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Grafton Public Library Awarded $7.4 million Construction Grant from MBLC

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Grafton Public Library
Receives Grant Award
Contact: Dana M. Wilson

Grafton Public Library Awarded $7.4 million Construction Grant from MBLC

Grafton, MA, July 13, 2017. . . The Grafton Public Library was awarded a Provisional Construction Grant of $7,435,041 at the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) board meeting on Thursday, July 13 at the Needham Public Library. The MBLC voted to award General Provisional Grants for a total of $172,155,146 to the thirty-three communities on the MBLC Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program Wait List.

“I am thrilled that we will be able to give the Grafton community the library it deserves and expects to receive based upon the continued large increase in circulation of materials and patron visits to the library,” said Beth Gallaway, Grafton Public Library director. “I’m so proud to be part of this important and huge project,” she added.
The Library under the direction of Ms. Gallaway and the Board of Library Trustees applied for the state grant in January to help defray the costs to expand and renovate the circa-1927 building located on the Grafton Common. Grafton citizens overwhelming approved the design and funding for an expanded modern library of just under 26,000 square feet with an estimated cost of $16.6 million this past May at the annual town meeting and election.

“It was a strong application candidate pool with all libraries receiving grants–no applicant was asked to reapply,” Gallaway said. “Grafton’s application was well received, with the Library being awarded almost a million dollars more than we expected and being listed as number 16 in the wait list. We are positioned well to move forward with the construction project, since we already have secured funding approval from the town. Our position in the wait list may move up since state funding is contingent upon the libraries receiving funding approval from their towns,” she added.

The MBLC awarded nine communities Provisional Construction Grants for FY18 at the board meeting and
placed 24 communities on a wait list to receive grants as funding becomes available. 100 percent
of the construction projects are expected to be funded, pending local approval.

The Grafton Public Library Capital Campaign, a 501 (c) 3 organization, recently began fundraising to support the renovation and improvement of the Grafton Public Library. The group has received $260,000 in pledges since May. The organization is seeking individuals who would like to join the group and become involved in fundraising. Please contact Dana Wilson at 508-244-1400 or

The Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program (MPLCP) has been continuously funded through state bond authorizations since 1987. The MPCLP provides financial and technical assistances to municipalities for planning, design, improvement and expansion of public library facilities.

The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners is a state agency established in 1890 that supports, improves and promotes library service throughout Massachusetts. State regulations 605 CMR 6.00 govern the agency.

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