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“Build a Better World” by helping out – Boston Children’s Blood Mobile

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Stop by the Library and hop on the Boston Children’s Hospital Bloodmobile. A short 30-minute whole blood donation can help as many as 4 children.
To donate you must be in good health and weigh at least 110 lbs. In MA, 16 year olds may donate blood but are required to have a consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian prior to donating. Print a copy of this form if you need it. If you are 17 and older, you just need to bring a form of photo ID with you.
How to Prepare to Donate Blood:
Make sure you are well hydrated at the time of your donation. Try and limit the amount of caffeinated beverages you consume prior to giving blood.
Do not donate on an empty stomach. Each a good meal at least three hours prior to giving blood.
Get a good nights rest prior to coming in to donate.
If in the past your hemoglobin has been low, you can raise it by eating iron rich food. For a list of food rich in iron click here.
Remember to bring a photo ID with you when you come to donate.
For further eligibility requirements click here .
Walk-ins are welcome, appointments are preferred. Sign up here for your appointment now.
Attendees of this program will earn 3 tickets for our end of summer raffle.

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