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Color Your Stress Away!

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Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the holidays and color your stress away. Choose an image from our adult coloring book collection and relax. Coloring book include: Game of Thrones, Outlander, Star Wars, Frozen, and more!

All supplies will be provided.

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Are you a retired Teacher?

A volunteer is needed to help a 7-year-old understand math concepts.  For 1-2 hours a week you could make a real difference in this child’s present and future education!  The schedule is flexible.  Please contact Susan Leto, Volunteer Coordinator at 508-839-4649 or

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DVDs Missing from Library Collection

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The staff at the Grafton Public Library is disheartened to have discovered 17 DVDs missing from their cases on the shelf in the past 2 weeks.  We ask all patrons to help preserve your collection by being vigilant and reporting any unusual behavior. Additional security measures have been taken.

To the person or persons who have been stealing DVDs from the community’s free public library:

We just want them back!  Please put them in one of our drop-boxes, no questions asked.

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: OLD SCHOOL Book Sale!

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Author Jeff Kinney is back with another story about our favorite character Greg Heffley!

Summary: Life was better in the old days. Or was it? That’s the question Greg Heffley is asking as his town voluntarily unplugs and goes electronics-free. But modern life has its conveniences, and Greg isn’t cut out for an old-fashioned world. With tension building inside and outside the Heffley home, will Greg find a way to survive? Or is going “old school” just too hard for a kid like Greg?

Buy your copy for $10 at the Grafton Public Library while supplies last. Get a great book and support your Library!

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The Library will be open from 5-8 pm October 31 Halloween night for Trick or Treating and bathroom breaks! (regular circulation not available). Non-food treats will be available while supplies last.

Photo backdrop will also be available for taking those cute pictures! Stop by and say Hi to our Frozen Library staff!!

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Friends Minutes August 25 2015 (as submitted 9-14)

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Friends of the Grafton Public Library Board Meeting

August 25, 2015


Attending: Betci Weldon, Ellen Goguen, Alberta Durfee, Gail Poler, Gail Wixon, Mary Tulloch, Donna

Tainor, Michelle Dalal, Dan Cusher, Aaron Swartz, Elinor Tidman

Staff: Beth Gallaway, Heidi Fowler

Trustees: Doug Bowman, Gary Beauchamp

Minutes: Accepted.

Finances: End of June 2015 Report distributed. It was noted that the cost of museum passes seemed higher than usual, but this was due to two passes (the Aquarium and Boston Museum of Science) being paid early and therefore twice in one fiscal year.

Report accepted.

Down Under: Grafton Public School teachers have been allowed a number of free books from Down Under. Mary requested a new policy on free books for out of town teachers to include: ID required, and numbers of free books they may have. Hank Poler has drafted a policy and Mary is to get it to Betci. Information on the free books for Grafton Teachers needs to be disseminated and Donna Trainor volunteered to take information to the schools. If there is a request for free or discounted books, the request must be taken to Beth Gallaway, Library Director, or Mary Tulloch. The Library Staff is not to be made responsible for this decision.

Thanks were offered to Gary for his work in making Down Under look so much nicer.

Membership: Ellen Goguen will email the current membership list to the new Membership Chairman, Dan Cusher. Along with the Friends Membership form information needs to be sent out in September requesting everyone attend the Town Meeting on October 19, 2015. There will be a vote to allow the Library to go for another grant for an addition. There was considerable discussion on the best way to get this information out to Grafton voters which included: a membership drive to the Town’s 10,000 households by postcard, insert in the Grafton News, Friends to organize advocacy groups, door-to-door information sharing, Moms of Grafton Facebook page, make joining the Friends of the Grafton Public Library available on line. Marketing for this Town Meeting is our number one priority.

Construction and Grant: Beth Gallaway presented information on the October 19th Town Meeting and the Library’s grant request on the warrant for this meeting. The complete grant request is due to the MBLC January 2017, building needs baseline is due this fall, and a design is due summer of 2016. The vote in October is to the Library to apply for the grant, pay for an architect and set up a building committee. Funds for the architect would be $75,000 — $20,000 will be from leftover funds and $55,000 would be from free cash. Johnson and Roberts, our previous architects, have shown interest in this new

Grant proposal, and it might be possible to revise the plans made for the last grant. The MBLC has said that Grafton does not need to provide information on an alternate site. The plan is to be modest and conservative, but we must meet basic services and the MBLC will not accept bare bones. It was noted that the Grafton Public Library is the ONLY library in Massachusetts without a meeting room.

The kitchen renovation will start at the end of September or early October. Beth will be given a heads up as soon as Alan Harvey gives us a start date. The total for this renovation is $5,000.

Historic Book Sale: Gary Beauchamp presented the plans for the September 7, 2015 Historic Book Sale, which will take place in the library’s Children Room and Down Under. Ads will be in 5 newspapers, including the T&G, and Gary believes there will be a large number of people. Friends’ members will be helping during the sale. There is a $10 early entrance fee; checks will be accepted, book bags given out to the first 25 people. There will be old books, prints, maps, and magazines as well as the books in Down Under available for sale. Gary has put a great deal of work into this book sale.

By-Laws Revision: The Friends By-Laws need to be revised. A committee has been set up to look at the current By-Laws and those of other libraries, then draft a revision and submit it to the Board. The question was raised do we need to have the entire membership vote on the revised By-Laws. This will be looked into.

Up-coming Events: “What the Library Can Do For You” essay contest for elementary, middle and high school students and adults. Children’s essays may be illustrated. Prizes will be awarded for each group and winners will be printed in the Grafton News. A $10 gift certificate to Down Under for each winner was approved by the Board. Michelle and Betci volunteered to help read the essays. It was suggested that the essays be used in our push for the grant. Michelle will check on the costs for an ad in the Grafton News and contact the school principals to get the information to students.

Outreach: Octoberfest, October 17th, we will have a free table to promote the Library and the Friends. The Library will once again be participating in the Grafton Celebrates the Holidays, and Gail Poler will ask if the Friends could have a table at the Apple Pie Social this year.

There was discussion about the Friends selling library merchandise to raise funds, which has not been successful in the past. Beth said that the Library Bags provided at the Night Out went very fast. The Board felt that there was not enough room to have a “shop” and certainly the Staff should not be asked to handle sales. We will look into bags, ID holders and then go from there. Some items could be used for prizes and incentives.

Other: Beth Gallaway has looked two pressure-treated picnic tables with benches plus an umbrella. The tables, 8’ in length, would be $600 per table. The Board will discuss this purchase by email.

Next Board Meeting will be Tuesday, September 22, 2015.

Elinor Tidman





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