to the material in its entirety prior to discussion.
c. Receive a written statement from the person(s) responsible for selecting or working with the material. In addition, a personal interview may be requested.
d. receive a written statement from the person(s) responsible for the complaint. In addition, a personal interview may be requested.
e. Evaluate the material in light of the completed Request for Reconsideration of Materials form and the written statement(s) from the persons under d) and e) above.
f. Reach a decision as to the appropriateness of the material for the Library collection.

The chairperson of the committee will:
• Issue a report of the committee’s findings, including a minority report if requested by any member.
• Send a copy of the report to the parties under 1) above
• Submit to the Library Director the report, Request for Reconsideration of Materials form and written statement(s) from the person(s) and d) the Board of Library Trustees.

4. If the complainant wishes to pursue the matter further, he/she will seek within five working days after the receipt of the committee’s report, an appointment with the full Board of Library Trustees, who will review and discuss the report with the complainant and make a decision within five working days.

The decision of the Board of Library Trustees is final.

Appendix B
Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials

1. Title______________________________________________________
2. Author___________________________________________________
3. Publisher____________________ Date of Publication______ Edition___
4. Library book Magazine Audio/ Video/
5. Request initiated by ________________________Tele.__________
6. Address____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
7. Do you represent (circle one) Yourself An organization
8. If you represent an organization, which one? _______________________________________________________
9. Have your read, viewed or listened to the entire material? Yes No
10. To what specific pages, visuals or language do you object?
11. What. are your specific objections?
12. Please provide a list of the sources you have used to support your arguments
13. Do you object to the author’s/producer’s background and/or professional credentials? Please explain. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
14. Were there redeeming features to this material? What were they?

Signature _______________________________ Date: ____________________

Compiled and voted by Board of Library Trustees

Adopted: 2004

Last Revised: February 7, 2013