Grafton Public Library

Accident Policy & Procedure


In the event of staff or patron accident, the first concern of staff members responding to the accident should be that the victim receives prompt and appropriate attention for any injury. Library staff members are not trained to assess injury or provide first aid. Staff members should not attempt to determine the extent of injury or need for medical attention, but rather defer to the judgment of other medical professionals. It is appropriate, therefore, when a staff member is responding to an accident to inquire about the well-being of the injured person.

Library staff should not rely entirely on the victim’s self assessment but, if in the staff member’s judgment an injury may have occurred, seek medical attention for the victim as soon as possible. Any accident or incident resulting in possible injury, however slight, should be promptly documented.  When anyone is injured at the library or on its grounds (and once aid has been called, staff will complete an incident report.


  1. All floors are equipped with a stocked first aid kit. An AED defibrillator is located on the first floor next to the alarm panel, and one staff member is trained in its use and maintenance
  2. At least one full time staff member is trained in anti-choking procedures and basic first aid.
  3. In an instance in which a staff member feels the possibility of injury may exist, staff will offer to call the EMTs.
  4. If the victim declines, staff will reiterate the offer and ask if s/he is sure no assistance is needed. If possible, do so with another staff member present.
  5. If in the staff member’s judgment the victim has suffered an injury, the staff member should tell the victim they will call the EMTs, and do so, regardless of the victim’s protests to the contrary, as failure to assess an injury promptly may result in increased liability for the town.
  6. If a victim’s ability to walk or drive has been affected, staff will offer to make a call for alternative transportation. Under no circumstance should a library staff member volunteer to provide transportation for the victim.
  7. Complete an incident report, detailing date, time, location, injury, name, address and phone number of injured party, their assessment of what happened to cause the accident, and intent of subsequent action, if any, the victim may plan to take (i.e. care at home, follow up with primary care physician, etc).