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Review: The Litigators by John Grisham

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The Litigators book coverI can’t speak for all readers, but I can’t help but notice that every time I read a John Grisham book I learn something new about the law and the role of attorney specialization. Added to the knowledge I have accrued over the years watching Judge Judy, this makes me pretty much a paralegal prospect. (Don’t co-sign for poor risks.)

Grisham’s latest endeavor, The Litigators, is about such lawyers, those who go to court over a suit and argue before a judge and often a jury. David Zinc, a Harvard Law School graduate, was not a trained litigator. He worked for a large specialized law firm in a Chicago high rise with long hours and good money. Unfortunately, the work was sucking the life force from him, and he snapped. He couldn’t get his body into the office and went on a day-long bender at a local bar. It was this set of circumstances that landed him at the door of Finley & Figg, a two man operation adept at ambulance chasing, DUI’s and quickie divorces. Finley & Figg found room for Zinc where he happily did legwork for this boutique law firm.

One of the lawyers uncovered the fact that a pharmaceutical company was being sued over a cholesterol drug that could have bad side effects. Thinking this was a good way to enter high stakes tort law, a partner recruited as many users of the drug as he could find and signed them up, promising them a big payday. Of course, Finley and Figg were in way over their heads and had no idea that the expert witnesses that had to be hired required huge sums. The pharmaceutical company, on the other hand, had many more resources, and it became David vs. Goliath.

Meanwhile, Zinc gets more and more involved to the point where he becomes part of the litigation team where his expertise is nil. In addition, Zinc learns of a child suffering from lead paint poisoning. Upon further investigation, he finds the source of the lead paint and moves forward with that product liability suit. It’s all very fast-paced and highly instructive.

Don’t miss The Litigators: law at its most tensely dramatic.

I give the book 3 7/8 litigious societies.

Happy reading from Beverly!

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